Accuracy in Media

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) faced reality on Wednesday and gave presidential rival Hillary Clinton his endorsement, though as MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel pointed out, “it wasn’t perfect.”

Rather than come right out and praise Clinton for a hard fought campaign, Sanders chose instead to focus on how he has shaped the party platform and forced Clinton’s campaign to the left, adding in a dig at the superdelegate system which he repeatedly said was “rigged.”

“Together we have begun a political revolution to transform America and that revolution continues,” Sanders said, adding that his campaign won primaries and caucuses in 22 states and garnered 1,900 delegates. Clinton, by contrast, he said had “389 more pledged delegates, and a lot more superdelegates.”

Former Bush communications chief Nicolle Wallace was dumbfounded that Sanders focused more on himself than on Hillary. Even liberal Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner said, “it wasn’t perfect.”

That’s an understatement. Sanders did his duty in the name of party unity—even though he isn’t technically a Democrat. But his endorsement of Clinton was so half-hearted that even the liberals on Morning Joe had to laugh.

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  • William Bayer

    LOL LOL LOL — “political revolution”=”vote for Hillary” — LOL LOL LOL
    Why did Bernie-the-fraud focus on himself? Duh — maybe because he’s just signed a book deal, as publically announced the same day that he endorsed the unprosecuted multiple felon know as Hillary (not to be confused with the dead Artist formerly known as Prince).
    “Down with the oligarchy”=”vote for the oligarchy’s puppet” — LOL LOL LOL
    “Get Wall Street out of government”=”vote for the candidate funded by Wall Street” — LOL LOL LOL
    After endorsing Hillary, Bernie had to go take a shower to wash off the stink — but it wasn’t enough.

  • Pj Alexander

    Clinton and her fraud squad can mock Sanders all they want. He would bring unity to the fractured Democratic party and ensure Democratic wins down ballot. Clinton the liar, on the other hand, is the most disliked distrusted corrupted elitist Democratic candidate ever to buy their way into the headlines, and the electorates distaste for lobbyist big bank politics as usual will be revealed in November. I hope that party Democrats can accustom themselves to a trump white house, because that is the unfortunate fate they push us all towards when they push this liar forward as the best we have to offer.