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Commenting on the recent presidential election, President Barack Obama said in an interview for “The Axe Files,” a podcast hosted by his former senior adviser David Axelrod, that he thought Hillary Clinton did a great job as the Democratic presidential nominee, but failed in part due to the double standard the media applied to her:

“Look, you know, I think that Hillary Clinton performed wonderfully under really tough circumstances. I’ve said this publicly, I’ll repeat it. I think there was a double standard with her. For whatever reason, there’s been a longstanding difficulty in her relationship with the press that meant her flaws were wildly amplified relative to…”

Any problems that Hillary had with the media were of her own doing. She didn’t hold a press conference for more than nine months, she shut the press out of campaign fundraisers, and when she chose to speak to reporters now and then, she showed how ill-prepared she was to answer their questions. As for a double standard, the press was much harder on Donald Trump than they were on Hillary, as they tried in vain to prevent him from winning the election.

In addition to refusing to admit that Clinton was a terrible candidate—who ran a terrible campaign—Obama told Axelrod that had he been allowed to run for a third term, he could have defeated Trump—a claim that Trump derided in a tweet after the podcast aired.

Considering that the Clinton platform was built on continuing and expanding on Obama’s policies—a platform that voters resoundingly rejected in key blue states—Obama’s assertion that he could have won a third term is further proof of how delusional the Democrats have become since losing the White House.


Photo by Embajada de Estados Unidos en Bolivia

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  • Sean Geissler

    Is he on drugs?

  • beladnj

    Naw, just narsccism.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Can one really overdose on narcissism? It seems megalomaniacs can. Who knew emotional instability is intoxicating to the point of over dose.

  • beladnj


  • SharpestJim

    Is he ever NOT on drugs?

  • Tbear

    What else would you expect from a Chicago punk who is an anti-American Muslim sympathizer,narcissist/racist, anti-Semite? And this delusional LSOS thinks he could have
    won a 3rd term – but given the ‘nation of morons’ that we have become maybe he’s right.

  • Tbear
  • alex

    im sure obama whispered to all his media toadies that he didnt really mean all that but he had to blame someone else publicly(certainly not him or his party) & you all at nbc,ms,cnn, etc are the sacrifices so his legacy can be saved. which btw, can not. his legacy sucks.