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Is Fox News preparing for a future without Bill O’Reilly? If New York Magazine’s Gabe Sherman is correct, that could become a reality in the very near future.

Sherman reports that while Rupert Murdoch is resisting attempts to fire O’Reilly, sons James and Lachlan have been arguing for just that after several women accused the longtime host of sexual harassment.

Since the allegations were made public, advertisers have fled the show, and the decline in ad revenue has alarmed Fox News executives, according to Sherman.

O’Reilly went on vacation after his show on April 12, and speculation is swirling that Fox will dump him before his scheduled return on April 24.

If O’Reilly is fired—something that was all but unimaginable a month ago—it would likely put a big dent in the ratings and profits of Fox News. O’Reilly, who has been the top-rated cable news program for 16 years, will not be easy to replace ratings-wise. That has already been evident by the large ratings drop-off since O’Reilly has been on vacation—giving Fox News executives a glimpse of a post-O’Reilly world. And lower ratings translate into lower ad revenues.

Should Fox News decide to part company with O’Reilly, my vote for his replacement is Martha MacCallum, who has been hosting The First 100 Days at 7 p.m. and has scored some very solid ratings numbers since the show’s debut three months ago.

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  • Bennie Bennett

    Sorry, but I do not enjoy watching Martha. I think she is a terrible host. Her delivery is anything but smoothe night after night.

  • Bitethebullet

    When are you fools going to stop running fake news???

  • Thomas Paine Today

    We stopped watching O’Reilly 10 months ago due to his increased talking over guests and one highly and frankly blatantly personally dismissive treatment of guest Kirsten Powers. I may not share Powers’ views, but the backbone and character she exhibited amid that onslaught was noteworthy. Perhaps her failure to say ‘stop it, Bill’ is because she’d delivered that message off camera many times before…surely that was a Factor. Go retire, sir, that’s Common Sense.

  • Mark M.

    I’m not an O’Reilly fan, but this stinks! The stronger, smarter, braver sex is once again little more than a bunch of victims extorting tens of millions of dollars. Sounds like Marxism to me. And groups who support these tactics have often supported women’s fasle allegations (uless it’s Bill Clinton, then those who may be telling the truth are called liar without proof). Even women who commit perjury or file false accusation are seldom charged. This is a sign of a very sick, self-loathing society.(I even think maybe O’Reilly was complicit in some of the accusations to make Fox and women appear as some wanted. I always thought of O’Reilly as a double agent, and these sorts of people usually end up dead or with sweet financial deals, in either situation, it’s always covert.