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MSNBC, which spent years crafting an image as a left-leaning alternative to Fox News and at one time labeled itself as the “Lean Forward” network, has found new life after a major programming shake-up. They are now poised to launch an ad stating that maybe they have gone too far to the right.

The ad features some of MSNBC’s more prominent conservative and Republican contributors—like former Bush communications chief Nicole Wallace, conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt and former RNC chairman Michael Steele—stating that “People might start accusing us of leaning too far to the right.”

MSNBC president Phil Griffin told Politico’s Hadas Gold that the rebranding is just one more step in the network’s “evolution,” as it prepares to turn 20 next month:

“There have been so many evolutions, and look, if you don’t evolve, in any medium, you’re going to lose. So I think we’ve been in a process of evolution and I feel very good about what we’re doing.”

Except that the “evolution” that Griffin is speaking about is the result of changes made by NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andy Lack, who was hired 16 months ago to fix the problems at the network.

Lack jettisoned the low-rated daytime programs and moved the network away from the liberal “Lean Forward” campaign, which Griffin was sure would topple Fox News.

The result has been a ratings revival. But just like at the other cable news networks it has been largely driven by coverage of Donald Trump, who has defied political odds to become the apparent GOP nominee for president.

As for the ad and leaning right, the problem is that the majority of those featured in the new ad aren’t very conservative, and as a result have been poor spokesmen for the movement. But that’s probably why MSNBC hired them in the first place.

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  • Mitch Hedges

    Seems like they are coalescing around a coherent editorial strategy at MSNBC. Maybe AIM can use it as a case study.

  • Michael Spaniola

    1. MSNBC is owned by Microsoft, one of the world’s largest companies, and Comcast (formerly owned by GE, which is led by an Obama boot-licker) and both of these corporate entities control most everything from computers to cable. Given the way these bastards run MSNBC, it is truly a fascist enterprise. So what’s left and what’s right? It’s all an Alice in Wonderland political ploy.

    2. MSNBC should hire Shepard Smith, Bill O’Reilly and Meygn Kelly away from FNC. The whole miserable lot deserve one another.

  • George Orwell

    Report to Walter Reed on Monday for your lobotomy. Don’t be late. The state knows what is best for you.

  • Alec Dacyczyn

    MSNBC was formed by Microsoft and NBC. But Microsoft divested in 2005. It’s now just a NBCUniversal subsidiary.


    MSNBC always sucked N I G G E R D ICK

  • MS

    Thanks, but why keep the “MS”?

  • Alec Dacyczyn

    Brand recognition, I would assume.

  • John27

    MSNBC is is the modern incarnation of Stalinist Pravda.

  • Steven Barrett

    When is AIM going to clamp down and throw out the trash by banning the so-called “Porch Monkey,” from being able to publish anything on this site? I thought conservatives were the ones so dedicated to upholding standards, scorning cultural relativity and doing all they can to rid themselves of the stench of bigotry that’s haunted the American Right for decades. Throw the trash out.


    N I G G E R. N I G G E R

  • Dinzer Cradness

    I agree. Notwithstanding its conservative bias, AIM must understand:
    Hate speech incites like-minded hatred, and has deadly consequences.
    Hate speech has no place in a public forum such as this.
    Hate speech is not free speech.

  • Steven Barrett

    Amen. It certainly isn’t when we tally the cost in lives, limbs and blood, lost loved ones, not to mention all the emotional baggage so many people will be carrying for years to come. Watching Obama eviscerate Trump and his fellow blowhard Republicans who just can’t wait for the president to use their talismanic buzz words “Islamic extremists” or an even juicier term, “Islamofascist extremists” to scare our enemies away. Our enemies, in case the rigtht wing hasn’t noticed, doesn’t frighten so easily; Not like the American right.