Accuracy in Media

msnbc democratic houseMSNBC has made no bones about the fact that it is a very liberal network. It acted as an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party during the 2012 election. Yesterday it gave viewers a little subliminal messaging when it aired a graphic showing that the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives.

The error occurred during a newscast on the seating of the new House and Senate. At least MSNBC anchor Alex Witt correctly stated that the Republicans remained in the majority, though she didn’t note the mistake in the graphic on the screen.

It’s all just wishful thinking on the part of MSNBC, as the Republicans still hold commanding control of the House. Barring the type of landslide that brought the GOP back to power in 2010, they will likely maintain control for the foreseeable future.

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  • FindTheRealTruth

    Make no bones about articles such as the one described here…all news agencies are about “Money”. All news organizations are a business about making money….or in better words….selling information as they have been paid to tell or twist toward there own agendas. Real want to be informed Americans do there own research and don’t let the sold out News and Blogs do the talking for them. Everyone please start making your OWN self educated decisions to help this GREAT Country we live in!

  • usnavy83

    PMSNBC wish list. LOL