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NBC’s Chuck Todd said that Hillary Clinton’s donors are “panicking,” as her poll numbers continue to fall among Democratic voters, and she now trails in hypothetical match-ups against Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

Todd appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and made his comments after Joe Scarborough said that last month was one of the “worst months” for Clinton—or that any candidate has had in the month of August—that he could remember. Todd replied:

Every time you think, okay, when is she at bottom, it feels like there’s a new bottom.  We can use the caveats all we want—oh these general election numbers, how meaningful are they now? A month ago, when she was having bad poll numbers, when it was starting to go down, one of the things they hung their hat on is, well, as bad as her numbers may look, she’s still in better shape when matched up against any Republican. Well, that’s not happening anymore. This is just pile after pile after pile. She had bad primary numbers, but you can explain it away with Sanders. But suddenly if electability is in question, well that’s when the hand-wringing truly begins and donors start panicking. And I think they are panicking.

Todd isn’t the only member of the liberal media to comment on Clinton’s problems.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza wrote yesterday that while he knows there won’t be a vote of any sort cast until January and that Bernie Sanders is no Barack Obama, Clinton still has a big problem:

But I also know that there is now a realistic — if not strong — chance that Sanders will win the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. And that Vice President Biden enters the race and circles the South Carolina primary as his place to take down Clinton (and Sanders). Add those things up and there’s plenty of reason for some stomach-churning at Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters.

That stomach-churning isn’t likely to end any time soon as Clinton continues to maintain that she didn’t do anything wrong when she used a private email server while serving as Secretary of State, and that she didn’t send or receive classified emails on that server despite growing evidence to the contrary.


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  • tanksolot

    She must be delusional to think it’s a good idea to continue to campaign. She has become an example of what Americans are sick of.

  • Steven Barrett

    You don’t have to belong to any political party to give an impromptu set of principles you believe in your heart are valid to bring up on behalf of your fellow men or women while running for high office if you believe they’re not adequately represented, etc. You do it from the heart and from rote memory because those reasons are written, hell, chiseled on your heart and soul. Which begs the question, and I couldn’t help seeing it written on Mika Brezinski’s forehead as she was giving Hillary the “whaaaaa” look for the former Madame Secretary’s cold as fish delivery of the reasons she’s running to help women during a stop in Iowa.
    LOL, does anybody think even one percent of all those women in that hall in Dallas yesterday believes The Donald when he talks, or blows on, on much he loves women and will do so many wonderful things for them out of the ever tender loving kindness out of his big as Manhattan heart. Hell, they knew it was all act, but they were a hell of a lot wiser to recognize it as such as long as the man was willing to demonstrate he was willing to leave the golden towers in Midtown to show SOME HEART AND EMOTION. I don’t buy any of Trump’s schtick, but it’s funny as hell to watch and because he’s showing Hillary how to demonstrate more concern for her gender in a few weeks than she’s ever been able to demonstrate in all her years of public service as First Lady of both Arkansas and the US, plus her 8 yrs in the Senate and four at State. The women in Texas are asking, “Where’d that woman who talked about women’s rights as human rights in Cairo some twenty plus years ago and how come The Donald, the guy who calls news anchors “Bimbos” taking her lunch time after time?”
    Time for the women to croon another Donald song, this one from Dandy Don of Dallas Cowboys, Monday Night Football fame, Remember? “Turn out the lights, the party’s over (the Hill)” . LOL, okay, I couldn’t help having some fun.