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NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said Monday on the Today show that the secrecy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s diagnosis of pneumonia has made the issue of her health a much bigger issue than it previously was.

Clinton was forced to leave a September 11 memorial event in New York City after becoming “overheated,” according to her campaign. Video footage shows Clinton nearly fainting as she was being helped into a van with her feet dragging on the ground. Mitchell said:

“There’s never a good time for a candidate to get sick in the middle of a campaign, of course, but the way Clinton has handled this has likely made it a lot worse, especially since Donald Trump has been trying to make such a big issue out of her health.”

Mitchell said that reporters didn’t know the whereabouts of Clinton, nor what had happened, until the campaign issued a statement 90 minutes after she had left the event.

It was later revealed that Clinton’s doctor, Lisa Bardack, had diagnosed her with pneumonia on Friday, something that hadn’t been previously disclosed, raising questions in the media about her health.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, who just six days ago had penned a column entitled “Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?,” wrote a new column yesterday that carried the headline, “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign,” in which he said that taking Team Clinton’s word for it on her health is no longer good enough.

Up until now the liberal media had dismissed concerns about Clinton’s health as nothing more than right-wing conspiracy theories, but the “overheating”—along with her coughing spell last week—has now made this a major campaign issue and a real problem for Clinton, at least until she releases a more complete record of her medical history.

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  • Steven Barrett

    Okay, lessons were learned, time to move on. I’d like to know if the Donald was actually dumb enough to pay the legal bill for the guy who cold-cocked somebody in a NC arena. Geeesh, Hillary has a slight fainting spell and everybody comes to a screeching halt. The Donald offers to pay for the legal expenses of a (let’s call him an overheated fan), but not the medical expenses of the damage done by the over heated man’s cheap shot to his intended victim’s head. Time to keep plodding till the next outrageous headline of the day.