Accuracy in Media

Speaking at Miami Dade College on Monday, President Obama criticized the media’s coverage of rapidly rising Obamacare premiums, and blamed the media for the negative image his health care program suffers from:

“Even reporters who cover this stuff, and they do a good job, they’re trying to follow all of the debate. But a lot of times, they just report ‘premium increases.’ And everybody thinks, ‘Wow, my insurance rates are going up, it must be Obama’s fault. Even though you don’t get health insurance through Obamacare, you get it through your job.”

Obama admitted that premiums have increased, claiming that they have risen at a slower rate than if Obamacare had not been implemented.

Tell that to the people facing premium increases of as much as 75% in Arizona, or those who have chosen to opt out of Obamacare and pay a penalty because they can’t afford the premiums.

Obama just can’t bring himself to publicly admit that his signature achievement as President has been a failure, and it is rapidly becoming far from affordable for a large part of the population.

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  • Medieval Puppyman

    Didn’t Obama just tell Trump (indirectly through the media) that he should “Quit whining!”? When Trump is portrayed badly by the media, he rightly blames the system. On the other hand, when Hillary is praised and defended by the dishonest media, she thanks the system. Now Obama thinks that the news media is being dishonest in talking about his dying baby, Obamacare. Perhaps he should follow his own advice.