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hillary clinton at UN

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd discussed the Hillary Clinton email scandal on the Today show. He told co-host Willie Geist that Bill Clinton is annoyed that more party surrogates aren’t rushing to defend Hillary from the email scandal that has sent her poll numbers downward and threatens the viability of her presidential campaign:

GEIST: The campaign and the surrogates have taken to point out that they say this is a media-driven story, a partisan story from Republicans in Congress who want to do damage to her to prevent her from becoming president. Do you see evidence now though inside the campaign that they view this as a real problem?

TODD: No, they do now. I think what they view is they have a perception problem among other Democrats, Democratic elites, members of Congress who want to help them, they don’t know how to. They feel as if the campaign isn’t giving them the explanations that they need. And so there has definitely been some internal friction, some of it led by former President Clinton, who is just annoyed that there aren’t more surrogates out there defending Hillary Clinton on this.

So, I think you’re going to see a little bit of an attempt by the campaign to appease nervous Democrats

The lack of support from the surrogates, however, isn’t the fault of the surrogates. It’s the Clinton campaign, which has mismanaged the scandal from the start resulting in devastatingly low trustworthiness numbers, that should take the blame.

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  • maskddingo

    Bill Clinton is annoyed that more Democrats aren’t standing behind the criminal?

    Maybe he wants them to argue the meaning of the word ‘is’ within the context of breaching national security through flagrant mishandling of classified information by the world’s “top diplomat”.

    Democrats would be smart to stop picking up the phone when the caller ID says ‘William Jefferson Clinton’. He’s so toxic in and of himself, they don’t even want him seen by Hillary’s side on the campaign trail. She has a lot of resentment for Obama, but really it was her husband that derailed her last attempt and gave Obama the opening he needed.

    The sooner the Democrats realize the writing is on the wall and stop supporting these people, the better chance they will have at keeping the presidency and regaining control of congress.

    There needs to be a great purge from the top down of the current Democratic leadership. The party has been hijacked by a family of hucksters from Arkansas.

    I have a feeling the people WJC is ‘annoyed’ with in the Democratic party probably hold the opinion that Hillary’s actions aren’t defensible, and are just biding their time as they attempt to find the easiest way to hitch their cart to a different horse.

  • Steven Barrett

    Hell, what’s he complaining about? Maybe now, just now, that Sen. Sanders has clearly pulled ahead of Secy. Clinton in a formerly solid Clinton-friendly state like NH, the grand poohbahs will have to stop with their “inevitability” schtick and recognize that even they can’t elevate Mrs. Clinton from the status of a semi-or temporarily retired public servant commoner to royalty as easily as they once thought. Invevitability campaigns work like this: use enough hot air emanating from enough surrogates all sucking up to their desired future boss, “telegraphing” the “it’s useless don’t bother trying” message out over and over and over till “the public gets it” and voila, there’ll be enough positive votes for the ones they want after discouraging enough of the other camp’s supporters to stay home. Herr Reichsministerfurpropaganda Goebbels’ wet dream!
    I remember reading criticisms of the Adams for their “dynastic” activities … yet it took nearly a quarter century before John Quincy Adams eventually became one of his father John Adams’ successors. A quarter century and four presidents in between. The Clintons like the Bushes certainly had a much shorter time span; and memories as well.
    The real danger to the republic lies not in how many terms a politician might serve. The system as it exists simply legalizes cynicism. Why the hell anybody would want to run for a job in which the moment he or she wins the second term, that person’s (real and oft-unspoken and not fully realized) political potential for accomplishing great deeds just flies out the window. Dynasticism enhanced with the stupendous money power of the uber wealthy and their pals in the wake of Citizens United is pure poison to republican government. Instead of “throwing the bastards out” with term limits, make ’em sweat instead. Make ’em earn their most recent seats from the time they’re elected to the next election day (if they haven’t decided on their own) to retire or run for another office. Placing term limits actually denied voters the freedom and opportunity to “toss the bastards out” if that’s the way they wanted it. Give the people the satisfaction of exercising their opinion in ways that matter. If elections are to have consequences, as the old saw goes, how better a chance to once and for all put an end to dynasticism, cynicism and electoral featherbedding (gerrymandering by other means) than to eliminate term limits and make the bastards sweat it out? That’s what the Clintons and Bushes never seem to get because the system as it exists, allows for families to esconce themselves in positions of what should be the voters’ and only the voters’ privilege to grant or deny.