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Liberals received some more bad news this week as a new Suffolk University poll revealed that Fox News is the most trusted political news source among those surveyed.

FOX News – 28%

CNN – 18%

Undecided -12%

NBC – 10%

Other -10%

MSNBC — 7%

ABC — 6%

CBS — 6%

C-SPAN — 3%

For CNN the poll was a little bit of good news at a time the network is struggling with it’s primetime lineup, and after they received a black-eye this week for omitting former New York governor and current CNN host Eliot Spitzer from a story on political sex scandals.

The news wasn’t so good for MSNBC which finished a distant third to its cable news brethren with just 7% of respondents saying that they trusted the liberal cable news network.

It’s true that part of the explanation for these results is that the only network that conservatives find their viewpoint fairly represented is on the Fox News Channel, but maybe airing all that one-sided programming bashing conservatives isn’t so good for the other networks after all.


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  • Michael Schmidt

    The poll sample was 39% Democrat, 34% Republican, and 22% Independent. That seems pretty well balanced. Unfortunately, it doesn’t break down the political affiliation of those favoring Fox. That would be interesting.

  • Joe Mac

    I would like to know how Suffolk University phrased the question. As with any poll, the way the question is phrased will determined the type of response you get. Now Fox News is the only conservative News organization on TV cable news, so they have a monopoly that aspect. The other News organizations are competing with each other. If the questioned was asked which news organizations you trust the most and the only choices was Fox News and CNN, I would like to see what the results would be then.

  • Mark

    Refreshing to see that not all are blind to lies

  • mully

    To the person who said he would like to see how the questions were phrased concerning this poll…There is a direct link, contained within the article to the Suffolk questionnaire poll.

    Its a very fair, bi partisan poll spanning across both parties/candidates/and all news networks.

    Read for yourself and get informed.

    Fox News clearly trumps all other news organization, both cable and major network as well as having the highest rated host in Bill O’Reilly.

    If you are not already a Fox News viewer, I would question your ability to judge this network. If you are like so many others and jump on the bandwagon to criticize Fox w/o really knowing their programming and their hosts and commentators, then I would suggest that you spend some time evaluating fairly by watching the network for several weeks.

  • joe mac

    If you ask a question that only has one choice from certain a perspective (i.e. Fox=conservative), then everyone from that conservative perspective is going to choose Fox because Fox best espouses their views. Their are no other choices. Fox News is the only conservative News organization on TV cable news, so they have a monopoly from that perspective. The other News organizations are competing with each other. If the questioned was asked which news organizations you trust the most and the only choices was Fox News and CNN, I guarantee Fox would loose.

  • Maria

    CNN is to the left of most Americans, and MSNBC is so ridiculously to the left, that FOX only seems to be on the right. The truth is, Fox is center – Fox gives both sides while most of the others give the leftist perspective.

  • Diogenesfan

    FOX does not just lean to the right; it is the media organ of the very conservative Republican base. It has no competion for that segment and 28% (slightly over one quarter of those polled) hardly comes as a surprise. What is reassuring is that the moderate conservatives, moderates, and liberals outpolled them by more than two to one with 60% of those responding. Seems accurate to me.

  • Ralph in Boston

    What always kills me is when people like the above say that “Fox” is some sort of “arm” of anything.

    For years we always used to hear about “the republican attack machine” as if there ever was one.

    What we all know now is, from ABC to MSNBC, all the other networks are in group-think to be the democrat attack machine.

    I guarantee if anyone asks who do you trust more CNN or Fox and those were the only two choices, FOX wins every time by a huge margin.

    Sadly, the “new” liberal is more arrogant and convinced his own opinion is fact than any conservative ever was.

    Fox News started the hugely popular idea of putting opinion makers on at prime time, to analyze the news from a conservative viewpoint. It was and always has been clearly stated that it was opinion and viewpoint.

    Since these views made sense and the arguments were clearly defined and in most cases were presented with a degree of debate and back and forth from opponents, it made the case even more compelling.

    So along comes “media matters” with the tag-line fighting conservative opinion with a more demonstrative opinion and cajoling our viewers to boycott, write in and complain at every perceived slight.

    Now we have HuffPo, stealing Drudge’s idea of being an aggregate, except pretending they created the content, while at the same time presenting opinion as fact.

    I don’t know how many time friends of mine post HuffPo links as if that is proof of their position being correct or factual.

  • Down State in a Blue State

    For pure news Fox is the least biased news organization.
    That is my view and I am sticking to it until proven differently.

  • Kirk

    One only needs to see the “popularity” of Fox news outside the borders of the US to see just how “unbiased” it really is. Of course, all of Rupert Murdock’s properties worldwide are considered ‘unbiased.’ (more reason why the US grows as the laughing stock of the world) Imagine of the National Enquirer started a station in China and a large portion of the Chinese population watched National Enquirer Channel.

    Luckily there are some thinkers left in the US (not many) who can put together the fact that 28% means that 72% of people do not think that Fox is the most trusted name in news. In addition there are many who will refuse to pick such a choice.

    Fox (Faux News) likes to claim that the other news stations are the MSM (Mainstream Media – a propaganda meme.) If this is true this means that a vast majority of people CHOOSE the MSM over Fox, in fact, more than three to one. (Fox @ 28% – MSM 72%) Even if one removes the 15% represented by “undecided” and “C-Span” that still leaves the center-right media at more than double the viewership of the right wing extremist propaganda station, Fox.

  • Dirk

    I am an independent. I mistrust Republicans and Democrats EQUALLY (neither party has the “right” answer). So to those that claimed above that Fox News appeals to the hard core conservative base of the Republicans, I am NOT one of those (a Republican – I refuse to affiliate with a political party). So why does Fow News to me (a hardocre independent)?

    Because Fox News presents BOTH sides of the political story. If I turn on ABC, CBS,NBC, CNN or MSNBC, all i hear is the hard core liberal agenda and bashing of conservatives. THAT is why Fox News beats the other networks.

    For those above that use the horrid “logic” (IMHO it is horrid) that 28% trust Fox News means 72% distrust Fox News, I ask…What does your logic tell you about the news agency you favor? CNN has an 18% trust rating so that means 82% distrust CNN? You are intentionally misusing the poll so stop it!

    Personally, I believe that ALL news agencies have some biad build into them. Fox News uses political commentators (so it clearly shows some bias). If you believe that all of the other networks are free from bias, then you need to wake up. Didn’t Dan Rather get fired because his bias showed?

  • Fox is the only network that even attempts to give both liberal and conservative points of view. Fox has many liberal contributors; Geraldo Rivera, Alan Colmes, Bob Bechel, Kirsten Powers, Ellis Henican, etc. just to name a few. The only conservative on a national “mainstream media” outlet is George Will. Americans are not stupid. They know the media has a left wing bias, and has been so for the last fifty plus years. Hence Fox’s position as “most trusted news source”.

  • Qhuinn

    I just (tried) watch Bill (-sex-tape-) O’Reilly for 30 mins on Fox News after the 3rd debate…I am now convinced that Fox News is a cesspool of the “willfully ignorant”.