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The New York Times, which endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination last month, called on the former secretary of state to release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.

Clinton, who previously said that she “would look into it” when asked about releasing the transcripts, changed her tune at a Democratic Party town hall last week when she said that she would only do so “if everybody does it, and that includes the Republicans.”

The Times said that “Voters have every right to know what Mrs. Clinton told these groups,” and “By refusing to release them all, especially the bank speeches, Mrs. Clinton fuels speculation about why she’s stonewalling.”

That sentiment echoed an earlier statement made by The National Journal’s Ron Fournier on MSNBC’s Morning Joe when he said that her refusal to release the transcripts makes him think that “she’s not being honest.”

The Times concluded that the public has a right to know, and that her stonewalling is damaging her credibility among Democrats.

Public interest in these speeches is legitimate, and it is the public—not the candidate—who decides how much disclosure is enough. By stonewalling on these transcripts, Mrs. Clinton plays into the hands of those who say she’s not trustworthy and makes her own rules. Most important, she is damaging her credibility among Democrats who are begging her to show them that she’d run an accountable and transparent White House.

Clinton will probably ignore the Times’ call to release the transcripts. But the very fact that the liberal media are questioning her refusal to do so should be a troubling sign to her supporters that Clinton may not be able to rely on the liberal media to give her the same level of support it has to previous Democratic candidates, and that could prove to be fatal to her plans to win the election.

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  • Debbie Lisi

    Mrs. Clinton Please release transcripts of your speeches.
    The American people want to see

  • Ann Gold

    She wants us to hire her and yet she doesn’t want us to know what in these transcripts? I think the American public will pass on this candidate.

  • Chaz

    Guess you will see it when all the republicans share theirs.

  • Cruise Line

    #ReleaseTheTranscripts The American Voters are entitled to see what she sells to Goldman Sachs in exchange for their financial backing for Pres election. She’s selling voters the idea that she will reign in Wallstreet greed so, let the voters read the transcripts of her Wallstreet speeches and judge for themselves! #ReleaseTheTranscripts

  • gailkoffman
  • gailkoffman


  • Dan Grossnickle


    Hillary Clinton has stated that being president is about “Hard Choices”. She’s right…but most of her “Hard Choices”, by her own admission, have been wrong.

    Hillary was opposed Gay marriage as late as 2013. She has since “evolved” on the issue. Bernie, in 1985, as Mayor of Burlington set aside a day to be known as “Gay Pride Day.”

    She aggressively promoted Fracking while she was Secretary of State. She supported the Keystone XL Pipeline until the polls indicated she needed to change her position. She pushed for TPP and referred to it as ”the Gold Standard” many times. Bernie Sanders has always opposed all of the above.

    She supports the death penalty and private, for-profit, prisons. She is against Free College Education.

    Hillary has received millions from Wall Street. Hillary’s top contributors: Morgan Stanley $636,564, Lehman Brothers $362,853, JP Morgan Chase $696,456, Goldman Sachs $760,740, Credit Suisse $318,120, Citigroup $824,402. Bernie’s top donors are labor unions, teacher unions, and nursing unions and has received over four million individual contributions averaging $28.

    Hillary was a supporter of the Iraq War. She has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie had the foresight and good judgement to oppose the war, repeatedly called out Bush for his deliberate misinformation and accurately predicted the catastrophic outcome. He has stated that he will, absolutely, defend the United States but that war should always be the last option.

    Hillary is against bringing back Glass Steagall Act, the repeal of which contributed to the greatest recession since 1929. Bernie wants to bring back this essential legislation.

    Hillary participated in Republican campaigns for years. Bernie has always been an independent and has always caucused with Democrats.

    Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was arrested for protesting segregation. Hillary Clinton campaigned for Barry Goldwater, who opposed the Supreme Court’s power to enforce school integration, voted in the Senate against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whose campaign platform included his promise to repeal the legislation. The Clintons also celebrated “Confederate Flag Day” every year when Bill was governor of Arkansas.

    Hillary is against a $15 minimum wage. Ever since he became a United States Senator, Bernie has made it one of his top goals to get workers a $15 minimum wage.

    Hillary wants to “loosen” marijuana penalties. Bernie wants to completely abolish the federal prohibition of marijuana.

    Bernie’s health care plan is predicted to save each American $1200 a year plus in insurance and pharmaceutical drugs costs. Hillary opposes single payer healthcare and has received millions of dollars in contributions from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies.

    Bernie received the highest VFW award in his fight for veterans’ rights and services. Hillary Clinton has a documented history of being a warmongering hawk and as president would pursue the failed policy of endless war.

    Bernie has over 30 years of experience fighting for working Americans and is an honest and authentic candidate. Hillary…not so much.

    When you are President you don’t get a second chance. Fatal decisions send young American soldiers to war and often, disastrously, effect the course of events and destabilize the world.

    Ours is not a “Hard Choice” at all. We have Bernie Sanders – the leader who has made the right choices throughout his career. The choice is between a corporate sponsored and controlled candidate who will say and do anything that she believes will get her elected and an honest, compassionate and highly ethical man of consistent, unassailable integrity.

    Bernie has fought for the Middle Class, Labor, Women, Gay People, Civil Rights and Veterans his entire political career. He has demonstrated a profound, consistent and rare moral conviction to do what is right by the people he represents rather than corporations.

    No super PACs, no secret donors writing checks for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, no private jets…just a sincere conviction to do what is right for the American people and the world.

  • Emm Vee

    None of the republican candidates gave paid speeches to Wall Street.

  • Peggy James

    Have you registered by the deadline and double checked your registration? What day does your state vote? Please remind other’s on your friends list to double check their registrations because we can’t forget what happened in Arizona! Also, in the event of a caucus or having to wait in long lines, please take along water, snacks, coats, other voters, etc! Senator Bernie Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader. Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, energetic, authentic, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping each child succeed in this country, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. Check Bernie’s record on you tube and learn the truth about him. He has been wise in his decision making skills and fought against needless wars including the Vietnam war and the Iraq war which took 1000’s of lives of young Americans while leaving others severely crippled. Bernie recently received the highest congressional award for his fight for veterans’ care from the Veterans of Foreign wars. 170 top leading economists and most physicians as well as nurses praise his budget for America. The medicare for all plan will save American families an average of 5,000 a year. Bernie’s plan will grow the middle class while ending the bribes and schemes going on in our government today. He will raise the min wage to a fair wage of $15.00 an hour which is long overdue! When people earn a fair wage they contribute more to the economy, keeping businesses competitive in prices because more small business will spring up! During the primary election, Bernie received 86% of the vote from his home state where he served as mayor and still serves as a member of the United States Senate. This 86% vote speaks volumes about his character and no other candidate even reached 50% in the states they served. He has been endorsed by many reputable organizations including the US post office, the nurse’s union, teacher unions, labor unions, top economists, etc. Bernie is Jewish (not a communist). He calls himself a democratic (by the people) socialist (for the people). Socialists programs built this country including our roads, utilities, national parks, (which saved the buffalo), public schools and libraries, our US military, social security, etc. Before our great country is turned into a system of total oligarchy, where the 1% club continues to buy our public servants, making the laws to benefit themselves, or trading scams and schemes to make big bucks for themselves, join the revolution to put an honest president in the White House. Our ancestors warned us what will happen to our country by allowing the shady deals to go on within our government.. Please get involved today by going to and make calls, pass out fliers, or contribute $5, $10, what you can afford! The revolution is here. All of our children’s future is at stake. Please share this post! Our country needs your vote! Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

  • Jay

    A lot of your points have been a little oversimplified… For example, Mrs. Clinton does oppose a $15/hr pay, but she agrees that $12/hr is reasonable. She also doesn’t oppose free college, she wants to make 2 year community colleges free and also work towards lowering the costs of other four year colleges. You are leaving out a lot of vital information…

  • Grumpus

    All the Republicans running for President, except Trump, can not give paid speeches while holding public office. So in essence they have none. trump of course does not need to give paid speeches to Wall Street. Hillary knows all of this.

    Throughout her life she has always supported Wall Street, the banks, and corporations. She sat on the board of directors for Walmart for six years. In that six year period the Walmart employees were trying to unionize so they could get better wages, equal pay for women, and better working conditions. Hillary did nothing for the employees, however, she did help enrich the Walton’s (note that Alice Walton donated over $353,000 to Hillary’s presidential campaign.). The employees never got unionized and the US tax payer lost because those employees need government assistance to get by.

    She stands with corporations when they do not want to disclose whether their food is GMO over the right of the consumer to know.

    Trade deals like NAFTA that she supported while it hurt the middle class in numerous different ways helped enrich the very wealthy by increasing net profits of corporations. When she runes for office she becomes against the trade deals and states she made a mistake. Gets in office and pushes the TPP. A another NAFTA on steroids where no labor leader was allowed in on the negotiations for the trade deal. It even has been classified so that only congressmen can see the trade deal. A trade deal that was written up by US corporation negotiators. Hillary’s response? “As it stands now she can not endorse the trade agreement.” “As it stands now?” Meaning change a few lines and it will be acceptable.

    For further proof you have the paid speeches to Goldman Sachs in which she ensured that it was her stenographer and her transcripts with full rights going to her.

    So how can there be any doubt that she will take the side of the wealthy when it comes down to either the wealthy or the middle class? When compared to Bernie, Bernie has always stood for the middle class.

  • Grumpus

    Here is some more vital information. She sat on the board of directors of Walmart for six years when the employees were trying unionize so they could have better pay, equal pay for women, and better working conditions. What did she do for those employees? Absolutely nothing. However, she did help the Walton’s enrich themselves at the expense of the employees and the US tax payers that must give government assistance to the Walmart employees because they are paid such low wages. Note that Alice Walton did donate to Hillary’s presidential campaign a little over $353,000.

    She also supported NAFTA, which helped enrich the wealthy at the cost of the middle class. She supports corporations not having to tell consumers whether or not their food is a GMO over the right of the consumer to know. She frowned on what happened in Flint but supports fracking which is well documented that it poisons our water supply.

    This does not even include her poor decision making in foreign affairs such as Iraq, Libya, and Honduras.

    These are positions that Bernie has been right on before it was even acceptable to be right on, such as the gay rights. Bernie every step of the way has fought for individual rights and for the middle class. He was for gay rights. For civil rights for all. Against the trade agreements that hurt the middle class., He was against the Iraq war and stated exactly, almost prophetically why.

    So looking back, Bernie has made what has later on shown to be the right decisions whereas Hillary keeps on learning at the expense of the middle class.