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MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough and contributor Mark Halperin ripped The New York Times for its post-election headline that focused on the disappointment of liberals at Trump’s victory, rather than the victory itself.

Both Scarborough and Halperin said that while they “love The New York Times,” they couldn’t understand why the paper chose to run the front-page headline, “Democrats, Students and Foreign Allies Face the Reality of a Trump Presidency,” the morning after Trump’s surprise—to liberals and the media—victory over one that would have been more positive.

Halperin suggested that the Times could have run something like, “Disaffected Americans Have a Champion Going to the White House,” or, “The Country Votes for Fundamental Change.” He said that it was “amazing that they instead chose to write a headline that reflects how disappointed the friends of the people who run the Times are at Trump’s win.”

Holding up a copy of Thursday’s paper, Scarborough said the headline was “staggering,” while Halperin likened it to something that one would see in the satirical paper The Onion.

“They don’t get it,” Scarborough said. “This is actually a Saturday Night Live skit. You went to a cocktail party the night before, and you decided to write this.”

Halperin also noted that if a Democrat had won red states—remember the media getting all excited about Hillary’s chances in Utah, Arizona and Georgia?—like Trump won the blue states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, it would have been a different story.

“If a Democratic candidate who was thought to have a 10 percent chance of winning by The New York Times that ended up winning, and winning red states as Trump won blue states, I don’t think that would have been the headline,” Halperin said. “And I’ll just say again, the responsibility of journalists is to not report on their biases. It’s to go out and understand the country through the prism of the election and say, ‘Why are people feeling the way they’re feeling?’”

What was left of the media’s credibility was shot after their disastrous election miss, and headlines like the one the Times ran certainly won’t help them regain it.

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  • Alan Magid

    Again, the big lie from ‘pundits’ who work for giant multinationals. Main fact: Trump lost the popular vote. He is universally detested outside of his circle of losers, brownshirts, and highschool drop-outs and the Kremlin and Pyongyang.

    In a meritocracy as we aspire to be, the mediocre don’t thrive and have no right to whine that the ‘coloreds’get everything. Suck it up. Get an education and move to a place that is economically active rather than moribund. The government does owe you a living nor do you have a right to be indemnified against your lack of education or the sense to leave a doomed situation.

    In a dictatorship, such people run the show.

  • nogeeksadmin

    ^^^ easily the most moronic thing I have read all day. Congrats.

  • MeDS

    The fascist cable company called Comcast (which proudly displays the NBC peacock insignia on its logo) won’t make meaningful changes to the networks. Joe shooting his mouth off once in a while is all we get. Cut the chord, as an ad by one of the cable company’s competitors states, and dump Comcast!

  • M.

    Rats like you need to be rounded up and dealt with. A few years of imprisonment with hard labour would teach you to respect your betters boy. You ticks have fed off of the decent people of the country long enough. The fact that you think a man who didn’t have his brain washed with a fire-hose, which is what your risible concept of an “education” amounts to, is unworthy of being treated with justice and ought to accept his fate of being just another helot to be abused at will by two-legged cockroaches who got themselves into power somehow or other, well demonstrates what you really are. Now the cockroaches had better start scurrying because the house is about to be fumigated.

  • M.

    I wish President Trump would deport these “reporters” and “editors” to Venezuela. Let them learn to enjoy fried capybara instead of filet mignon.

  • M.

    Reading your history I see that you frequent one of sandwiches favourite sites. How interesting; did that miserable punk coward send you here to do his bidding for him? That would certainly be like him. Are you all members of the same little troll gang? How much are you paid?