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Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough called the media “disgusting” Friday morning for accusing him of supporting GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on his show. Scarborough was discussing Trump’s rising poll numbers on the show when he went after the media:

“Now in case you have a short attention span, right. In case you’re like that dude in Memento and you need to take a Polaroid every 5 seconds to figure out where you are. Take a Polaroid right now and write these words on your wrist. Joe’s not saying this is going to happen, Joe’s saying it might happen. It might happen, it could happen. Along with Nate Silver I think there is a 35% chance that it will happen.

Have you taken the Polaroid yet? Have you put it right here? (pointing to his wrist) Because I don’t want you to think three minutes from now that anybody here is rooting for Donald Trump because we’re not. Because this is impossible, this will never happen. God, you people. You need to do your job and be journalists. You’re really disgusting.”

Scarborough earned the liberal media’s wrath when he blasted them for “freaking out” after Trump refused to blindly accept the upcoming election results. He called them hypocrites, since many liberals are still claiming that George Bush stole the election in 2000. Scarborough also criticized the media for waging an anti-Trump campaign.

The media also seem to have forgotten that Scarborough has challenged Trump to prove that he isn’t a bigot, and criticized him for his treatment of Alicia Machado, among the many less than favorable comments he has made about the GOP standard bearer.

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  • AvidGardener3

    I haven’t been able to watch for a while. It seems as if a guest, smart responsible journalist has anything good to say about Hillary, Joe would find fault. If they had something negative about Trump, Joe would defend him. No matter what was said, Joe would say he’d said that months before! He can certainly go on a rant as good as Trump while everyone just patiently waits for him to finish. In the meantime, Mika does nothing but fill in time about Hillary’s emails. Maybe it’s changed, I haven’t seen it for a few months but I suspect it hasn’t. Lots of viewers have expressed it on twitter as Morning Joke, or Dump Morning Joe. Frankly, I have my coffee with the Washington Post or New York Times and don’t miss Joe or Mika at all. I do miss the guests though.

  • ??Tommys_Female_Doppelganger??

    It hasn’t changed and you’re not missing anything… I refuse to watch his show ever again.. Joe and his little girlfriend Mika both disgust me..