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A new analysis of President Obama’s press conferences during his first term shows that he clearly favored the mainstream media over Fox News by a fairly wide margin.

fox-news-logoThe Smart Politics analysis was conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Eric Ostermeier and covered the 36 solo press conferences Obama held during his first four years in office.

Fox, which was once referred to as the research arm of the Republican Party by former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, was called on less than half as much as ABC News.

ABC News, which was called on 29 times, was followed closely by CBS with 28, the AP with 27, NBC with 26, Bloomberg with 20, Reuters with 17 and CNN and The New York Times were tied with 16. Fox was ninth with just 14 opportunities to quiz the President.

When it comes to looking at individual reporters, Fox fares a little better, ranking sixth, but it badly trails the better known reporters from the mainstream media. Chuck Todd and former ABC Chief White House Correspondent Jake Tapper topped the list with 23 questions each. By comparison, Fox’s Ed Henry asked just 9 questions.

The results of this analysis not only confirm Obama’s disdain for Fox News, but also his strategy of avoiding the tough questions as much as possible.

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  • rivahmitch

    Personally, I shun the Obamessiah itself. I refuse to watch or listen to it and only read its words online at web sites I trust from years of experience.

  • fedupMan

    He gets real questions from real news people. The fluff MSMedia give him what they want, softballs with ZERO follow ups.

  • Rodney Wilkinson

    He is just playing for time, he can’t last, be sure your sin will find you out.

  • usnavy83

    That is because they will ask questions the MSM SHOULD ask.

  • Ted

    Why would any progressive or liberal Democrat EVER want to talk with anyone from Faux News ???

  • Yes, its hell to be pinned down on anything. If you can’t slant your media, just refuse to talk to them

  • chocopot

    Another brain-dead Leftie. Did you ever wonder, in your infinite wisdom, why more people watch Foix News than the next three most popular networks combined? Because, dummy, they are the only network that even attempts to provide the real news, not fabricated left-wing garbage, not half the story so it can be slanted, and not ignoring ‘inconvenient’ events/stories because they happen to contradict the left-wing agenda. That’s why, dummy.

  • Jared Bowcutt

    Why the hell would Obama want to anything to do with Fox “news”? The National Enquirer is as legitimate a news source as Fox News is.
    They used to have a somewhat interesting view but now they are the source of so much misinformation and twisting of facts that you simply cannot take them seriously. I am by no means a Democrat but even I can see that Fox news can only be used as a source of entertainment based on their silliness and obvious bias.

  • Jared Bowcutt

    People watch because it is entertainment similar to searching for Bigfoot. No one of any intelligence takes what Fox says as valid or factual. It is sensationalism at is’t finest. It does not contain any truth or realism but it sure is entertaining.

  • The Major

    Kudos to Chocopot & the others here who KNOW the truth about the MSM. WHY do you think BHO & his 40 thieves HATE Fox News???,,,because they cannot CONTROL them or what they say. it’s Olinsky’s tactics,,& BHO & his 40 thieves use them well,,& Often too. CONTROL the Media & ALL of the LIES will be believed ,,,it’s that simple. Roger Ailes meets with BHO & the next thing ya’ know,,Beck is OUT. Who is Next?? Hannity?? Wouldn’t BHO just love that.
    Sooner or later,,when the PRO-Left gets SCREWED by “The One” ,,then they might,,,just MIGHT ,,start to realize that their Rights are GONE TOO,,,
    Watch & Wait folks,,,it’s coming ,,,

  • chocopot

    And I suppose you watch CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC and think that’s the real news? As for the comment about no one of any intelligence believing Fox, well, I take that from where it comes: obviously another product of our educational system who can’t tell up from down or left from right.

  • drewsco

    The fact that you consider such a fallacy as the reason FOX news to be credible illustrates the type of simple-minded viewers they attract.
    Just because they are popular doesn’t mean they are more credible……think! use your brain

  • chocopot

    While Fox News has its faults, it is far more accurate and provides information far closer to reality than the left-wing propaganda pushed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the other so-called news stations. And my brain is working just fine, thank you.