Accuracy in Media

Millennials are flocking to cable TV with the biggest beneficiary being Fox News, according to The New York Post.

Using data obtained from Nielsen television ratings, the Post reported that in the first quarter, Fox News grew their millennial audience—18-34 year-olds—by a whopping 250 percent, from 27,100 viewers two years ago to 67,700.

CNN was a close second with 62,900 viewers—up from 34,800 in 2015—while MSNBC lagged behind with 35,900—up from 20,400 two years ago.

The surge in young viewers is rather surprising given how addicted they tend to be to their smartphones and other mobile devices for news—which they tend to get from Facebook and Twitter. This may be the beginning of a trend showing that millennials may actually want more substantive news than they can get from social media.

While the growth among millennials is encouraging for cable news networks, they will need to attract much larger numbers of this age group if they want to remain part of the media landscape in the future.

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  • How many are connecting via their mobile electronics?

  • Shitpost Steve

    Well this is surprising.

  • mioahu

    no wonder with all the LIES of the other lame stream media, their pathetic “reporting”, their social justice warriors attitude, and their unbelievable bias. I wonder why older people still think about themselves as liberals, when their party has left them and has moved far left.

  • CosmicCowboy

    Watch the movie “The Brainwashing of my Dad” and you’ll see how Fox News with all its slick shtick and spin is very much like Pravda Television that Putin grew up with. The othe corporate news outlets like CNN and MSNBC are mostly just news commentary and opinion pieces not true news like the news used to be at 6pm nightly in America 30 plus years ago.