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New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet chided The Washington Post over its new masthead slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” as something that sounds more like it belongs in a Batman movie and not on the front page of a leading newspaper:

“’I love our competition with The Washington Post,’ he said. ‘I think it’s great. But I think their slogan — Marty Baron please forgive me for saying this — sounds like the next Batman movie.’”

Baquet made his remarks at SXSW in Austin, Texas on Sunday.

The Post added the slogan to its masthead on February 22, according to the paper’s spokeswoman Kris Coratti, because “We thought it would be a good, concise value statement that conveys who we are to the many millions of readers who have come to us for the first time over the last year. We started with our newest readers on Snapchat, and plan to roll it out on our other platforms in the coming weeks.”

In reality the Post slogan isn’t a value statement any more than the Times’ “The truth is more important now than ever” ads are about seeking truth. Instead they are a way for both to take shots at President Trump, who has turned the liberal media’s world upside down since taking office.

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  • Mike S.

    How about “Democrats die in the sunlight”? That’s what’s really happening at the moment.

  • Cadfael

    The darkness of Obama’s non translucent “transparency”. Their twisting of words has known no ends: transparency = total opaqueness, affordable = un-affordable, accessability = inaccessability, filthy rich = middle class, moral = immoral, values = absence of values. Democrat Semantics and PC new speak for the indoctrination and subversion of the non-thinking.

  • Martha Bartha

    obummer is gone

  • Bart Gundy

    The main stream media has become the socialist media which is communism lite. They are dying a slow death and will be gone in my lifetime. No one reads them or believes them except liberals. They believe them even though they have been caught lying time and again. Did anyone notice the Russian hacking story doesn’t get any press now that WikiLeaks has exposed it as a Obama CIA hacking and the CIA made it look like the Russians.

  • Bob

    Sounds to me like it would be a good masthead for a renewable energy headquarters.