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obama at UN

MSNBC’s Morning Joe contributor Mike Barnicle disputed President Obama’s contention that the media are whipping people into a frenzy over the terror attacks in France and Mali, instead blaming Obama for being out of touch and making Americans feeling “leaderless:”

He’s been out of the country for 10 days, and certainly out of the loop in terms of the daily conversation here in this country that occurs every single day in every city in this country. And that’s why there’s a very thin line between anxiety and fear, and the country, I think, is filled with anxiety that is now crossing over into fear because there is an element, I think a lot of people feel we’re leaderless in terms of confronting the global war on terror. I think a lot of people want to hear from Barack Obama.

Obama chose to leave for his planned Asia trip hours after the Paris attacks rather than stay home and deal with the terror threat, calling it a “terrible and sickening setback” in the fight against the Islamic State while standing firmly behind his strategy.

It was a “terrible and sickening setback” in the fight against ISIS, but it was equally as sickening to watch the President engage in a war of words with Republicans rather than take any action to show the American public that he has a real strategy in the war on terror.

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  • Joe Mace

    The election of Trump.
    Last primary season Herman Cain was really, not given a serious platform
    by the bulk of the media, nor was Michelle Bachman. The difference with this cycle is the
    deterioration of the fawning, giggling cable media. Not demanding real answers. Competing for ratings, one host explains that
    their own intelligent well employed sibling thinks Trump is the guy. As if that must somehow give legitimacy to
    Trumps run. I would say more a testimony to their relatives’ limited scope. In a country where schools are deteriorating
    and popular shows honey booboo, duck dynasty, Ice road truckers and Rupert
    Murdock owns the National Geographic channel.
    Hosting shows like animal fight night.
    It seems that being educated has gone out of style. Where ain’t is considered a proud rebellion.
    Trumps rise is not so surprising, what’s surprising is the all the political
    pundants hoisting him up on their shoulders.