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During a panel discussion with fellow journalists at the National Press Club on Friday, MSNBC’s Katy Tur stated that if journalists have any bias, it’s toward the facts, not towards an issue or candidate:

“Journalists aren’t biased and if they do have biases, our job is to put those aside and report fairly. If we have any bias, it’s a bias toward the facts. It’s not because we’re rooting for Hillary Clinton or we’re rooting for Donald Trump, whatever. We’re rooting for the democracy that we live in. And that democracy, its foundation is a set of shared principles, but also an adherence to truth.”

Tur then told the audience that Trump isn’t the first president to not like the press, but he is the first one to go so unabashedly and forcefully against the media, adding that his criticism of negative media stories about him helps inoculate himself against that criticism.

“He didn’t appeal to the better demons of voters in this country,” Tur said. “He appealed to their most base fears and their most base frustrations and angers and it worked for him.”

Tur said this was partly due to the voters’ distrust of the press, and because they were sick and tired of Washington. She added that Trump made people feel that they could take control of their lives again.

The reality is that journalism has morphed from a reporting-the-news function to an editorial function disguised as news to sway the public to their liberal point of view. That worked for awhile, but the public has largely wised up to their scheme and no longer think that what the liberal media report is the gospel truth. That was confirmed when only 32% of people polled by Gallup last year say they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust in the media.


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  • Realist

    Silly and specious claims like “we focus on the facts” or good ‘ol Clintoon operative Stephie’s assertion that “we must get the facts right” are both highly disingenuous, and intentionally so. Making assertions that you have made some noble and courageous effort to merely “get the facts right” is a yuge misdirection intended to keep you Occupied with checking the truthfulness of their statements or claims while the bigger picture, that bigger picture being the real-world importance of those events that Big Media chooses to focus on, is never examined. So the Big Media journOlista can engage in highly selective and refined “coverage” that focuses most of their time/column inches on events that are either irrelevant to We the People while other very important events are ignored completely. And it is no surprise that that highly selective coverage is intended to inculcate those poor unfortunates who are subjected to it with attitudes, beliefs and assumptions that serve the Ruling Class/libcult interests and agenda.

    Its like when Big Media claims that citizens need more and better “education” on any particular issue when what they really mean is inculcation of purely libcult ideology disguised as “news”. And that inculcation is accomplished (When it is accomplished) by an endless recitation of highly selective facts and opinions which is what Big Media – The entire Infotainment Machine – Has been actively and intentionally been designed to do.

    To whit:
    The claims of Big Media journOlista to “get the facts right” is just more deceptive propaganda. Getting the facts right about an otherwise irrilevant story that, because it serves to promote libcult doctrine, is tightly focused on by ALL of Big Media (as if it is the most important thing that has ever happened) is every bit as deceptive and ugly as any other ReiffenStalinists tactic.

  • mioahu

    Ahahhaha, they lost all credibility, don’t believe one word coming out of their filthy mouths. The sad thing is they think they are right, and it’s their duty to protect this country against fascism…when they are the stupid fascists, stutting down speech they don’t like. How many conservative writers does the NY Times have, how about WaPo ? How about universities, how many conservative teachers ? F…ing leftist takeover, AND THEY STILL LOST ! Pathetic losers

  • IQ_160

    These people are no longer just IDIOTS?
    They are now “SUPER IDIOTS”!

  • Lisa Smith

    This is what happens when amoral people are running the media. Not only do they lie whenever it suits them, but they feel no shame about their actions.

  • x18E40

    Lately I’ve been getting my television news from One America News (OAN), and a website that is like the Drudge Report for the Left – Moderate – Right websites that allow users to see news from one of those political angles ( They aren’t perfect by any means, but at least they are trying to avoid partisan propaganda while delivering news minus the opinions.

  • CountryBoy

    Does she actually believe what she is saying ????

  • jg collins

    I trust her reporting as far as I can toss a live bull up a silo.

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    When you only hear the “echo of stupidity” and believe it true—-you end up with the current liberal media failure to research and use FACTS!!!!

  • James Newberry

    He appealed to those of us who really care about what America really stands for. Just like Superman, truth, honor and the American way. If you don’t like that, go someplace where you have the same freedoms. You won’t find one. Why don’t people understand this kind of thought espoused by Tur is the very undermining of America. Is you is or is you ain’t?

  • James Newberry

    Wish we could get ala carte cable as well. There’s more I’m paying for that I really don’t want to finance. If CNN were not part of a “package” on cable TV, it would fold overnight.

  • Tannim


  • freethinker4

    The main stream media only reports the facts when there is no political connection to be made. Other than that it’s all about manipulation to a liberal progressive communist society, attempting to force the people to accept what they see or deem is morally and constitutionally correct, and label everyone that doesn’t agree as hateful bigots or uneducated and even claiming unconstitutional mentality. We the people need to stand against the tyrannical media and our unconstitutional judicial system and start impeachment of these rouge dictator criminal judges (a country governed by a dictator).as traitors before they steal our country from we the people that actually believe in what the USA really is about FREEDOM.

  • xmisterx9

    Is a frontal lobotomy a requirement for being a journalist at MSNBC, CNN, Huff Post and the other sources of opinion?
    If Katy Tur and her ‘journalist’ companions actually believe the Soros/Alinsky type rhetoric then they have some serious problems.
    My background is in Mathematics and Computer Science so I lean towards being analytical and challenging of what others think. Seriously, I do not understand what is going on in the heads of many of these journalists, politicians and internet trolls.

  • xmisterx9

    One America News is what news looked like years ago.
    It is not fancy but they do what they are supposed to do… report the news.

  • Martin Dyer

    Yes, bias toward the facts…Michael Brown, a model citizen, Hands up in the air. Trevyon Martin, another model citizen who according to his relatives should have been allowed to rob, steal and loot because he wasn’t as “privileged as the other people around him. Bill Clinton only met with the Attorney General to talk about the grandkids. The big problem is, these people believe what they are reporting, the same way the the Jim Jones cult members believed that they were going to heaven when they drank the Kool Aid.

  • John Lock

    They are ill educated and are the result of decades of Socialist presentations in all level of schools. They have been blocked from real history, Western Civilization, Constitutional studies, American History [actual not rewritten] and exposed to the education desire to revise history to present socialism/communism as good. Here is how we can restore America to our original Republic design.

    Notice that Tur and others made statements that America is a Democracy – which it is not. this proves that they were poorly educated by those that want to revise what Franklin told the lady – “we gave you a Republic if you can keep it.”

  • freeper

    This highly paid, highly trained (not educated, mind you) journalist refers to our country as a “democracy.” Such a basic error leads her down the wrong path even while claiming to be bringing us the truth. What a shame…


    They are all just as delusional as Hillary and the the rest of the liberals, that seems to be a prerequisite to be a liberal in the first place. Ignorance, intolerance, bigotry and entitlement. They sit in Ivy league schools and bitch about how disadvantaged they are, they continuously march around spewing hate on everyone around them because they have no jobs they need to get to or any one who they care about enough to keep their attention for more than a couple of hrs. at best. They speak to no one who doesn’t mirror their own opinion back at them and always travel in packs so they will always have back up in any altercation with normal people. Now……all that being said, look up the Hitler youth and Hitler’s Brown shirts and see what it says about them.

  • oat21

    It’s very interesting that Jorge Ramos and others on that stage said it was their responsibility to challenge and stand up against Presidential and Political bullies, racist, sexist and liars referring to Trump and team, while they never met their responsibility to stand up and challenge a President who lied, broke the law, stepped on & ignored the U.S. Constitution, promoted socialism, divided our country, bowed & supported our enemies, acted as a dictator and communist by imposing his will on the American people such as Obama and his minions did with his pen, phone and Obamacare. They, the liberal press remained quiet, praised him, worshipped him, supported him and his minions and never ever challenged any of his ideology of corruptness, socialism, divisiveness and support of Muslim sharia. Could it be that the press is controlled by the extreme leftist in this country (like Soros) and need to be taken to task for their inconsistencies of dealing with bowing, honoring, turning a blind eye to left wing socialist Democrats and tearing apart, attempting to destroy, always finding fault and criticizing the Conservatives and Republicans. These journalist need to come to grips with who they really are and get over themselves, they’re suppose to represent the American people not a political party such as they do.

  • jg collins

    Enjoy your bubble, Katy.

  • Moonpup

    When will Ms. Tur get her own comedy show? She’s already funnier than Chucky’s cousin Amy Schumer.

  • tomthumb015

    Journalists are not biased?? Don’t make me laugh, 90% of all journalism is leftwing and extremely biased. The redeeming factor is the MSM have been rumbled, their credibility is falling faster than a rock falling off a cliff edge. Lots more alternative web media now appearing online.

  • TED

    “The Truth” is a casualty of and has been obliterated by the ever-rising level of partisanship division and its attendant bullshit propaganda that have developed in this country over the last 25 years. Gingrich and his ‘politics of personal destruction’ started it all in earnest in the early ’90s and we’re now reaping what’s been sown.

  • TED

    think Roger Ailes and Bill O’Relly feel any “shame” about their actions?

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Katy has drunk the Kool aid saying news people are the only ones that can determine the truth based on their manipulation of the facts.

  • SunShine

    Oh my, I spent 11 years teaching news writing and reporting courses at two universities. If she was a student in my course, I would have flunked Katy long ago. Why? She fails to even recognize what bias looks like when it is occurring; this article cements that fact in my mind. This is a woman whose face lights up in delight when she is editorializing — it’s not reporting — on the latest misstep in the Trump or conservative world. I see her smirk, and I cringe inside at what she is communicating about the field of journalism. I remember teaching how to interview, and, how, in particular, to craft questions that were not leading. She asks leading questions as a matter of routine. But she is not too far in front of other MSNBC opinion providers or talking heads as I call them. The only way to ferret out the news of the day is to listen directly to sources themselves or listen across channels so that one can integrate the so-called news. If one does that or compares the words of the source to what is covered, one can easily see that this isn’t news being produced. It’s a high paid gossip position parading around in clothes that look like journalists but are not. Today, I was privately wishing that someone, somewhere had the capacity to dig up unsavory details about Katy and a few others on MSNBC in order to bring them down in the fashion that they bring others down. Fair play it seems to me. I only hope young students do not watch her or MSNBC as a learning tool. Egads.