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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was in a state of shock after she witnessed Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) being booed off the stage at the Florida Democratic delegation breakfast in Philadelphia this morning:

“She was booed off the stage. I’ve never seen anything like it. The chair of the Democratic Party, a congresswoman from Florida who has been enormously popular within her district and is facing re-election, was absolutely booed by protesting Bernie Sanders supporters right off of the stage. She had to break off her speech, trying to shout over them, finally gave up, and was escorted out by security. Pretty unprecedented, and it is only a hint of what would happen if she shows up on the podium, scheduled to gavel it down at 4:00 today.”

Mitchell added that former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said on Morning Joe that Wasserman Schultz shouldn’t even show up at the convention. Mitchell added that the chaos that erupted this morning will cause a lot of soul searching among party leaders as to whether Wasserman Schultz should be allowed to gavel-in the convention and run the risk of an increased backlash on a night that is supposed to be about party unity.

The DNC announced this afternoon that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake will now gavel-in the convention.

Wasserman Schultz, who announced yesterday that she would resign as head of the DNC after the convention this week, came under increased fire from supporters of Bernie Sanders after leaked emails showed that the DNC clearly favored Hillary Clinton in the presidential race and strategized about ways to bring down Sanders.

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  • Maggietish

    The fact that Andrea Mitchell was in shock that Wasserman Schultz was booed clearly shows how out of touch Miss Mitchell and the media are, by choice, to the fact of the American people have had enough of all the corruption particularly in the Democratic Party and the media. What Wasserman Schultz and the DNC did is a total atrocity and instead of Miss Mitchell getting up in arms about that she sympathizes with Wasserman Schultz, seriously? Why hasn’t Andrea Mitchell questioned how suddenly Hillary Clinton’s campaign has created a job for Wasserman Schultz. Why isn’t Andrea Mitchell, who claims to be a journalist, investigating how that happened and was it because Hillary Clinton owed Wasserman Schultz something and knew everything Wasserman Schultz was doing from the beginning.

  • Steven Barrett

    So Andrea Mitchell was shocked, but not only by the demonstration of anger by many of her constituents and fellow FL delegates, but also by W-S’s gall in showing up at the Convention site shortly afterwards. Big deal. The woman is gone and you can rest assured heads will roll and newer heads with a greater appreciation for electoral fairness will be brought in to clean up the place. C’mon, though, how often do even big name reporters get to witness the kind of open angry revolt W-S faced yesterday morning, no matter how many years they’ve been in the business? Let’s be fair.

  • Well, poor Andrea! It is beyond her comprehension that anyone could disapprove of standard
    hillary.DNC/liberal tactics. Somebody go clean out her catbox, ok?