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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore urged the media to stick together to fight Donald Trump because, he said, they will be under attack during his presidency.

Moore spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday to comment about Trump’s news conference in which he called out the media for their reporting of fake news about him:

“All journalists must realize at this point that they are all in the same boat, and that this is a president who’s going to attack the truth-tellers. And so everyone has to have everybody else’s back.”

Only a liberal like Michael Moore would have the audacity to call the media truth-tellers, considering their recent history of overt liberal bias and reporting fake news.

Moore also wondered if Vegas had a line on how long the Trump presidency will last before his retirement, resignation or impeachment, adding that once he crosses the line and breaks the law Republicans will abandon him.

Lemon pushed back gently saying that he thought that Trump will last as long as people thought he was doing a good job, and that it was premature to talk about Trump breaking the law, though he does need to address the conflict of interest issue.

Trump has rewritten the playbook on presidential press relations. The liberal media and their liberal friends are at a loss on how to cover a president who defies convention and understands that the media need him more than he needs the media.

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  • DG41

    I would love to be put in a room with Michael Moore. One of us would not leave that room unscathed.

  • opm6065

    They really need to make a law that Michael Moore can’t say things in public.

  • sox83cubs84

    Hey, Fat Boy! Have your “truth tellers” told you the truth…that you need to lose about 200 pounds?

  • sox83cubs84

    Careful…don’t let Fat Boy sit on you, or you’ve got problems!

  • jg collins

    Well, there’s nothing to attack, so relax, MM. People have learned that the truth is 180° from what the MSM say it is. They’ve lied too often.

  • eingriff

    ” . . . truth tellers”, like communist agent John Owen Brennan and the Washington Compost (a.k.a. WC)?

  • ThatsWhatSheSaid

    Diane Sawyer was once called for jury duty. “The judge said to me, ‘Can you, you know, tell the truth and be fair?’ I said, ‘That’s what journalists do.’ And everybody in the courtroom laughed. It was the most hurtful moment I think I’ve ever had.”

  • Rich Schmidt

    Well…Michael ought to know all about “attacking the truth”.
    Why anyone gives him a second thought is a mystery. On the other hand every good drama features a fool.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    you have to understand, boys…he is a piece of genetic garbage…that’s all…just like most dwellers of Fantasyland, who demand to be excluded from the reality…in need of protection…Hollywood, Jewish lawyers from Beverly Hills, Wall Street, the Millennials, Professional Services cartel, Union Bosses, etc…Not all people are a product of love. Those that are products of lust don’t usualy come out good…broken down genetic code, missing essential virtues…in other words the perverts, that pervert truth for the sake of comfort….

  • sean calabro

    micheal moore is a slob. and he has a slob personality


    Someone get him a cheeseburger so he will shut up already. In order to attack the ‘truth tellers’ we would need to find one first. I’d have better luck finding a unicorn than a Democrat socialist that tells the truth.