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He’s baack!  Former Vice President Al Gore, who won an Oscar for his highly inaccurate documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, will hold a special town hall on MTV “to open a conversation with young people about the effects of climate change,” according to the network.

The special, which will air Aug. 2 at 7:30 p.m., will be called, what else?–An Inconvenient Special and will feature Gore, along with rapper Fat Joe, DJ Steve Aoki and 17-year old activist Delaney Reynolds.  MTV News Correspondent Gaby Wilson will serve as the moderator.

In recognition of Gore’s upcoming documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Viacom Networks, which owns MTV, has declared the week of July 31 “An Inconvenient Week” and will air support from all 10 of its networks, according to Billboard magazine.

“Young people are one of the greatest reasons for hope that we can and will solve the climate crisis, and I am thrilled to participate in An Inconvenient Special to listen to their ideas, hopes and concerns, as well as learn about some of their amazing work on behalf of the planet,” said Gore in a statement. “Young people today are creative, open-minded, empathetic, and they understand the enormous impact the climate crisis will have on them and their families. They’re ready to make a change and put us on the path to a sustainable future, and I have no doubt in my mind they will be the generation to do it.”

Gore has been highly critical of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, calling the decision “reckless,” which is pretty hypocritical coming from someone who was reckless with the facts in his scare-mongering documentary.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly how much truth there is in his new documentary, but if history is any guide, there probably won’t be much of any.

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  • samo war
  • maryloujb

    Of course MTV will air this program. They have to keep the public schooled American children brainwashed little liberals.

  • samo war
  • Bill Kress

    just stop, you old bitter fart

  • Black Mirror

    The brainwashed calling others brainwashed. Gotta love the irony.
    Listen douchebag, this is not a political issue. It’s a planetary, scientifically proven issue.
    Facts. They’re called facts. Facts are indisputable. Unless you’ve been dumb enough to have been deceived, which clearly you have, then they’re called “alternative facts.”

  • maryloujb

    Incoherent babbling on and on…

  • DarthPug

    what are these truths you’re talking about? and why do people like you have to get so nasty when someone doesn’t agree in your point of view? is the planet getting a little warmer this past century. yes, I agree. the oceans are rising as well? sure, I agree there too. the real questions should be…how much does human activity actually effect this and what’s the worst that can happen by these warmer temperatures?

    ever hear of the “little ice age”? if not google it. we are coming out of it. the earth was in a cooling period and we are now on the tail end of it. there were once trees growing where now there are polar ice caps in Canada. at one point in time the oceans covered most of Himalayas. what does this mean? the earth has always had climate change, that in turned the landscape of the planet.

    do some research first before you buy into politicians are selling you on a global cooling, wait I mean global warming, oh no wait…its now called global climate change. also do some research into this snake oil salesman, al gore. look into the predications he made in his first movie and see how those went. also look into how be became so filthy rich. it might open your eyes up a little.

  • Black Mirror

    “Why do people like you have to get so nasty when someone doesn’t agree in your point of view?” Christ, you people are stupid, that’s why. Because IT’S NOT MY POINT OF VIEW; THEY’RE CALLED FACTS! I’m aware of the ice age and its history. Thanks for the condescension. Your belief is incorrect. I’m going to go with the scientific community’s consensus on our current climate crisis causation and fixes, like Al Gore chose to, someone who use to HAPPEN to be a politician. *gasp! oh no!* I’ll stick with peer-reviewed journals and articles from universities worldwide. In other words, facts. Methods and tools of prediction and causation are what I trust.

    Dumbfuck Americans and greedy billionaires with all their money generated from the cause COULD have helped prevent or limit the effect on all of the extreme natural disasters that are increasing in scope, longevity, intensity and form, But the dumbfucks are dumbfucks and choose to deny facts. And the billionaires would prefer to keep their money and make much more of it while watching the people of the planet die thanks to their greed.

    When it comes to protecting our families, our children and the future generations, yep, I’m gonna get pissed when people claim falsely that global warming is not man-made and do nothing about it. And in turn, fight against the solutions. If only more people had listened to the climate scientists in the 1980’s; it could have saved millions of lives. Instead nothing was done to slow its progression. Thankfully now, enough of the world understands what a fact is and are taking action accordingly.

  • Black Mirror

    Clearly you are unaware of the definition of incoherent. Those who are fact allergic typically say something along the lines of that, along with words like ‘babbling’ when someone makes a clear and educated point or assessment.

    See, what I did was collect a combination of articulated words and make sentences from them. From there, it creates these things called paragraphs. And then you read them, if you’ve been taught how to. It’s pretty simple stuff. But I understand why it comes across as incoherence to you. I really do.

  • DarthPug

    When you say consensus of scientist are you referring to that 97% we always hear about?

    And you brought up Al Gore. What happened to all his predictions in his first documentary? Yeah failure huh? Also Al Gore has himself made a ton of cash since leaving public office. Why aren’t you bitching at him to give it away to whatever you give money to that will stop global warming? Wait sorry it’s not global climate change.

    Can you spell something out for me please? I’m one of those dumbfuck Americans you so eloquently described, I admit it. How does giving money and to who, will stop this global weather crisis? I still haven’t figured that out.

    Also I don’t think you understood my statement about the little ice age, not the ice age. Two different things. The little ice age is just ending. Don’t really fee like going into it in detail, but just wanted to make that clear.

    This is just one example that I know of and I’m hoping you could clear something up for me. At one time the Bering strait was land that connect what we know as Russia and Alaska. What happened there? Who was releasing all those greenhouse gasses at that time in history that caused glaciers to melt and cover that land? Serious question. Hope you can enlighten me.


  • DarthPug

    Oh and please also let me know what millions of people have died because of this man made global warming. Again I’m stupid, you already stated that. I’m just looking for some more details so I could be educated like you.

    Thanks again