Accuracy in Media

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough ripped the media on Tuesday for being biased in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, calling the coverage of the presidential campaign “deplorable:”

“I’ve got to say, and I’ll just say it, over the past couple of weeks, media coverage has been deplorable. It has been deplorable. It has been one-sided; it has been biased; it has been every bit as bad as media coverage of the Bernie Sanders phenomenon at the very beginning of the Democratic process. It was slanted and biased against Bernie Sanders; it was completely weighted for Hillary Clinton.

“Sanders was holding massive rallies that everybody ignored, that everybody tried to explain away and it’s because, and Mike Barnicle nailed it Chris Cilizza, we are all at the end coastal elites that didn’t get Bernie Sanders and don’t get why people would ever vote for Donald Trump.”

Scarborough is no fan of Trump, but nonetheless felt compelled to remind viewers that when it comes to the media’s coverage of the presidential election, the fix is in for Hillary Clinton.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    A right wing hack is whining about media coverage? I’m…shocked! Morons.

  • Szebran

    He’s absolutely right. The media has become a joke in this country. Journalists promote their own political agenda.

    Thats why so many believe in a rigged election. Most realize that IF the election is rigged in Hillary’s favor, the media would cover it up.

  • Ron Pekkala, Sr.

    Many reporters? Perhaps 95 % of MSM ignore Clinton and swallow all the drivel spewing from that lying mouth? And that false laugh she uses to hide behind? Yuck!

  • Sam Osborne

    Any folks with a right-wing bias are free to publish their own newspaper, run their own broadcast stations and get said what no one else has any reason to say for ’em—-’tis a free country you know and Trump and fuming fans can use all of their own millions and billions as you see fit to get said what you have to say.

  • bill dollar

    Enjoy the next SIXTEEN years, Snowflake! (Mike will get EIGHT too!)