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While the news divisions at ABC and NBC have made widespread use of Twitter, CBS is lagging far behind, which may in part explain their poor ratings.

CBS_News+LogoAmong the morning shows, ABC’s Good Morning America is in the lead with nearly two million Twitter followers, followed by The Today Show with almost 1.6 million, with CBS This Morning trailing badly with just 58,000 followers.

For the evening news shows, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is the leader with nearly 167,000 followers, followed closely by ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer with almost 153,000, and CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley bringing up the rear with just a little over 26,000 followers.

The figures are much the same when it comes to the personal accounts of the evening news anchors, with Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams running neck and neck in followers and Scott Pelley bringing up the rear.

At a time when social media, especially Twitter, has become a part of the news cycle, the disinterest by CBS News is quite surprising, and probably plays a part in their continual last place finishes among the major broadcast networks with both their morning and evening news programs.

The news division at CBS might want to rethink their Twitter strategy, or lack thereof, by taking a look at the Super Bowl, which was shown on that network on Sunday. There were 24.1 million tweets during the game. When the blackout hit the Superdome, rather than tuning out while the game was in limbo, people tweeted their thoughts about what happened as they watched and waited for the game to resume.

Twitter can be a powerful and useful tool for news organizations. But by largely ignoring it, CBS News risks falling even further behind ABC and NBC, which is something they can ill afford.

ABC’s Good Morning America: 1.946 million followers

NBC’s Today: 1.574 million followers

CBS This Morning: 58,481 followers


NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: 166,891 followers

ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: 152,769 followers

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: 25,922


Diane Sawyer: 173,230

Brian Williams : 156,424

Scott Pelley: 10,420

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  • The Major

    I worked the streets of NYC for 31 years. I saw the best & the WORST of the people,,,especially when they were taking it out on ME. The last job was operating a Bus in the South Bronx. I have been assaulted with every known & some UN-known objects. I went home many nights ,,,thinking that “Fat Ugly WHITE Mother-fu*ka ” was my new name. As technology caught up with me,,I just let it pass me by. I still believe I am not an Important person,,,therefore I have NO need for “Twits”,,Tweets,,Texts,,Nor do I have a Cell Phone,,,my truck has 1,,,(on-star) but I do not. If you want to get me ,,call my LL & leave a message. When todays people ask me why I do NOT stay in touch with the rest of the world,,I tell them a story of what happened on the bus one time & it’s never the same story twice,,& NOW they know why I LIKE being a Hermit on my farm.
    Do NOT get me wrong,,,I STILL love people,,,People are fun,,,cool,,,intelligent & I still learn from them ,,,but I will not take any CRAP anymore,,nor do I have to,,,SO,,,If I do NOT “TWEET” every 10-15 seconds to a bunch of TWITTER-Heads ,,who have NOTHING better to do,,,like a JOB,,do NO be angry,,just forgiving to one whose Experiences,,,HERE,,,& around the world (courtesy of the US Army) would qualify me for several Ph.D’s in “Life Experiences”
    Not Racist,,Not Violent,,,just Not Silent.