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In an interview with The Hill’s Joe Concha, MSNBC president Phil Griffin joked that he wished that MSNBC would get the same treatment from Donald Trump that CNN receives.

“I wish he called us out once in awhile because it’s like a promo for CNN all the time,” Griffin joked. “But look, all I know is, day to day, I think we’re giving the most unique, smartest coverage out there.”

Griffin was referring to President Trump frequently calling CNN “fake news,” and highlighting just how biased the liberal media’s news coverage has been against the Trump administration.

Maybe Griffin will get his wish if MSNBC manages to crawl out of its third-place status in the ratings and become relevant enough for Trump to notice.


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  • sox83cubs84

    MSLSD and the Communist News Network: two disgraceful blights in American news…turn ’em BOTH off!

  • mioahu

    This guy is nuts … their network is a joke ….all their anchors are hateful leftists, with 0 objectivity, and nobody watches them. The only time i watched them was after the election to see that bitch Rachel Maddau cry on air, that was priceless. I still watch YouTube videos of her breaking down when I need a laugh

  • Mike S.

    My suggestion is call 1-800-COMCAST (parent company of NBC) and tell them that Phil Griffin convinced you to cancel.

  • Mike S.

    hateful barely scratches the surface …

  • jimrussell

    That hurts. There they go again, trying to confuse our false beliefs with facts. This is the Trump era, facts no longer matter, truth is only opinion and both can be countered with “alternate facts” AKA lies.

  • Scott

    I am guessing he doesn’t know, like the rest of us, that MSNBC is still on the air.

  • mpd

    His whole article fell apart right about where he said “I think…”

  • Bruce

    You don’t want to get “bulldozed” the way CNN has been Trump’s favorite whipping boy. If he can brutalize the world’s #1 news site into submission, surely he can whip all the rest of the lackies into shape, into getting with the program. Trump’s not going anywhere, and doesn’t answer to stock-holders, only to the American people, who are firmly behind him. Dump Rachel “Mad-Cow”, and anyone else who can’t accept reality, and give Donald Trump a fair shake.

  • cathylovesyou

    MSNBC won and beat CNN out by one false story. It is now MSNBC winner of the least watched TV station. Many years ago I watched both networks and today i can stand just about 30 seconds before it is zapped. The trouble there is only one other Network that sounds intelligent to stay with Fox.

  • Ron8200

    MSNBC is not a news network it’s a leftist propaganda tool.

  • Wally

    Mike S, we all know or most of us do that COMCAST is a crooked outfit and over charge all their customers, [im one] just two years ago this April I signed up for a two year contract with these SOB as they promised there would be NO MORE ADDED CHARGES for the next two year contract, the LYING SOB’s have added many more $$ to my soon to expire contract date. Never again will I deal with COMCAST and ditto for NBC.

  • Sunshine

    Fox, the only honest and decent Network. The rest of the networks are trash with evil staffers. They only care about their crooked cronies. That are all dishonest.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    That desperation that is soaked in Liberal tears.
    In fact Jeff Zucker is not done paying for p1ss1ng on the consumers.
    Except the suicide rate for CNN employees will be spiking once the word gets out.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Is FOX still considered news?
    I thought they finally came out of the closet and embraced Obama protectionism.
    Did I miss something?

  • cathylovesyou

    As agreed

  • gubllod


  • Danny Emerson

    Pretty sick of Xfinity’s homepage now myself, liberal bias is rampant…