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In an interview with Michael Calderone in The Huffington Post, MSNBC president Phil Griffin said that the network’s viewpoints are progressive, and not simply pro-Obama.

This channel has never been the voice of Obama. Ever. People want to talk about Fox. Fox is the voice of the Republican Party.

That seems to fly in the face of a new study that was released this week by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, which showed that MSNBC reporting on Obama was overwhelming positive, and extremely negative about Romney, during the final week of the campaign.

If the network wasn’t the voice of Obama, then how does Griffin explain the fact that they didn’t report one single negative story about Obama in the last week of the election?

As for Fox News being the voice of the Republican Party, a charge first issued by the White House in 2009, the same Pew study showed that while the network favored Romney over Obama, it was by a smaller margin than MSNBC’s flag-waving for Obama. It showed that they weren’t afraid to criticize the GOP when they thought it was necessary or justified.

Even though Jay Leno was only joking on The Tonight Show that “the economy is so bad MSNBC had to lay off 300 Obama spokesmen,” his point was well taken as to just how far the network had gone in supporting the President.

Griffin can deny all he wants that MSNBC wasn’t in the tank for Obama during the election, but the facts tell a different story.

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  • lie ing mf

  • Horsecrap.

  • Unsooper

    Why is it so very very difficult for the Left to simply acknowledge reality? Are they all mentally ill? Watch one single day of Fox and then one day of MSNBC and tell me what you see.
    I see on Fox a Gay Democrat who doesn’t like conservatives or the military followed by an old style democrat followed by a hard line republican followed by a Democrat Scientologist while on MSNBC a whole series of talking heads that say that every White person in America is a racist who deserves death or worse.

  • eingriff

    Shucks, I know MSNBC is not pro-Obama.
    It is for ANY Comintern mole who manages to hide the facts that he is neither black nor an American citizen, steals two preidential nominations and elections, and works daily to weaken, sabotage, subvert, subjugate and destroy the United States of America.
    Of course MSNBC is “progressive”. The progressive movement has long since merged with the communist movement, to erase limits to federal jurisdiction and exercise of power.

  • I think, thy gentlemen protesth to much.

  • chris Matthews gets a tingle in his leg whenever he thinks of obama.. that says it all.

  • Hahaha, Griffin, what a funny guy.

  • Ernest

    That is the biggest bunch of horses##t I have ever heard.There is a movement now to boycott the mainstream media.Talk to your neighborhood watch people Or Condo Association etc.Any place a group of people gather.Talk to your friends & relatives etc.Boycott the major networks (Mainstream Media) and thier advertisers.They wont last long if we get everone involved in this.Some liberals will not participate but that is to be expected.Please help with this movement.

  • cebg

    Then MSNBC, how about really asking the really tough questions about Benghazi and how four Americans ended up murdered plus why it was hidden that it was a terrorist attack for two weeks. When you do that, I will believe you are not pro Obama and collecting Soros money.

  • Arnonerik

    Phil Griffin said that the network’s viewpoints are progressive which means they wholeheartedly backed the far left wing (the dominant, most partisan, and most numerous wing) of the Democrat Party. They are totaly biased in what they do say and hide all facts which would be detrimental to the Progressive agenda. They are not reporting news or presenting various views to let the public decide but instead they are actively selling the “Progressive” viewpoint and putting a positive “Progressive” spin (lying or hiding) on all they do. They are a waste of time to consider if anyone really wants to be politically well informed.

  • finabiscotti

    Didn’t he hear of the FIRINGS at NBC – as parent company of MSNBC – over the alteration of the 911 call – to place a Racial Slant on it –

    in the Trayvon Martin HOAX – ‘

    that both NBC and MSNBC devised as a re-election strategy on behalf of Obama –

    so that Obama could claim that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon?

    No shyt, Sherlock – except that NBC and MSNBC were exposed for continuing their charade in the Trayvon Martin HOAX – and disbursed a photo of an angel-faced 12-year-old – other than what Trayvon Martin had become by the time that he was 17 years-old – 6ft2 – -with a mouthful of gold teeth and tattoos – showcasing himself over the internet with his gangster tweets – under the screen name of “No_Limit_N****”” – boasting about his conquests of the “white” people he targeted for his vicious beatdowns; also solicting drugs over the internet for his “Special Mixture”.

    What NBC and MSNBC failed to acknowledge = Trayvon Martin had a criminal history of assaulting people; had been caught defacing school property – threatening everyone with his gangster vulargities and graffitti – and at the same time was discovered/caught with a bunch of women’s jewelry = dozens of women’s rings – and burglary tools – refusing to admit how he had acquired his “loot”; ;was on “another” suspension from school – for fighting =-assaulting people he targeted – when he went to visit his father in another city – and was caught looking in windows of houses and apartments of a gated community that had just experienced a “sudden” crime spree – of break-ins and women assaulted/mugged – by a tall black male – in the parking area or on the grounds of the apartment buildings.

    NBC and MSNBC failed to acknowledge there were more than just Zimmerman’s calls to 911 –

    in which Zimmerman himself made TWO calls to 911 – one to report the incident of someone presently lurking around the gated community – looking in cars and windows of apartments = suspicious activities;

    2) Zimmerman reporting the approximate addess location where Trayvon Martin was looking in windows of the apartments – to get the police to come in that direction -of the gated community – to catch TM red-handed in what he was doing.

    This “second” 911 call indicated the tall man wearing a hood had stopped looking in the window of an apartment – and was staring at Zimmerman – was starting to approach him – when Zimmerman was speaking on his cell phone – Zimmerman stated he was scared = because TM was coming toward him, advancing on Zimmerman – only for the tall hooded black male – to suddenly turn away and run toward the apartment community center – running deeper in the gated community complex. The 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow him and to get back into his vehicle – since the police were right in the area – close to him.

    Obviously, it was Trayvon Martin who doubled back around – and approached Zimmerman – asking Zimmerman if he was looking for trouble – and stated – well you have trouble now – when Trayvon Martin punched Zimmerman in the face, breaking his nose, pushing him to the ground, straddled Ziummerman, still punching him in the face and head Martial-arts style, slamming Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk –

    and Trayvon Martin, the punk gangster boy – got the surprise of his Life.
    That is why all the corrupted media – operated to DECEIVE the General Public – when falsely portraying Zimmerman did not suffer any injuries – without vieiwing any medical reports –
    and the Special Prosecutor – appointed through Eric Holder as US AG – (and Obama) – would submit a FALSE affidavit to the court to have Zimmerman arrested – with the Spec Prosecutor intentionally and maliciously concealing from the court that Zimmerman had substantial injuries – when the Special Prosecutor fraudulently claimed Zimmerman did not have any injuries – in the corrupt machinations that would eventually result in the judge being recused when he failed to move on the Speciial Prosecutor’s FRAUD upon the court – for which the Special Prosecutor should be removed – and disbarred.

    But none of that is worth reporting by NBC or MSNBC, because these networks are in bed with Obama – and it shows –

    especially when NBC and MSNBC with Al Sharpton continued to pitch a FALSE NARRATIVE about the 911 call to keep up the charade of their racial slant – even though EVERYONE knew the recording of the 911 call had been altered!

    btw, Skittles and Tea – is used as a mixture – w certain drugs – for drug highs.
    It is another ghetto-version recreational Special Drug Mixture – in place of Crack cocaine.
    And Trayvon Martin got his mouthful of gold teeth and tattoos by the time he was 17 years old – with a paper route – that his family members shared in disbursing.

  • finabiscotti

    that is exactly why we should stop paying Federal Income Tax – and place whatever money is intended for the BOGUS federal govt – in escrow.
    Why should we the people have to pay anything but State tax?
    All it has led to is to support an ILLEGITIMATE GOVT – as evidenced by Obama/Soetoro/Harrison J. Bounel – or whomever the hell this freak of nature thinks he is – on any given day.
    I do not accept him as President – only a person Illegally occupying The White House = through Massive Vote Fraud – that he funds with our US Taxpayer money,

  • Luzmark1

    Thanks for the news, hadn’t heard all this . I don’t watch any lib. news and I’m am more and more questioning Fox. Get most of my news via a number of internet sources.

  • DEAN


  • YaleCT

    Wow – talk about denial (or a liar)…

  • foxtrap

    Griffin’s comments make him a top contender for the Pinnochio Awards.

  • Rodney Wilkinson

    HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! I believe in the Tooth Fairy too.

  • Rodney Wilkinson

    Sure don’t approve of President Ronald Reagan in the same photo frame as the impostor.

  • fedupMan

    This is the biggest lie of the century for MSNBC. They lick O’s boots every day.

  • Mo Reno

    Sounds like you been using a bit o the old Skittles ‘n Tea yourself.

  • Oh brother! Thats rich!