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nbc chris jansing

MSNBC’s Joy Reid may regret having colleague Chris Jansing on her program Tuesday after Jansing, who was reporting on the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit that is taking place in Washington, D.C. this week, told her that African leaders had great expectations for Obama since “he’s from Kenya.”

Jansing was responding to a question from Reid about the summit being a part of Obama’s legacy:

Yeah, the fact that he’s from Kenya. And the fact that when he was elected there were expectations on the African continent that he would do great things for them.


The Twitterverse was quick to react, as it usually is, in cases like this. Jansing reappeared on the program about 10 minutes later to correct her statement by saying that she meant to say it was Obama’s father who was from Kenya, but by then the damage had been done.

At least Jansing knew that Africa was a continent, unlike Vice President Joe Biden, who said it was a nation, when he addressed the summit.

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  • rick

    even though his Mombasa BC and grandma sara, says he was born at coast provincial, which btw, that bc has a footprint, there is still, no where in the constitution, that allows the son of a foreign born national, to RUN for the office, the dude holds. period. either way, when the truth is revealed to ALL, everybody who protects him, HANGS!! fairly simple Shiite.

  • The Major

    I still say that sooner or later,,,someone with UN-impeachable credentials,,& one who cannot be labeled a “Disgruntled Employee”,,,will have access to ,,or write thee Tell All book about BHO from his Muslim upbringing,,which I believe he still IS,,,to ALL of his Marxist Training from his Dad & G/dad to Frank Davis,,to Columbia with Cloward & Piven,,to Valerie Jarrett,,,also I believe he still IS,,to his outrageous Racism & Racist remarks,,(his wife isn’t any better)
    Figure it out folks,,,name ONE POTUS in our History ,,that was & is so ANTI-American in ALL areas,,,Businesses,,,from Mom & Pops,,to Corporations,,land owners big & small,,with a Gestapo-like EPA,,,people who WANT to earn,,but the IRS & BHO are holding them back with 40% taxes on any Biz that BHO “didn’t build”,,,,& the hits just keep on coming,,,the ACA has a whole section on College Loans,,etc,,,WHY??? isn’t it a Health Care bill???,,,,Why the Civilian Army as large as & as well ARMED as our OWN Army,,,which he & his goons are Downsizing as fast as possible,,???
    This is HOW a Marxist takes over,,,PAY ATTENTION FOLKS,, its Coming
    PS,,,why do you think they spent 3 million on COVERING UP his Past,,so they can pull the wool over you,,TWICE