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MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews has never hidden the fact that he’s all in for Hillary Clinton. But now his unwavering support for the former secretary of state has enraged the far left enough for them to start a petition demanding that MSNBC suspend the anchor for “his constant shilling” for her.

The petition, started by the far-left, wants Matthews removed from the air for the duration of the 2016 presidential campaign or be required to give its favored candidate Bernie Sanders equal time:

MSNBC should suspend Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, because of his constant shilling for Hillary Clinton. In every episode of Hardball, in every “exclusive” interview with Clinton, he gives her endless time to make her case, repeats her talking points, gives her softball questions, denigrates Bernie Sanders and his people powered movement and reinforces the narrative that she will be the Democratic nominee. Matthews should be removed from the air for the duration of the campaign or he should be required to give Bernie equal time.

Matthews has bent over backwards for Clinton during the campaign, asking her softball questions, as the petition states, and largely avoiding talking about her scandals unless it was to excoriate conservatives and Republicans for having the gall to pursue the truth about them.

MSNBC hasn’t commented on the petition and is unlikely to—given Matthews star status at the network—plus the fact that they have given him tacit approval to support Hillary by not reining him in earlier.

The full petition can be found here.

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  • sangandongo

    Can you fucking stop injecting your opinion of what is and isn’t “far-left?” Why not just say, “” rather than trying to “artfully smear” or color it. Be a fucking journalist and write the facts, not the facts with your spin.

  • Mike Parks

    Boycott MSNBC, simple as that. Turn that station off.

  • billothinks

    “Far-left”?? Well, I guess it depends on how FAR-right you are coming from. As for myself, I unsubscribed from them ages ago because they are consistently well to the RIGHT of where I am coming from!!

  • CynicalSam

    Sorry, but this is another non-news story. Considering how much attention the media gives Donald Trump every time he opens his mouth, you can hear his position every time he talks, no matter what network it is. Equal time used to be a thing, now that’s completely out the window because of the sensationalism news he’s creating.

  • Joe Shmoe

    MSNBC SEEMS unbaised when the national narrative flows the way the executives want it to. But the executives can shift into propaganda mode overnight, and they always favor corporatist Democrats, and drive out leftists, (like Donahue, Olbermann, Uygur, Schultz).

    And so, every election season, the network shills for corporatist Democrats. Look at all the overt and covert Clinton supporters they have – CapeHeart, McIntosh, Walsh, and Matthews. But can you name ONE talking head there who is “biased” towards Sanders?

  • franksspam

    While I agree with this, Chris Matthews spends way more of his show talking about Donald Trump than he does either Democratic candidate. He constantly just turns the airwaves over for extended periods of time to Trump’s live campaign rallies. It has become standard for him to cut live to a Trump rally for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in a political campaign.

  • Elyse Stewart-Sass

    The petition was started after the media blackout on Senator Sanders. MSM came to a point that they HAD to show him. HRC’s falling polls and popularity issues and other issues and Sander’s huge popularity and rising polls. Then… they put the slanderous edits on parts of him live… Matthews was constantly referring to him as the socialist who wants to give everything away… and many more damaging conversations he had in effort to smear Sanders reputation. Sander’s supporters had had enough…
    I was one of them.

  • Elyse Stewart-Sass

    THIS is why Matthews is shilling…

    Search Results
    Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress…/hillary-donors-helping-chris-matthew…
    The Daily CallerFeb 9, 2016 – Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress. … Many of Matthews’ biggest donors have close ties to either the Clinton foundation or the Clintons themselves. … Four families from Bloomberg’s list of biggest Clinton donors have given to the Matthews’ campaign.


    equal time?

  • He supports Hillary because she supports his wife’s run for office.…/hillary-donors-helping-chris…/

  • TheTruthCommission

    The corporate media is pathetic in this country. The same corporations that own these outlets are the same corporations donating to Clinton’s SuperPac. It’s embarrassing at this point. They look like fools. And yes, Chris’ wife is making a run for Congress with guess who supporting her – yes, the same donors as Hillary, who is helping her make those connections.

    The corporate media’s reign and their mind control is coming to an end. And they see that. We are seeing the last vestiges of the establishment hanging on.

    The average age of the tv viewer is now 64-68.

    Nobody under 50 or with half a brain gets their news from corporate media anymore. No one trusts them.

    Their days are numbered. I give them 5 years tops before the whole thing comes crashing down.

    Listen to bell, it tolls for thee.


    LMAOOO She barely gets crowds Stop supporting this liar and crook and may I say kook She is part of the OLIGARCHY you can find her Campaign in the Bildenburg Nucleus! Bernie is the ONLY one who is for the people and will NOT cull the herd by killing our children is a senseless act of Corporate war

  • Steven Barrett

    If anybody expects to find totally objective hosts and panelists on any of the cable news/political channels that specialize in covering politics, he or she is just nuts. It’s like a naif entering a bordello looking for virgins. Political opinion making and sharing is what makes MSNBC/Fox and CNN what they are and they serve a useful purpose because it helps their parent-networks concentrate as humanly possible on presenting news the old fashioned way. Of course, biases do seep in and one might as well bay at the moon expecting purity in any journalistic outlets. (Compared to the kind of biases and outright mangling of facts on purpose to do so and so in, today’s standards of reportage and even political commentary stand mountains higher than those put to use during the good ol’ days of the Wild West when “men were men, settled things with packed heat and the devil took the lowest possible ‘moral’ standards usually in the middle of the main drag at high noon.
    What Matthews does and how he does it isn’t much different than a lot of other commentators on his network or Fox which had the (gall) stones to call itself the “fair and balenced” outlet. More like fairy tales and unbalenced.
    As a supporter of Bernie Sanders, I naturally go up the wall with Chris Matthews presumptuousness on Clinton’s behalf. But I have to shrug it off, treat all the discussions in much the same manner as baseball fans would take in so many “inside baseball” yak sessions held in the backroom of some local saloon with an open bottle of scotch, cigars and a ton of batting and pitching stats to “bolster” all the participants’ infallible claims.
    Matthews has earned the right to host his show and share his years of experience on Capitol Hill as a public servant who had the privilege and honor of serving one of the noblest elected public servants in history, Tip O’Neil. He put in his time and now he’s using his memory, writing skills and ability to see what’s important and what’s trivial to present a unique look into the workings of Congressional politics. You don’t have to take his views and just shut the tube off help your spouse by washing the damn dishes like any good spousal servant and/or go out and play catch with your kids. LOL, That’ll give you some time to constructively use before Rachael Maddow comes alone a couple of hours later to finish you off.

  • Mervin

    11,000 signatures is not nearly enough. But, there’s more than one way to vote, and the other way is eminently more effective: STOP WATCHING MSNBC!

  • nero88888


    Hillary 468 delegates

    Bernie 53 delegates

    Bernie the unelectable socialist is toast…..

  • ?Everything

    Knock it off, Matthews. My husband and I watch you every night, but I SWEAR we will not if you don’t stop with the not-so-subtle pro-Hillary–anti-Bernie slant.

  • ?Everything

    So true!

  • TheOriginalDonald

    If a George Soros isn’t far left then what is?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Bernie Stalin is as much For The People as Donald Trump was for the USFL.

  • hooter

    Matthews should run a disclaimer that discloses his conflict of interest before each broadcast.

  • Carlyle Rogers

    I could care less about Chris Matthews but did Moveon.Org sign a similar petition in 2008 when Matthews was in the tank for Obama? Please send me the evidence…I am waiting.

  • Carlyle Rogers

    Also, did Moveon.Org sign a petition demanding that MSNBC give Clinton equal airtime back in 2008 when the entire network was supporting Obama and did not hide that fact? Again, send me the evidence…Moveon.Org is just the typical hypocritical organization that is upset because the entire left is not on board with their socialist candidate…sickening as usual.

  • cestmoi

    “far left” says Accuracy In Media for Fairness, Balance and Accuracy in News Reporting. What a load!

  • Georga96

    The more I learn about Hillary Clinton the more appalled I become! Her surrogates are trained chimps with a mean disposition and I believe it’s really hubby Bill that will be running the show in the Oval Office!

  • Georga96

    Sorry Matthews..but it was blatant cronyism or maybe you have a Thang for HRC but it was in your face support for her the last several months! Are you resorting to yellow journalism or maybe you want a future in the Tabloids?

  • Georga96

    He’s more of a HillaryBot!

  • Georga96

    POLL in Article Should Chris Matthews Resign From MSNBC And Retire From The Media Industry? Yes 98% No 8%

  • Georga96

    Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress

    Read more:

  • Georga96

    Hillary Donors Helping Chris Matthews’ Wife Into Congress

    Read more:

  • Ed Gentner

    Chris Matthews at 71 years old should just retire, and join a group of walkers in some Florida mall…he has become another ignorant blowhard spilling his bile ranting and raving on a cable “news” program that is getting harder to watch. Shilling for Hillary Clinton while failing to disclose that his wife’s campaign for a House seat relies on the same donor network that Hillary Clinton does or his wife’s relationship with the Clinton Global Initiative.

  • Tim N Anita Hudacek

    Matthew’s wife run for congress is being funded by the Hillary camp / sponsors – Of course he’s “All In With Hillary” and trying to shove her down our throats too… They need to toss his arse off the air for biased reporting.

  • sangandongo

    That’s just it: left and right is subjective. So is good and bad. Our entire country’s political leaning has moved in whole to the right over the last few decades, causing our perception of what is “left” and “far left” to be skewed.

  • SRVES339

    After the hatchet job he did on Bernie last night (you must see the first half), we need 11M signatures… he was unhinged… 100% pure Clinton shill!

  • rosemariejackowski

    Chris Matthews interview of Bernie was the worse interview I have ever seen. Bernie was great is spite of it.

    What the heck is wrong with Matthews???? He has a real problem. He should be able to hide his bias toward Hillary during an interview, or else resign and get another job. He could be Hillary’s chauffeur.

  • Brenda S.

    Matthews wife is running for office and is being funded by shillery’s pacs.
    He is not neutral, and should state this fact before doing any story on the presidential election.

  • Brenda S.

    Bernie Stalin? LOLOL What grade are you in? read a dictionary to learn the difference between democratic-socialism and facism. Also suggest you check out our most successful president ever, FDR. He was a democratic-socialist who was re-elected four times, so often they had to enact term limits 🙂

  • Brenda S.

    Matthews wife is running for office and is being funded by shillery’s backers.

  • Brenda S.

    please don’t diss “old” people. Media Matthew’s is not that old anyway. Mandela was in his 70’s when he became president of South Africa, and he was able to unite a nation truly at war with itself.

  • Brenda S.

    he will never be fair when it comes to shillary v. bernie. His wife is running for office and is being funded by shillary’s backers.

  • Howard Crystal

    what’s more important,your wife or your very important job?

  • Howard Crystal

    Politics can become very complicated and destructive!

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Because FDR chose absolute power over tradition. Don’t think Washington wouldn’t have been re-elected uber times.

  • rosemariejackowski

    Which office?

  • carl56

    Far left? It’s mainstream, you idiots.

  • What’s with the “Far Left” bullshit? Why not just report what it is, media bias and refusal to air news that doesn’t help their agenda. What DIFFERENCE what side of the aisle is being effected. Your biased journalism is no better than MSNBC.

  • Ed Gentner

    I’m sixty-five so let me amend my statement regarding Matthews’ age, he’s not old he’s still just another ignorant blowhard spilling his bile and raving on a cable “news” program, shilling for Hillary Clinton while failing to disclose that his wife’s campaign for a House seat relies on the same donor network as HRC, or his wife’s relationship with the Clinton Global Initiative.

  • Brenda S.

    FDR chose to use taxpayer money to help people and build up this nation’s infrastructure. He didn’t give it away to corporations. Again, read a history book.

  • Brenda S.

    much better 🙂 #FuelTheBern 🙂

  • CarlSagan
  • TheOriginalDonald

    Did Washington seek a third term? No, because he didn’t think America should be ruled by a ‘king’.

  • F Smith

    Because they think Hillary will win against Trump, but not other Republican candidates. MSNBC wants Trump vs. Hillary match.

  • F Smith


  • GinaNJ

    They should be careful what they wish for. Trump is already planning on carting out all of Bill’s sexual assault victims, you know the ones who Hillary said should always be believed when they make sexual assault accusations. So MSNBC can hope and wish all they want for Trump, but they will be sorry that they got what they wanted.

  • F Smith

    I hope that’s true. But, it’s hard to believe Trump isn’t working for the Clinton Machine. If he becomes passive and silent, the truth will be revealed.

  • Denise Kelly
  • Denise Kelly

    The petition was closed by the person who started it due to the volume of backlash he got. If you look through the signatures, it got 11,000 signatures in only 9 hours. most of them overnight hours. I saw it that morning, shared it, and less than an hour later it was closed. That’s why it’s a story, it’s not just a petition that went nowhere.

  • Denise Kelly

    The link to the petition in this article is different than the one you and I are talking about. This one is still open. I think the other one was on

  • Denise Kelly

    You realize we have presidential term limits because of FDR, right? If you don’t have any history books, it’s okay. Google is your friend!

  • bakan

    I did

  • bakan

    Mathews’s problem is that he is unethical, corrupted.

  • bakan

    I can’t, my wife loooves Rachel Maddow ?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Maybe IF FDR beheld tradition Amendment XXII wouldn’t have been needed!

  • Rachel Maddow is outspoken for Bernie & Hillary supporters don’t start petitions. These are OPINION shows. People can just change the channel. Why whine when you’re choosing to watch? Do they have petitions against FOX? This is silly. Petitions should be against things like people’s VOTING RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS, RACISM- issues where people have lost rights and choices. For Pete’s Sake, if you don’t like the steak, eat the chicken. There’s millions who like Chris & who like Rachel.

  • Karl Kaiser

    You are incorrect. These are not just “opinion shows”. The “N” in MSNBC stands for “news”.

    News shows have always included opinions, just as newspapers include “Op Eds”. But they have also presented themselves as conveying information, which should NOT be opinionated- whether overtly or in terms of the implicit bias in editorial selection.

    But take MSNBC — again. Two weeks ago a major presidential candidate had a meeting with the Pope. And what did this network lead with that evening? Donald Trump complaining about Republican super-delegates.

    So I reject your lecture on what I should expect from a “news” network and when it is appropriate to register that expectation with a petition. And frankly the network deserves to know whether long-time loyal viewers are losing interest and respect for it.

  • Karl Kaiser

    But you and I agree on one thing: I no longer watch this network with any regularity, and that’s after being a loyal viewer for hours a day for over 10 years. As soon as a “news” network begins advocating for political positions whether right OR left, their accuracy becomes suspect and they cannot be trusted.

  • Karl Kaiser

    MSNBC executives do not care about news or objectivity. They made a strategic decision to serve as a propaganda outlet for corporatist Democrats since around 2009. And it doesn’t matter if you admire Rachel or Chris – they report on whatever they are told.

    Want an example? When have you ever seen the network talk about the terms of the TPP in prime time?

  • Kyle

    Just now, two months after this article, biased blowhard Chris Matthews again on MSNBC shamelessly shilling for Hillary while contending that “there’s no political revolution” because of Sanders campaign. He worries out loud about Hillary alienating those in the Dem party who are “centrists or right of center,” once again underscoring how the Clinton faction of the party has worked nearly as hard and tirelessly as the Repub party itself to perpetuate liberal a dirty word.

  • Gregory Wilhelm

    Matthew’s interview with Jeff Weaver and Barney Franks was so biased towards Franks favorite Hillary that it once again showed that Hardball should be called Curve ball. He even tried to divert the discussion to the issues of Bernie releasing his taxes. Matthew’s is a shill for the Democratic corporate interests that do not have any concerns for the base. Well Chris I am a Bernie kid as you like to call us. I am a 65 yo Bernie kid.

  • Polly Tics

    This is just silly…if you don’t like what Matthews say: DON’T WATCH HIM! It’s not too hard…please just move on….

  • Polly Tics

    Right, if you don’t like someone…don’t WATCH…not too hard of a choice, eh?

  • Polly Tics

    Ahemmm, prime time

    on MSNBC has been OPINION based for years now and you know that.

  • Polly Tics

    Why is it that suddenly, during a very heated primary, does one side decided that reporting that may (or may not) favor the other side is necessarily inaccurate and/or unwatchable? Doesn’t it benefit us all if we watch all news so that we can decide for ourselves? (Excluding FOX News of course!) 😉

  • Karl Kaiser

    Consider the meaning of “based”. Certainly the network would not assert that its presentation is “based” on opinion. The N stands for news and they would represent that they are essentially a news presenter with opinion added on.

    Perhaps you and I agree that they have failed to actually function that way, and they are now a fraudulent propaganda network pretending to be based on “news”. The “news” is just a launching pad for particular opinions.

    And I would agree that this has been a slow (d)evolution over several years.

  • Cap_Curmudgeon

    He was shilling for Obama in 2008 and nothing happened. Why imagine 2016 is different??

    He’d have to rob a bank to get in any trouble and it might need to be a big, crowded bank.

  • Cap_Curmudgeon

    Are you a Communist? Seriously, MoveOn is nutty-left to me, a Conservative Republican. I see nothing further left except Communism.

    Part of my political view is from having been in the Navy for 21 years, where most people are conservative. When I finished that gig, I went to work for defense contractors and continued coming into contact with the same population sub-group. Personally, if somebody could clog with spam or whatever, I would stand on the sidelines with a big grin.

    Recall, please, how Sanders’ supporters clogged roads to Trump rallies, so don’t get on your high horse with me over anything I said!!!!!

  • Aric J Martin

    Chris has a screw loose. He said he voted for Michael Steele because there wasn’t any black lieutenant Governors. Now he’s sucking Donald Trump’s new campaign manager’s cunt because she’s the first Woman to be Head of the Republican Party. It’s bad enough he won’t allow anyone to get a word in otherwise, but I truly believe he hurt his wife’s chances in her election bid to congress. No they shouldn’t suspend him, they need to put him out to pasture for he has outlived his usefulness!

  • Berni Paik-apau

    I was going to say he allows more Trump supporters over talk Clinton supporters. I thought he showed more bias for Trump. Perhaps a petition against Hannity would be good too? Media has not covered election well at all – all sides. Ratings seem to be their only agenda.

  • Bammer 52

    I don’t know which Chris Matthews you were watching but as a Clinton supporter, I found Chris Matthews as not in the pocket “shilling for Hillary Clinton.” I’ve witnessed Matthews remain silent in the unfettered attacks on Hillary Clinton from people such as Rudy Giuliani, Carly Fiorina, Trump, that spewed blatant lies that I’m sure hurt her campaign. So for all this, I rate this fake.