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MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki’s Most Important Number of the Day on Monday was 268. That’s the number of days since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has held a press conference.

Clinton’s last press conference was on December 4, 2015 in Ft. Dodge, IA.

Kornacki said that there isn’t a requirement to hold a press conference, but there is a tradition of doing so:

“There’s no law that says a presidential candidate has to hold a press conference if they don’t want to. They don’t have to if they can get away with it. Maybe that’s the political calculation. But there is a tradition there of candidates coming forward, taking questions from anyone in the press who wants to ask them, being hit with whatever question happens to come to them, and having to deal with it on the spot.

That is the tradition of the press conference. It’s one that Hillary Clinton has not had much enthusiasm for though.”

Kornacki pointed out that by comparison, Donald Trump has held 17 news conferences this year to Clinton’s zero.

The Clinton campaign has said that she has held well over 300 interviews with the press, as evidence that she isn’t avoiding the media, but Kornacki said that of the 350 interviews that NPR has calculated that Clinton has held in 2016, 65 were with non-journalists, and most were just 3 to 8 minutes long.

The liberal media may vote for Clinton in November, but they are frustrated that she hasn’t held a press conference since last year. It only adds to the feeling that she isn’t very honest or trustworthy.

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  • jimrussell

    Crybaby cry. Absolutely no one cares about the whiny press and their crybaby hurt feelings. My god when your opponent is shooting himself in the foot, arm, leg and head day after day, why would you do anything to take away from his negative news coverage? While Trump or his campaign does or says something stupid almost everyday why interrupt failure? Hillary is quietly working every important State, building a get out the vote
    support organization necessary to win on election day while what goes for the Trump campaign offends another sliver of the American public, don’t interrupt disintegration Hillary.