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Hillary Clinton was dealt a crushing loss in the New Hampshire primary last night, but according to MSNBC’s MTP Daily host Chuck Todd, she is still likely to be the Democratic nominee because she is “too big to fail.”

MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid told Todd on Tuesday that if Clinton were to underperform in the Nevada caucuses, it would set off “alarm bells” in the Democratic establishment and would get elected Democrats off the fence to support her because they fear Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as their candidate in a general election.

That led to Todd’s comparison of Clinton to the big Wall Street banks that were bailed out by the taxpayers in 2008.

“To borrow a phrase, Hillary Clinton may be too big to fail for the Democrats,” Todd said.

Clinton, who barely beat Sanders in Iowa (.25 percent) and lost to Sanders in New Hampshire by 22 points, is clearly facing a much tougher challenge for the Democratic nomination than she expected when she launched her campaign last year.

Even if she wins the nomination she will still have to deal with the issue of her honesty and trustworthiness, in light of her private email server scandal. She also has had problems connecting with women and young voters, who have been voting Democratic in recent elections, but have abandoned her for socialist Bernie Sanders and are more likely to sit out the election than vote for her in November.

Here’s a tip for Hillary—If you want to win back the youth vote quit trying to dance the Nae Nae and the Dab on Ellen.

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  • Go ahead Todd push Hillary a criminal, yes I said a criminal. If you or I did what Hillary did sending classified and receiving classified documents over a non secured site we would be in jail. What does that tell you CNBC that you are pushing a criminal to be President how low can you and the democrat party get!

  • Don’t give me this BS that she did not know that they were classified. As Secretary of State she should know. She did but she thought more about her and her husbands fixation on MONEY and how to get more that she committed a crime.

  • Steven Barrett

    Hillary Clinton’s “too big to fail”? Isn’t that what happened in New Hampshire?She fell on the weight of her own arrogant presuppositions of her rightful place as the leader of the Democrats … whatever that rightful place — Used to be. When is Todd going to stop playing Rip van Winkle and realize that time’s passed Hillary by. Hill’s too big alright, too big for her party to keep carrying. And soon she’s going to be hearing a lot of cracking noises coming from Black voting precincts in SC and other larger urban states with far more representative voting blocs than what NH and IA had to offer. Nothing against those states, but they’re not as representative as SC, other states in the northeast and Nevada on the horizon, soon. Sanders knows this and wisely got the jump on Clinton who’s licking her wounds in Chappaqua … which BTW isn’t all that far from the Hudson Valley of dear ol’ Rip. Take note Chuck. Hell, the last Czarina of Russia, Alexandra, thought she and her husband Nicholas were “too big to fail,” too.

  • john robel

    She’s not “TOO BIG TO JAIL”.