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In an interview with Jeff Bercovici of Forbes, MSNBC president Phil Griffin praised Fox News for the “incredible” job they have done, though he thinks they are far more ideologically biased than his network.

Bercovici sat down with Griffin on the eve of the cable news network’s 15th anniversary.

When asked about Fox and its impact on MSNBC, Griffin had this response:

I think what they’ve done has been pretty incredible over the last 15 years. They saw an opening and grabbed it, the whole area of conservatives who felt disenfranchised, and they own it. I don’t agree with how they approach news, because I don’t always think they base it in fact, but I respect how they went out and got this huge audience. I think I’ve looked at them and recognized that you’ve got to find your space. I don’t think there’s equivalency between Fox and MSNBC, although I do think a lot of people are glad there is an MSNBC to take on the big, bad Fox. I don’t think we’re nearly as based in ideology the way they are, but we definitely have tried to find a space the way they found their space.

That’s probably as much praise as anyone at MSNBC will ever heap on Fox, even though Griffin thinks that the network doesn’t base their reports on fact and is more biased than MSNBC.

Viewers have voted hands down, however, whom they believe, as they have made Fox the undisputed number one cable news network since the start of the Iraq War in 2003, and have since then easily beaten MSNBC in the ratings on a regular basis.

No matter how hard Griffin and the liberals at MSNBC try, they are destined to be an also ran compared to Fox and that’s nothing to celebrate.

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  • do you really think your option in this article matters? i don’t see your station reporting from both sides. are you whinning too!

  • BillK

    Best laugh I had in a long time. He should have his own comedy hour and it would do better than his news hours.

  • Wayright

    If it wasn’t for Fox, I wouldn’t even own a TV. It is a nice feature to be able to block a certain cable channel, like MSNBC, from electronically trespassing in my home.

  • If Ted thinks both MSNBC and Fox sucks, what does he watch that he thinks is not biased; ABC, CBS, NPR, NY Times, LA Times, etc. wow such choices. I don’t hear have of the news on these other networks except for Fox. So Ted must have cotton in his ears.

  • When someone admits their bias and then reports the news – it’s the beginning of clarity for the news consumer. When someone denies having any bias, they have something to hide, are moronic, or most likely, think their listeners are blind, deaf and dumb (stupid).. Perhpas the worst is what Berkovici said, and I rephrase, “Yes we’re biased – but we’re not as biased as those guys!”

  • Say What

    MSNBC not biases – that is hysterical.

    Remind me again which network has within the last 6 months, fired a host (Olberdork), suspended a host (Ed Shultz) and just suspended a commentator (Halprin) all for outrageous disgusting behaviour that even MSNBC could not tolerate. And over the last few years – or ever – how many hosts/commentators has Fox had to fire for the same? Answer = NONE.

  • Anthony

    I would like one example of a news story that Fox has done that was not “based on fact” or faked. And I mean a documented example, not an “everyone knows Fox is biased” weasel statement. Just ONE example. If it can’t be proven, then all the lefties who deride Fox as “Faux News” need to quit talking out of their butts about a news source that doesn’t suck up to leftists or Obama.

  • Robert Johnson

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much?..or something like that. Where are the Juan Williams’s, Kirstin Powers’s, Alan Colmes’s. Bob Bekel’s, on MSNBC……no where to be seen…and why? Because “news” unchallenged isn’t “news” it’s propaganda. Fox acknowledges its bias but certainly gives the opposition a seat at the table and we all benefit from the process. Why watch MSNBC?…there is no debate or presentation of “another view”. Free Markets work in specific ways and those with the appropriate product win economic reward. The Left does not learn from experience when it gets in the way of their agenda….Fox has been a welcome roadblock!

  • Jeff O

    Just to correct one of a few typos in my last post, when you access the “FIND” box, type in the word “biased.”

  • Jeff

    So Fox is biased? I have a news flash for him. Everyone is biased. Everyone has a slant, a bias, an opinion. Fox, and most of the commentators on the right, are simply more honest about it. Let’s look at Mr. Limbaugh, for example. I call him ” Mr. Limbaugh ” because we’ve never met, and I don’t know the man. So, to call him by his first name would be rude. But, anyway, back to my point. If you listen to his program for more than five minutes, you’ll realize that his is an opinion show. He is a commentator, as well as an entertainer. I am getting a little weary of Mr. Hannity and Mr. Beck, since they tend to become shrill. But, they have their opinions as well.

  • Carlos James

    Phil Griffin must be living in never never land. MSNBC is far more biased than Fox and even though they laugh at Fox calling themselves balanced, Fox maintains a balance that is very close to equal. When MSNBC brings on one conservative to banter with at least 4 liberals it is usually a milk toast conservative such as Michael Steel. Where is Ann Coulter or conservatives like her. I tivo Morning Joe & Fox & Friends every morning and there is such a difference it is unbelievable. Fox and Friends are funnier, more entertaining,, supply far more real news and much more balanced. I watch both shows to maintain a balance in my outlook. on life and to see what the weirdo’s are up to. I have never seen a co-host show less respect to another than Mika shows to Joe. Her rolling eyes are worse than a roller coaster. Joe must be paid a lot of money to put up with such degradation.

    When I watch Fox & Friends the rest of my day is smiles. Steve & Brian should take their show on the road. I also agree with most of the US in knowing Bill O’reilly is number one in cable. He makes me mad very often, that’s how I know he is honest.

    MSNBC, if you want to raise your ratings then act like Willie Geist does every morning. I can’t even tell you what side of the political spectrum he is on.

    Al Sharpton………..You have got to be kidding…… He’s the dumbest,most biased person on TV. Whose brilliant idea was that?.

  • Wayright, Good job. MSNBC, CBS and that other mini company are so bias, it isn’t funny. So Pro Barry Soetoro Hussein. I don’t usually call name but I have a GREAT one for Barry. The little Kenyan born, MUSLIM PUNK and LIAR. Oh, I have more but I like this one best. He is EVIL. NEWS FLASH, IF, he wins in November it will lead to a REVOLUTION in this country for sure. The GOOD PEOPLE are tired of all the B.S. and are ready to fight back. Look at the bullsh-t that goes on in Dearborn, Mich. All the trouble they are having with Muslims. Good people? I don’t know about that. WE can’t take the chance. Barry has no clue what’s going on. He is a bad person. So, let’s VOTE the little BASTARD OUT. Concerned AMERICAN, Larry VELASCO

  • Patriot

    MESSNBC is about as useless as the “Media Matters” group. just another bunch of liberal zombies. If Obama was to come out and say he was a Muslim Communist they would through a party and say America is really on the right track now! There is absolutely nothing trust worthy about the “Stories” coming out of liberal media. NOTHING! and Jeff Bercovici is either a liberal nut or just plain clueless as to what they are doing there.

  • asmith

    Numbers don’t lie, the people prefer FOX to MSNBC period. The fact that Fox so quickly established themselves as a media powerhouse shows that MSNBC is not a credible source.

  • cat1771

    . Fox New is just biased. MSNBC is obscene in its bias.

  • Charles

    Fox News has fired multiple people over the years for going against their conservative beliefs. Two reporters were fired in Tampa, Florida for trying to air a story on Fox that was too liberal in the network’s mind. The president of the network said,”We pay 3 billion dollars to air what we want. The news is whatever we feel like telling them (the general public) it is”. The reporters are now suing the network.

  • dc

    nbc abc cbs msnbc is very biased in their reporting. disgusting and disturbing… where do we go to get the truth and honest reporting??

  • Greg Tomlinson

    Been following a long time. Sorry, you are not objective in any shape, manner or form. And yes, Trump is virtually handicapped in his worldview, yet you still fail in measuring up on honestly covering the most simplistic thing a third grader can grasp…the news.