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In an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, President Obama accepted some blame for the decimation of the Democratic Party during his tenure in office.

Stephanopoulos said that the Democratic Party got pretty “hollowed out” during the last eight years with the loss of about 1,000 seats in Congress, the Senate, governorships and state legislatures. He asked Obama if that was his fault.

“I take some responsibility for that,” Obama said. “I think that some of it was circumstances.”

He said that those circumstances included taking office in the middle of the financial crisis, low housing prices and high unemployment, which meant that the party in power would take a hit. Obama added that his busy schedule also contributed to the party’s losses, as he couldn’t be both the chief organizer of the Democratic Party and Commander-in-Chief. He said that what needs to happen over the long haul is to “rebuild the Democratic Party at the ground level.”

What Obama failed to mention is that his policies—particularly Obamacare—were the main reasons that the Democratic Party lost so much ground during his tenure, as voters revolted against higher taxes, increased regulation and the loss of personal liberties that Obama and the Democrats were responsible for.

Democrats thought the election of Obama would be the beginning of a permanent Democratic majority, only to find that that they are instead at the brink of destruction.

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  • mioahu

    The circumstance is called Barack HUSSEIN Obama, One Big Ass Mistake America, which has been now corrected !

  • What a dummy!!!

  • JoeKlip

    Obama should blame the do nothing GOP Congress.

  • VictorErimita

    Nothing bad has ever been his fault. During the 2008 campaign he blamed his staff for “gaffes” that consisted of statements he or people he knew (Jeremiah Wright) made that revealed…how unfair!…what he really believed. It has been the same ever since. He is a shallow, hollow, twisted little man who was fraudulently promoted and disguised by the anti-American Democrat/media complex. He will now be swept aside and relegated to chirping his complaints on CNN.

  • And of course George Stephanopoulos isn’t going to ask him about Obamacare’s effect. Good job, ABC, hiring a Democratic Party shill to provide “news.”

  • ferdburful

    Sure. His first 2 years it was D majorities in both chambers. That’s a total fail. Next excuse.

  • BannedbyBreitbart

    He does, daily, whenever he forgets the name Bush. Because, as we all know, nothing is ever Barry’s fault.

  • Brad Bettin

    Wow, like, that would be so ORIGINAL of him … because he’s never responsible for anything.

    As noted below, he had Democrat majorities his first two years.

    After that, he had Republican majorities because his policies caused the Democrat majorities to disappear.

    Did that lead him to seek to compromise with Republicans, to work with them on anything?

    No, of course not – it was all “My way or the highway.”

    Which is right up your alley: “Blame the do nothing GOP Congress.”

    Well, Joe, when the voters elect a Congress of the other party, that might be taken as a “sign” that YOUR priorities aren’t THEIR priorities.

    Now, you can tell the voters “you’re wrong” and they should “Go to Hades” ….

    If you go that way, and nothing gets done, who’s to blame for that? Hmmmm??????

    OR you can say “Gee …. maybe the voters want the GOP to have a say on these things …. maybe I need to allow for that.”

    But, no, being a Democrat means never having to compromise, right?

  • Ray_Van_Dune

    “Obama added that his busy schedule also contributed to the party’s losses, as he couldn’t be both the chief organizer of the Democratic Party and Commander-in-Chief.”

    Hah!! Such typical Obama “Strawman-speak”! You had ONE job, Obama – to be President for all Americans. “Commander-in-Chief” is only ONE PART of that job. “Chief organizer of the Democratic Party” is NO PART of it at all. So you did poorly at both, which are less than the whole job even if executed well.

    In addition to a half-assed understanding of your job, and a faculty-lounge grasp of leadership, you spent way too much time golfing and vacationing, which in light of your ineffectuallness when you did show up at the office, was one of your better accomplishments.

    Bottom line, Obama: you screwed the pooch, and you’re fired. Clean out your desk, if there is anything in it, and get out of here.

  • dave72

    That’s an insult to dummies!

  • emersonushc13

    All praise Dear Leader! To do otherwise would be 50% racist.

  • Kehvan

    “Obama added that his busy schedule also contributed to the party’s losses, as he couldn’t be both the chief organizer of the Democratic Party and Commander-in-Chief.”

    Funny, previous presidents have been able to pull it off.

  • SLCdq

    Fact: Dude played more golf than any other President.

  • Dorian Gray

    How does he take a hit for the financial crisis when it was all blamed on Bush and all his sycophants credit him for “bringing us out of the greatest recession since…”?

  • KenH

    Useless stain
    Boingo, one day that narcissism just might haunt you

  • Kehvan

    Fact: He plays like a woman.

  • bittman

    It was cramming Obamacare down our throats and telling us that “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. And, your healthcare costs will go down $2,500 each year.”

    It was lying about the Fast and Furious Program. It was lying about IRS’s abuse of Americans based on political ideology. It was lying about the death of four Americans in Benghazi. It was lying to Americans about the Iran Deal.

    More recently, it is designating over 1 million acres in Utah as a National Monument when the Federal Government already owns more than half of the state. It was having the USA Representative to the Unites Nations NOT TO VOTE on Israel’s rights on land it won as a result of attacks on Israel by various Middle East Muslim countries.

  • Peta Johnson

    Obama was clever in terms of his own re-election. He ran a base election and then caused Romney voters to stay home with fake news about Romney. But he was blessed in having a total fool as his opponent and a traitor, Chris Christie, happy to “wield the knife” on Romney. Obama got fewer votes on re-election than his election – an unusual occurrence.

  • Peta Johnson

    But the fake news concerning the President Elect never stops, now some trash about a trip to Russia in 2013, but where are the questions about the death of choir members at Rev. Wright’s church and Obama’s being on the down-low. Scandal is aimed only at the GOP.

  • He never accepts responsibility for anything he’s ever done. Worse the phuking media doesn’t/won’t hold him to account either…then the media wonders why literally half the country doesn’t trust them. #DemocraticOperativesWithBylines

  • Rich Knudsen

    Nine short days and the talking reject is gone. Thanks for all your efforts restoring the R party to Glory Oreo.

  • Buzzfeed useful idiot

    These “circumstances” just so happened to be your gutless policies and your gutless treatment of the military, your toe sucking Muslim love for unvetted immigrants, your treatment of the middle class, your progressive job killing policies, your law breaking EPA, 10 trillion more in debt, calling Ft Hood “workplace violence,” sticking your Muslim tongue down the father of the traitor Bo Bergdhal, French kissing the cop killers in the Black Lives Matters, your open door polices for the garbage flowing over the border, your sanctuary city polices, your love for progressive transgenders, the lying POS Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, your treasonous deal with Iran. Just to name a few you lying POS..

  • Buzzfeed useful idiot

    The Kenyan Klown played about 300 days of golf over 8 years..

  • Bill Francis

    HIs problem is he is a “jack of all trades but master of none”. He clearly demonstrated over 8 years his hate and animosity for America. Good riddance.

  • Tmaxx

    Have any other presidents had their party decimated while they were in office?

  • Flush the Tpp

    Well when Soros got his claws into it, the Dems were done. Interesting, in spite of all this hollowing of the party, that so many “voted” for the Democratic candidate for president. In Orange county CA, 557,789 registered Republicans and 34,176 registered American independent voters turned out to vote for their candidate Trump, but the Republicans only got 507, 148 voted. 84,817 voted for Hillary? When there were only 467491 registered Dems in the county? Registered Republicans and American independent (Trump was the official American independent candidate) saw similar outcomes in counties where they had more registered than the Dems did get the votes went to the Dems. Riverside rep+am.ind. 373561 only got 333243 for Trump. A loss of 40,318. And Hillary magically got 36,817 more than registered Dems. Sacramento rep+am.ind.230690 got 189789 and Hillary got 36817 more than registered Dems. San Diego rep+am.ind. 540655 only got 477 766 a loss of 62889 while Hillary got 173492 more than registered Dems. So over the whole state the rep+am.ind. lost 862134 of the expected votes by registered party members, but in almost all counties, Hillary received at least the number of dem votes as registered dems – in most cases way way more. Usually the amount missing from rep+am.ind. for a grand total of 724658 dem votes mysteriously more than registered Dems. The no party preference voters should have been distributed among Trump and Hillary, not all to Hillary. Less people turn up to vote than register, but then the n.p.P. Voters show up and get added in. Never all excess votes to one and all no show registered voters to the other party. 862134 missing rep+am.ind. votes.

  • Bj VanHooser

    Too busy to run the Democratic Party AND be President? Cut out 1,000 rounds of golf and I bet you could do it. LOL

  • Butch Black

    The man is a lazy know-nothing bum.