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The New York Times reported as fact a tweet from a North Korean parody Twitter account.

In the story which described a joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea, the Times noted that “the North Korean government belittled the joint exercise as ‘demonstrating near total ignorance of ballistic science.'”

The Times obtained that “fact” from the parody DPRK News Service twitter account, which has been widely identified in the media as a parody account.

The Times did correct the mistake later today, blaming their sloppiness on an “editing error.”

“The North Korean government did not belittle a joint American-South Korean military exercise as ‘demonstrating near total ignorance of ballistic science,’ that statement was from the DPRK News Service, a parody Twitter account.”

After the correction was issued the parody account took a shot at the Times.

The Times joins other organizations that have fallen prey to the fake Twitter account–USA Today suffered a similar fate back in March, and underscores just how careless they have become in their zeal to craft an anti-Republican, anti-Trump narrative.

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  • TPS12

    When you refuse to check the facts because you love the narrative it only shows how biased you are.

  • MonadnockMan

    NYT’s does not even have the credibility of the worst supermarket rag.

  • TED

    I think this whole country is being duped by Trump’s Twitter account!

  • mioahu

    The New York Slimes is a pathetic leftist opinion newspaper….how the mighty have fallen. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • mioahu

    Lying TED , it’s ok, you keep reading the Slimes, WaPo and Communist News Network, they have served you well in the past. And while you do that and stay dumb and follow false news about Russia collusion and all the other crap they are pushing and that’s going nowhere, Trump is pushing forward with his agenda, and the pathetic democrats are in disarray and have 0 Trump will stay in the white house for a while 🙂

  • Ringo’sResolve

    Ode’ To Ted the Turd

    Sit right down and listen, I ask have you Heard?
    About Ted and his woe-begotten words
    for his thoughts are scrambled and Blurred
    due to fake bait, fake news, easily lured
    For he is a Brainless walking, talking , Turd!!!

    To be continued…