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Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore, who last year called President Obama’s first term “heartbreaking,” has just released a new get-out-the-vote video purportedly featuring residents at the Rosebud Nursing Home using profanity and crude sexual references directed at Republicans.

Moore’s video was produced for the far-left group,

The video starts off with 97-year old Marie talking about the first time she voted in 1940, for FDR, and concludes by saying, “I want the Republican Party to know if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama…we will burn this mother—er down!”

She is followed by 75-year old Dorothi, who is equally vile, saying, “If the Republicans steal this election, I’m going to track down Mitt Romney and give him the world’s biggest c—punch. What’s the matter sonny, you never heard that phrase, ‘c—punch?’ Right in the N–SACK!”

Moore calls this the “greatest generation.” I can think of a few words to describe the subjects in this video and they wouldn’t include the word greatest.

The video, besides being what has to be the most vile campaign video ever, is, in my opinion, a complete failure.

How does a video with a bunch of rude and crude seniors motivate anyone to vote, except, perhaps, teens that like this kind of language, most of whom can’t or don’t vote anyway?

What this video does show is the desperation of Moore and over their fear that Obama will lose the election next week, and that they will stoop to any level to keep him in office.

Watch the video at your own risk:

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  • wyatt81

    Moore and the left are beyond despicable, as evidenced by this stupid and ridiculous “ad”. Desperation, indeed. The big hypocrite needs to find another country to plague and leave this one alone.

  • seektruth

    I think the video is terrific! A terrific example of how immature and actually evil Moore and those supporting this are. While being a little creative, (at the level of a teenage bully) it shows that they will stoop to the lowest levels of their basic human instincts. “If I don’t get what I want, I’ll hurt you.”
    I hope it gets the best air time during the heaviest watching periods and it costs them big bucks. and that the majority watching will see it for what it is, “disparation” and Obama’s losing!

  • $6436930

    Can’t wait for the reckoning that’s coming to this country, when we can take unpatriotic assholes like Moore and prosecute, impeach, try, convict and say goodbye.

  • Yet somehow, AIM doesn’t think Ann Coulter calling Obama a “retard” is vile. Quite the double standard there, Don.

  • GeauxMitt

    Dems are so trashy!

  • usnavy83

    Liberals like Moore just continue to show they are hypocrites. The DEAR LEADER said after the Gabbi Giffords shooting that we should have a discourse based on “civility and tolerance.” LOL I suppose that excludes liberals.

  • Vince Emmer

    It says a lot more about Moore than it does about Republicans.

  • disqus_9HmfSLuBjV

    Nice try George Soros…funding Micheal’s sleeze….did it make you giggle old man?

  • “Vile”…. that’s about the state of the First Ammend. in the US after decades of Fox propaganda for profiteering & plundering plutocrats. Why don’t you stop telling people what to think and just report without the reactionary stuff? You pretend to report in a fair, balanced manner, but make a joke of those ideas, like Mad Magazine– but not at all funny.

    You’re really no better than Mao, Stalin or Hitler when you think about it. Nobody fought and died for you to spend the money rich people steal from tax loopholes on brainwashing people.

  • This whole website is relentless, chilling propaganda (#jingoism, turnspeak, #disinformation, plain folks, glittering generalities, straw man…). It’s like a modern Soviet invention, only worse, because humanity should know better by now, rather than getting in digital line to let it continue to drain humanity. The stooges that show here who think they defending their own interests or worse (“freedom”, patriotism, truth, justice, vilifying liberals, “libtards” or anyone who refuses to toe the demoralizing, sad party line after 40 years of American decline– ie, check real, adjusted wages since 1974) are just, in result, cheer leading for plutocrats and monopolists. They are not victims of communism and twitsted soviet corruption, they are eager, willfully ignorant, willing pigs that show up to share the professional grade excuses and false pretense to justify their simplistic, emotional “reasoning”, as they feed on GOP slop, pathetic, ignorant clowns for their masters who fly overhead laughing about it in their private jets.

  • Monica

    I think Moore is as senile as those people and taking advantage of the elderly.

  • Monica

    Michael Moore & these elderly thugs didn’t have to do this. If they hadn’t done it, there would be nothing to talk about. Me thinks you like to use big words & descriptions to make yourself look smart? or is there a better word for it? I think I’ll go dress up like an ignorant clown & fly my private jet —cuz I want to be like Michael Moore and impress people. HA HA

  • Monica

    Gosh, I always wanted to be a profiteering & plundering plutocrat like you go2guile & my hero, Michael Moore.

  • ChazzArtist

    Maybe this was greenlit from Soros on behalf of his Hunny Boo Boo.

  • Haley

    It is clear that Mitt Romney does not support womens rights. I am a republican
    but I WON’T vote for Romney.