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The National Association of Black Journalists issued a statement on Wednesday supporting ESPN’s Jemele Hill after she issued a series of tweets attacking President Trump, calling him a “white Supremacist” and “unqualified and unfit to be president,” citing her First Amendment rights to do so.

Jemele Hill is an award-winning, veteran journalist who has distinguished herself for having insightful opinions and perspectives on a variety of topics. Having been successful along those lines for 20 years, she has been able to connect with viewers on ESPN as well as on various social media platforms.

That withstanding, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) supports Hill’s First Amendment rights on all matters of discussion, within and outside the world of sports, as they do not impinge on her duties as a host and commentator.

This is some of what Hill had to say about Trump:

Hill’s tweets  forced ESPN to issue the following statement:

Hill responded saying that she regretted painting ESPN in an “unfair light.”

It’s doubtful Hill will apologize to Trump for her remarks, and ESPN has made it clear that they are satisfied with her apology and that no further action is necessary on their part.

This is another black eye for ESPN, which has seen its profits plunge as viewers have decided that sports aren’t a necessity, especially when coverage is mixed with a large dose of politics, as has been the case lately at the network.

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  • AndRebecca

    More asinine comments out of a brainwashed liberal. I don’t think Leftists have anything sensible to say.

  • MonadnockMan

    We expect nothing less from the dribbling liberal media. They would not know how to report on factual news or even ferret out real news. Making it up means you never leave your desk.

  • samo war
  • samo war
  • NonPCconservative

    I would hate to be so insecure that I was concerned about an imaginary increase in people who believed, without any factual basis in my honest opinion, that I was inferior to them. I have to assume that the NABJ harbors lingering self doubts.

  • Nanouli Person

    Only labels, no facts or discussion. So typical.