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MSNBC president Phil Griffin was feeling pretty chipper at the Television Critics Association press tour after the release of the latest cable television ratings showed some progress for the network in its battle against Fox News.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Griffin pointed to MSNBC beating Fox News in the ratings in multiple hours compared to just once last year leading him to conclude that “For the first time we’re beginning to chip away at Fox News Channel.”

MSNBC has certainly had some success, but considering that they still trail Fox News by over one million in average prime time viewership (1.8 million vs. 750,000) and by nearly 600,000 during the day, it’s hard to see exactly how the network is “chipping away” at Fox News.

Griffin also disputed the suggestion that MSNBC is a left-leaning version of Fox:

“I don’t see an equivalency between us and Fox News,” said Griffin. “There are no talking points. We don’t sit around and discuss how we’re going to cover any particular issue. That is something that you have to take account of when you compare the two of us. I just don’t see the same equivalency. I do say that we have a progressive attitude.”

Who does Griffin think he’s fooling? Even most reporters understand that “progressive” is nothing more than a relabeling of what is better known as the liberal-left.

It’s very clear from the programming moves that MSNBC has made over the years, with the addition of O’Donnell, Maddow, Schultz and soon to be host Al Sharpton, that the network has had and continues to have a far-left agenda no matter how Griffin tries to spin it.

Griffin may think he is “chipping away” at Fox but he is really just spinning his wheels.

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  • Dorothy Iltis Cooper

    Perhaps, when all the media omit the labels and allow readers to discern the idea of bias as compared to being well informed or biased.

    I know that attempting to teach my children when analizing journalistic content and bias is very difficult with media canabalism.

  • RGL

    Griffin must feel delusional to think that MSNBC is npping at the heels of Fox News. Numbers don’t lie, but he probably forget his Math. That self-congratulatory approach will nolt fool anyone.

    Furthermore, to say that MSNBC is progressive would not deceive anyone either. What does he think of the continous radical drivel being spouted by his puppets every day and night? To add insult to injury, adding Al Sharpton to his menagerie of noisy taling heads will make them the most leftist ideologues in the TV Cable planet. With Sharpton’s history, who would ever believe what he would be saying? I see this as nothing but pandering.

  • Ms Bella

    HEY more libs work on fox…NO conservs work on msnbc cnn or abc cbs ….not left leaning??>>>>>

    MSNBC has made over the years, with the addition of O’Donnell, Maddow, Schultz and soon to be host Al Sharpton, that the network has had and continues to have a far-left agenda no matter how Griffin tries to spin it.

  • Norm Winne

    Yeah… their happy cuz GB dropped his 5:00PM program, but they need to watch ratings cuz I, and a lot of others, won’t watch MSNBC if they were the last network standing!!!

  • Winston N. Martin

    Is Phil Griffin’s “progressive attitude” related to the “progressive elements” mentioned in the preface of “Marx Engels Collected Works Volume 5: The German Ideology & Works April 1845-April 1847”?

    “During the period when The German Ideology and the works closely connected with it were being written, Marx and Engels devoted their main efforts to joint theoretical and practical work aimed at setting out the revolutionary communist teaching and rallying around it the progressive elements of the proletariat and the revolutionary intelligentsia. Summing up the tasks they set themselves at that time. . .”

    “Progressive elements” are often mentioned in communist/socialist tracts. How interesting that today’s alleged intellectuals like Griffin prefer the role of throwbacks of the truly conservative Dark Ages.But there is nothing progressive, i.e., modern, about them. But let us not be fooled. When they call themselves “progressive,” realize that they are the Luddites of true human progress.

  • Bob

    Winston, I loved your comment that progressives are the Luddites of true human progress. For them, progress is eliminating the risks in human lives. To some so much so that they’d eliminate most human lives. Their tools are the psikhushkas, the gulags, and the killing fields. The spirits of Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler live on.