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A new Pew Research report finds that MSNBC devoted far more time to the coverage of the events in Ferguson, Missouri than any other cable news network. Yet according to Nielsen, it didn’t help the network’s ratings.

According to Pew, MSNBC devoted an average of 68 minutes of primetime news coverage per night to Ferguson between August 10 and August 15, with a peak of 122 minutes on Thursday, August 14, compared to 48 minutes on average for CNN and 36 minutes for Fox News.

Overall, during that time period, MSNBC spent a total of five hours and 43 minutes on Ferguson during primetime, with CNN tallying nearly four hours, and Fox News bringing up the rear with just under three hours of coverage.

Yet all that coverage didn’t help MSNBC’s ratings, as the liberal cable news network finished third every evening during the reported period, and on some days a distant third.

Breaking news has for years been an Achilles heel for MSNBC, and Ferguson has proven to be no different. It doesn’t seem to matter how much time MSNBC devotes to breaking news, viewers just don’t see them as being particularly credible so they switch in droves to Fox News and CNN.

It may seem a bit ironic, but the longer the liberal media keep Ferguson alive, the more it hurts MSNBC.

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  • netwatch

    I don’t really care about the conclusions of this report, but I can honestly say that MSNBC has been the best coverage of the crisis covering all the angles and this attitude was reflected on social media as well. There is a cancer of hate and class in our country and powerful elements want to keep things the way they are. People are making their own judgment, getting more informed and have broader sources of reporting. This *IS* a good thing!

    No one should limit their news source to one network alone and the “ratings game” is irrelevant to accuracy or quality of coverage… it’s only factors of how many lambs follows which network and for ALL networks, viewership is at its LOWEST and continue to decline.

  • Lime Lite

    People don’t want to watch a race obsessed channel. It’s all they go on about, 24/7. Same broken record, on and on. Time for you to wake up to yourself.

  • M10 Bob

    I think it was Samuel Clemons who once said..”It is better to remain silent and appear a fool…than to open ones mouth and erase all doubt”…………

  • Taurnil Oronar

    You’d had thought they learned from CNN but liberals never do.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    No you are very wrong. It is not a good thing people are making their own judgements. Techniclly that is violating one of my countries fundemental tenants; innocent until proven guilty. Its that little thing in law called due process. Still at this point none of us have the all the information, you might think you do from watching other news outlets but again you are wrong.

    To think people making their own judgements and then acting on them like the riotors have is nothing more than mob/lynch rule, only this time the majority of players are black.

  • Denise

    No one who is concerned about
    accuracy in the media would actually state “viewers just don’t see them as
    being particularly credible so they switch in droves to Fox News”.

  • Steven Barrett

    Lime Lite, perfect nickname. Man, you must be putting a lot of time before the boob tube watching the Duck family and all the other “reality” trash shows.This says more about the pathetic apathy of those Fox watchers (not even Fox itself) than anything about MSNBC. What if that was their kid? What if that was their town’s police department overreacting by relying on military equipment to keep or restore the peace? Oh, and by the way, how many “outside agitators” drove to Ferguson to mix things up so as to make the local Black protestors look like the heavies. And what if Lime Lite was one of those reporters the cop who went goon-rogue and threatened to kill?
    You wouldn’t have posted the nonsense you posted, right? If this is how you want to praise Fox and help boost its ratings, ask the network first to see what it thinks. Even Fox, which I loath, would have enough sense to brush you off.

  • With Commie Radical MSNBC it isn’t what they cover, its how they espouse their ideology within the reports. People generally are souring on LIBTARD LUNACY and the coming tsunami in November will reflect this ! WATCH AND SEE !!!

  • Kilroy

    Hey Barret, what if you pooped? A lot of what if’s.

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, and this, I take it, is supposed to be some kind of reply. Sigh, I also watch Fox, for comedy.

  • Tbear

    Yes there is a cancer of hate and if you had 1/2 a brain you would see that most of it is coming from the likes of Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers!!!!

  • Tbear

    Joe Biden said in America you have the right to be stupid and you prove it. And speaking of ‘outside agitators’ how about Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers!!!!

  • Steven Barrett

    I could be wrong, but as far as I recall, only Holder and Sharpton went out there, and they hardly disgraced themselves by causing more trouble. Netwatch has it down cold. Read his comments again; if they’re not too troubling.

  • Steven Barrett

    Are the words “LIBTARD LUNACY” listed in either the Oxford or Merriam Webster dictionaries? If they are, it looks like the two distinguished publishers have joined the rest of the dumbing down crowd. Looks like it’s not just liberals who pull this nonsense.

  • susan

    i wanted coverage with the facts. so few of the facts are out yet, so watching an hour of opinions, conjectures, & hearsay are a waste of my time.

  • susan

    if by best, you mean they already convicted the officer of murder, then yes, msnbc gave the best. there are so few facts out yet, that the coverage was all hearsay & opinions. thats not news. thats a editorial.

  • john robel

    Spoken like a true liberal parrot in denial. Polly want a cracker?