Accuracy in Media

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough took to Twitter to defend CNN against the “fake news” charges leveled against the network by the Trump administration, and blasted the President for having less integrity on his best day than the network does on its worst day.

In a second tweet—now deleted—Scarborough said “@CNN has more integrity on its worst day than Donald Trump has on his best.

Trump reacted to the news that CNN had fired three employees who were involved in a now retracted story that one of his advisors—Anthony Scaramucci—was under Senate investigation for his ties to a Russian investment fund with a tweet blasting the network for reporting fake news.

The President then widened his attack to include other networks.

Scarborough’s disdain for Trump has led him to defend a network that was caught publishing what the President rightfully called “fake news,” while ignoring CNN’s blatant anti-Trump bias.


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  • Bruce

    MSNBC is NEXT, Scarborough!!!

  • beladnj

    Joke Scarborough and ‘what’s her nasty face’ are way too full of themselves.

  • MonadnockMan

    I may not like what was said; however, I have lost all faith in the so called mainstream media and these two dolts, especially the blondie. They have done nothing but rag on our President and it got them a small bump in ratings. Nevertheless, their buddy obozo took this country into a seriously deep abyass just because he spoke a lot saying and did absolutely nothing at the same time. It is abundently clear the swamp required draining, including the crybaby media wimps.

  • Amargomate

    Of course they are….They think that they are above us….
    They know better…
    In reality… he is a LOOSER!!.. that will go down in flames like Kathy Griffin….