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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign produced a new television ad that attacks Republicans, claiming that they are using the issue of Benghazi for political gain and to destroy Clinton’s candidacy. But they failed to get permission from NBC News to use a clip of Andrea Mitchell in the ad, the MSNBC anchor said Tuesday on her program:

I just want to point out that they have used a little bit of my voice. They’ve used a little bit of Savannah Guthrie. NBC News in no way authorized them to use any of our material, and we had no idea this was coming.

This isn’t the first time a politician has used a clip featuring someone from the liberal media in their campaign ads. But it is unusual when that journalist complains about it when, as in this case, the offender is a fellow liberal. This could be a sign that the media’s support for Clinton is much weaker than it was for Barack Obama when they helped propel him to the presidency in 2008 and again in 2012, and could prove to be problematic in her quest for the presidency.

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  • Steven Barrett

    Hell hath no fury as a network anchor who resents the idea of her voice lifted by a female politician she’s now discovering will stop at nothing to get even with others in order to get her ultimate goal; POWER. Go get her Andrea!

  • Andrea, relax. Anyone in “Media” ought to know about the Copyright Fair Use Doctrine. Anyone can quote you all they want, even us your voice, as fair use under the law.

    More importantly, you ought to report that that so-called “debate” was merely a show piece for Hillary. The four other participants were not debating anything. They were each auditioning for a job in her cabinet! They played shills, stooges, and second bananas to set up her punch lines. And Cooper, an employee or associate of Clinton’s organization kept way away from the obvious questions that any genuine journalist would have asked: Who authorized the server? Didn’t you know that was illegal? Do you not know what is secret and un-secret government information? Who is Sidney Blumenthal working for? Wasn’t Ghaddaffi trying to get safe passage from you to exile outside of Libya when you threw him under the Al Quida bus? How much money did you funnel to Clinton Foundation coffers from totalitarian, Muslim regimes? You advocate for women’s rights but assassinated the character of at least half a dozen women sexually harassed by your own husband, didn’t you? You lied in New Zealand about being named after Sir Edmund Hilary, didn’t you? You lied to New York about having “always been a Yankee fan” despite growing up in Chicago, didn’t you? You lied about losing the Rose Law Firm billing records somewhere in the White House, didn’t you? You lied about trying to frame the Travel Office Director of a felony, did you not? You lied about firing all the veteran employees of the WH Correspondence Office, no? You lied about landing in a helicopter under live fire when such event never happened, didn’t you? Weren’t you fired from the Watergate Cmte staff for unethical, unconstitutional, dishonest action to deny due process to the target of the investigation? Wasn’t that one-time “killing” in the commodity futures market really a cover for a lucrative bribe? Wasn’t it your own misbehavior and misconduct that drove Vince Foster to a tragic and premature death? Did you not expect Secret Service agents to carry your baggage, treat them like dogs, and tell your daughter that they were “pigs” and that your family hates cops?