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The New York Times is still working hard to defeat Donald Trump, as evidenced by an article that appeared on October 25 featuring a 7-year-old Muslim girl’s “scary” dream about the GOP nominee.

The article begins with 7-year-old Maaria Elcharfa calling for her father when she walked into the kitchen the morning after the second presidential debate:

 “‘Baba, I had a scary dream,’ she said, hugging him tight. ‘About Donald Trump.’

It was the morning after the second presidential debate, which the Elcharfa family’s two youngest daughters watched in the basement of their Staten Island home with their parents. In the middle of the night, Maaria went to her parents’ room twice, unable to sleep, and walked to the living room and checked her family’s security camera.

That morning, Mr. Elcharfa, 52, asked his daughter what she saw in the nightmare.

‘He was so mean to us,’ she said. ‘He had a scary face, like a zombie or something.’ In the dream, Maaria later said, Mr. Trump came to the home of every Muslim family in the country and put each one in jail.

‘Don’t worry,’ he told his daughter, comforting her. ‘He’s just talk.'”

The article then chronicled the Elcharfa’s struggle with anti-Muslim sentiment as they try to raise their family, giving readers the impression that this may be because the family lives in a Trump stronghold in New York City, thus adding to the anti-Trump bias.

It may not make much of a difference in the election, however, since a majority of the Times’ readers are likely Clinton supporters. But it is yet another shameful example of the liberal media using children to further their agenda at the expense of the facts.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    Trump demonizes all Muslims. A Muslim child is scared. The NY Times reports this because it germane to the current election. Don Irvine, of course, sees evil everywhere. Even here, where it doesn’t exist. Pathetic.

  • Mesa Mike

    A lot of people In the United States are forced to live the Marxist-Muslim nightmare. The Marxist-Muslim nightmare has replaced the American Dream because Democrat policies are destroying the West to achieve world subjugation and domination.It’s obvious to all except the less cerebral and/or drug-addicted among us. Democrats fit in those categories, and that’s why the media ignores the plight of Americans.

  • Austinniceguy

    What about the millions of AMERICANS who have nightmares about Sh!tlery becoming president and doing to this once great country what Merkel did to Germany? She already said she wants open borders…

  • Danny S.

    NY TIMES, shame on you. We know what Hillary will do and that is nothing she has campaigned on. NY times is in the bag and part of the problem. Part of the establishment. Looosers!!!

  • leftistfiltharethecanceronsoci

    I’m hoping to wake up from the present day nightmare.

  • Donna Costa

    Shame on the N.Y.Times. I will NEVER buy it again!!

  • jimmy john

    The New York times can Go Suck an Egg, From the Bull $hit they put out i’m sure they sucked worse

  • Jackie Strey

    Maybe we should inundate the N.Y.Times with the fact that millions of us are living the constant nightmare of our children, grands, etc. living in a Socialist country thanks to the Dems., Academia, famous people who would see America brought down to a 3rd world country. Let them print stories of our nightmares that are a whole lot more valid than some 7 yr olds made up story!!

  • jug

    Your usual drivel!

  • Frosty Wooldridge

    New York Times, you people are: imbecilic, ridiculous, stupid, moronic, insipid, balderdash, ludicrous, out of touch. Trump will take the White House because, we, the American people cannot and will not stand for another four years of the corruption of Obama and Hillary. You’re done if you keep harping with such inane journalistic garbage. fw

  • BillyBratt

    I’m a 72 year old man who has scary dreams about Muslims in my neighborhood beheading me in the local Halal market. What’s that worth to the NYT?

  • Oldchopper

    My dreams are of the Muslims raping small children, beheading more children, burning more alive, placing more in bakery dough kneaders. Notice I said MORE! They’ve been doing these atrocities since their false made up prophet began such practices centuries ago. And now the leftists want us to feel bad for a Muslim 7 year old over a dream. SUCK EGGS NYT! You couldn’t go out of business soon enough to suit me.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    It’s too bad you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, just repeating Leftist talking points.

    What will you next claim, that Maj. Hasan didn’t shoot anyone at Ft. Hood, that Muhammad Abdulaziz didn’t gun down 5 servicemen in Chattanooga, that the Boston bombing didn’t occur, that a Nation of Islam member didn’t murder a family of 7 in DC, that there wasn’t a truck bomb attack on the WTC killing 6, that the 911 plane hijakers weren’t Muslims, that the Pulse nightclub shooter Mateen wasn’t a Muslim, or that the San Bernardino shooters weren’t MusliM?

    Do you think it wrong to report the organized Left wing agent provocateurs and attackers at Trump rallies? By the way, what attacks have been organized by the Trump campaign or the RNC against Hillary rallies?

    I take it you don’t see any organized evil in Islam or among progressives and Democrats..

  • John Cunningham

    Pulling out all the stops. No way the New York Times or any other Liberal organization wants to see Trump become president. It will spoil the stealing done throughout the Obama Administration and Hillary’s turn to suck America and Americans dry.

  • healer

    When the NYT is forced to cease publication because of increasing signs of senility, what will I use for the floor of my birdcage ?

  • Peter

    BillyBratt. The word Halal or Helel. I checked for the Hebrew word that is translated “Lucifer” in the King James Bible from Isaiah 14:12 in the Robert Young Concordance. The Hebrew word translated Lucifer is Helel. There are no vowels like E or A in the Hebrew, only consonants. So Helel sounds mighty much the same as Halal. In fact I can’t detect any difference when I say it. It’s the same word. No wonder you have scary dreams about Muslims beheading you in the local Halal market.
    What’s it worth to the New York Times? All the damage I can possibly do to it by spreading this information about the local Muslim Luciferian/Halal market in your neighbourhood.

  • Peter

    Hilary’s bra and corset.

  • Peter

    Yes. Hillary does suck.

  • Peter

    Oldchopper. Do you have that nightmare too?

  • Peter

    Same as Hillary.

  • Peter

    I never have.

  • Peter

    The reality is worse than your lucid nightmare. Hillary is a silly grinning bug-eyed rubber clown with her mouth wide open, and a dildo down her throat.

  • Peter

    When I was seven, I screamed when I saw a nun. They looked a lot like Muslims then. Very scary and unusual. Freaky even.

  • Peter

    Rose coloured glasses, IronChef.

  • John Cunningham


  • Peter

    I think the New York Times made up the story – not the seven year old. Same level of intellect though. That’s how you can tell.

  • Peter

    New York Times. Very establishment. And very ‘Old Hat’. Needs a shake-up. Or hang up the hat finally and for good. No longer relevant if it ever was. It’s rinsed out, washed up. Hung out to dry. No longer needed. Never was. Very NWO that nobody wants. Just not with it. It’s a very stale old rag. Very tired. Does it still have circulation? Nope. No pulse either. Cease resuscitating. Declared dead. Meantime, America is pumped and re-invigorated with its demise, and the rise of – President Trump.

  • Peter

    But John. I didn’t know she sucked the well dry.

  • satelliter

    So this frightened little girl has already begun training to fear and dispose of all infidels like Trump. And the Democrat liberals swallow it hook line and sinker. They (liberals) really have no idea that they will also be “disposed” of eventually. Will it be with chopped off head, burned alive with a flame thrower or thrown off a 40 story building?

  • John Cunningham

    That is why we read and figure things out. Liberals are told what to think and how to lie and distort and, they are perfectly happy with it.

  • Oldchopper

    Yes I do. I pray to God daily this may not befall America as my generation’s punishment in denying God’s presence in our society. These nightmares are a reality that should haunt each of us as you suggest in your post you too are aware.

  • oat21

    The NYT is the biggest waste of a newspaper, it makes stories up to scare people. Well, I think the majority of people who read the NYT should be afraid if by some very slim chance Hillary get’s elected the the old poor 72 year old guys dreams about Muslims beheading him in the local Muslim Luciferian/Halal or Helel market, could come true….

  • Peter

    Yes. America has departed from their only God. Hosea 7:13. Notice: Woe TO THEM. That won’t hurt God except that He used to love them. It breaks His heart.
    But listen to this: Woe to them when I (God) depart from them! Hosea 9:12. Again notice: Woe TO THEM. This is sure going to hurt America. Not God.
    You may be interested in this. “Now the new moon will devour them, them and their fields.” Hosea 5:7. What is the new moon but the crescent moon at the beginning of the Hebrew month? Who uses the ‘crescent moon’ as their symbol but the Muslims? The new moon that will devour them and their land (the USA) is obviously a riddle for the word Islam. They have already helped themselves to a large slice of your cake – less for you. Courtesy of the United Nations refugee bullshit Deuteronomy 7:2 RSV. Are Americans – so generously giving away their estate boundary (America) Hosea 5:10 – going to replace them as the refugee ‘wanderers among the nations’? Hosea 9:17. Apparently yes, and – HOW KIND is that?
    Isn’t it just wonderful giving your homeland to the homeless refugee making yourselves homeless in their stead? I ask this sarcastically of course of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing to themselves and their country – the ‘bleeding hearts’. And FOR THIS KINDNESS they rape your daughters as ‘white trash’ and behead you. Where God is our ‘ROCK’. Muslims get their rocks off ON OUR WOMEN. They can have Hillary of course, no-one wants her.
    And what IS/WAS Obama doing there as YOUR PRESIDENT anyway? Deuteronomy 17:15 forbade that.

  • Peter

    This ‘American dream’ has now become THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.

  • Peter

    The American dream is now the AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. Got it.

  • M J

    Once again the Radical Left is using ‘the children’, many of which have parents among the 94 million whom Obama destroyed their jobs, while he decried “40 million children without health insurance”! I wonder how many MORE of those are now without Health insurance, while also considering the huge spike in Obama-Scare premiums? Once again, these monster in the closet stories, true or not, have no bearing based on the 1,400+ years history of Muslims, burning down Churches, stoning and decapitation, imposing their pedophilic cult on others not like them, and marrying 8 year old children, not to mention the genital mutilation of women world-wide! Who are – really – the scary ones here? The N.Y. Times stopped being a newspaper or news reporting source when it jumped in bed with Muslim Sympathizer Barry Soetoro Obama, Hitlery Clinton and her Muslim Brotherhood sidekick, Huma Abedin, of Mrs. Anthony Weiner infamy who also has access to all of Hitlery’s unsecured classified e-mails, and all the other Democrats, who are in fact a criminal organization not too cleverly disguised as a criminal organization!

  • IronChefSandwiches

    How so?

  • Peter

    I suggest you wear them, to escape your ‘reality’.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    I’M not the one who sees boogeymen everywhere. That’s you idiots.

  • Peter

    Thanks IronChef, I got a good laugh out of that one.

  • M.

    He is a paid troll. At least I hope he is, the thought of someone being that much of a dung-for-brains is rather chilling. If he isn’t paid, then his minder ought to take his computer away for his own good. That would probably result in his being confined to a padded cell in order to stop him injuring himself or others, so great would be his simian rage, but when one is chopping down trees, chips will fly ha ha ha! I would certainly enjoy watching this monkey’s antics as he endures computer troll withdrawal.