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Commenting on a new CNN/ORC poll that showed Mitt Romney would handily beat Barack Obama if the 2012 election were held today, MSNBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said that it reflects the fact that Americans are “fatigued” from the President:

This is a country that is fatigued from this President. The more foreign policy problems that pop up, you see in the poll numbers a lack of confidence in him, so to me those polls are more reflective of Obama the person and the President. It says nothing about the state of, for instance, either party.

Todd made his comments Monday on Morning Joe.

Obama, who beat Romney with 51% of the vote in 2012, has watched his poll numbers sink as he has struggled to deal with a growing number of scandals, in addition to his foreign policy blunders. Even though many of these issues existed in 2012, voters proceeded to reelect Obama, and now are having “buyers’ remorse” for having done so.

While there won’t be any rematch between Obama and Romney, voters will have a chance in the midterm elections this November to send a message to the President that they have had enough of his bungling presidency and his false promises. Based on the current polls, it could be very ugly for the Democrats.

How ugly? According to Todd, in states that there are competitive Senate races, Obama’s approval rating was just 38 percent, leading some Democratic candidates to run away from the President in an effort to hold on to their job.

The more Obama sinks, the more the liberal media abandon the man they anointed as a messiah just a few years ago.

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  • Jimmy

    I love Chuck Todd and The Daily Rundown.

  • siquijorisland

    some truth from MSMBC how refreshing

  • Steven Barrett

    Watching President Obama slump over the podium, giving a ho-hum touch to what should have been a gung-ho defense of his policies, continued job growth, etc. … any good news one would think any president from any party/ideological perspective . . . should send shivvers up every Democrats’ spine when they think about the number of seats they might be able to both save and win. Was I watching a re-run of Obama’s “performance” prior to the Tea Party Mid-Terms of 2010. Oh, but he had the nerve to show more spunk when it came to asking the press why they didn’t hit him with questions about his vacation plans. Birthday talk was up there with some spark from the boss; but for the life of this country, Mr. President, will you let Chuck Todd spend a morning with you? It might save you from having another butt kicking session you admitted to on that Nov. 2010 election night that should’ve awakened you for good? You need it Mr. President, or the WH galley needs to find new coffee suppliers. (Prayerfully not the overpriced garbage called “Free Trade” coffee academics are so fond of telling lesser mortals to buy.)

    As for your vacation Mr. President, how ’bout spending some days in Washington state helping people rebuild their homes after either mud or fire took them away; or spend some time working with your family at the make-do intake centers for the brave boxcar kids who escaped the drug lords and finally evaded their Coyote “escorts” at the final most dangerous part of their treks, the border? How ’bout spending some time with Chicago’s Finest in working with gangs to prevent gun violence? Secret Service will hate you for that idea, but the nation won’t mind watching you set a working example.

    Forget the islands, be they off the New England mainland or your native state Hawaii. They won’t reinvigorate you; at this stage in your life and your presidency, they’ll only add to the fatigue and malaise the rest of us are experiencing already. When you start making Mitt Romney or John McCain look younger, we should all start worrying.