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Count MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell a fan of President Obama’s impromptu tango dance Wednesday night in Argentina.

Mitchell was interviewing former Ambassador Nicholas Burns, who defended Obama’s actions:

Burns: Give him a break. Because he is working hard and doing his best for our country.

Mitchell: And how many of us can say that we can do the tango?

Obama was in Argentina attending a state dinner in his honor when he took up the invitation of one of the dancers to join her.

The President was roundly criticized by a Morning Joe panel on Thursday who thought Obama made a mistake by first remaining in Cuba, and then dancing in Argentina, after the terrorist attacks in Brussels where Americans were injured, with many still missing and unaccounted for. It is now being reported that at least two of the dead are Americans.

Not only did Obama wow Mitchell with his tango, but according to The Daily Caller, the woman he danced with did a cover-spread for Playboy’s Argentina issue in July 2006.

That probably won’t go over too well with Michelle once she learns about that nifty tidbit.

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  • Steven Barrett

    Okay, so he could’ve passed on going to the baseball game and spent the time in the embassy working the phones to ascertain what the situation in Brussels was. It was daytime and worktime (for him at least.) The Tango in Argentina, so what? Hell, instead of nitpicking the guy’s every moves and I was at first too critical of his dance moves at first. But this ambassador has a point and isn’t it about time we in the west danced right in the face of the very same people who want to make us as miserable as them?