Accuracy in Media

A new report issued this week from the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and social media network Linkedin that studied a wide range of industries showed that the newspaper industry suffered the biggest decline of any from 2007-2011.

While renewables grew 49.2%, the Internet 24.6% and online publishing 24.3%, newspapers led the way in a downward direction, shrinking a whopping 28.4%. Even retail, which has suffered greatly during the recession as Americans lost jobs and cut back their free-spending ways, only declined 15.5% by comparison. And while retail sales are bouncing back ever so slightly, newspapers are still struggling to regain their footing and show no signs that the downward trend will reverse itself in the near future.


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  • Sharon Brudzinski

    Most newspapers are far left and report only that view. It’s’ no wonder their customer base has fallen and deservedly so. If they were are balanced as their masthead says, they’d keep their customers.

  • Renee

    Save the tress! Yea!!

  • Brujo Blanco

    I agree that most papers are leftist in this country. I prefer papers that report facts instead of left wing rhetoric.

  • Jean

    As a reporter/writer I find this news disturbing but understandable. I’m one of the few conservative reporters that is still in print. I write for a small local paper that is still alive, but barely. Sadly, newsprint may go the same way as the full service gas station and the milkman. They call it progress but I don’t see it.

  • Richard Fuller

    Left or Right, Free speech is what keeps this country safe and the media carries that voice. If we only wrote what everyone wanted to hear then we’d just another faceless “Yes” man in the crowd. The only lion loose on the streets today is the media NOT radio talk show hosts. The days of sitting down with a cup of coffee and a cigarette and knocking out out the Sunday paper are over. The active generation today is more connected and too busy for such nonsense. A paradigm shift for sure.
    RF @ DMN