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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson got off to a roaring start in his primetime debut Monday night by easily outdistancing both MSNBC and CNN, proving at least for now that the decision to slide him into Megyn Kelly’s old timeslot was an excellent one.

Carlson averaged 493,000 viewers in the key 25-54 demo, beating out CNN’s town hall special with Bernie Sanders (414,000) and The Rachel Maddow Show (324,000).

Overall, Tucker Carlson Tonight averaged 2.699 million total viewers, nearly beating the combined total of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (1.369 million) and CNN’s town hall special (1.357 million).

Compared to Kelly’s numbers on the same day last year, Carlson was up 27 percent in total viewers and a whopping 45 percent in the key 25-54 demographic, showing that Fox News may not wind up missing Kelly as much as everyone thought.

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  • TryToThinkFirst

    His show is fantastic.

  • Jay B

    Tucker Carlson is far better than Megyn; excellent move by Fox. Love his show.

  • Patrick

    She’ll do fine at NBC. Megyn was popular because she appealed to a broader audience. And the higher echelon at Fox corp. knew this. I agree, her departure will not cause a deflation at FNC.

  • Michael Fussell

    Tucker is my favorite cable news anchor, by far.

  • Michael Tee


  • AKSuperfly

    Watching his show now – he’s quick on the draw with intelligent substantive remarks. I did like seeing Megyn Kelly on my TV screen though; thought she was smart and charming as well.

  • Les Deplorables for Trump

    “showing that Fox News may not wind up missing Kelly as much as everyone thought.”

    who is this “everyone” you speak of? certainly NONE of the viewing audience, who utterly despised her.

  • Milena A.

    Megyn Kelly was over-rated! Good riddance. No match to Mr. Carlson, yeah!

  • Marc Jones

    “Compared to Kelly’s numbers on the same day last year, Carlson was up 27 percent in total viewers and a whopping 45 percent in the key 25-54 demographic, showing that Fox News may not wind up missing Kelly as much as everyone thought.” Not really a fair comparison, something news is always exciting wish is good for Fox but Megyn hosted the show for 4 years with consistent high numbers. Megyn’s last night she drew 622000 in the 25-54 demo and 3.044 total viewers. And Tuckers total viewers have dropped in the new time slot.

  • VladiRad

    Nobody’s surprised, I don’t what went through the heads of Fox execs who wanted to pivot to the center. People tune into Fox as the one right wing channel, that’s how they destroy everyone else, even in the younger demos.

  • HaythamNomis

    This guy is a gentleman and a true professional. He doesn’t take sides and calls things out for the way they are.

  • QuwakQuwak

    He is bright, unafraid and on point.

  • ?? deplorable Indy ??????

    Miss Who? Kelly Who? “Me Again” Kelly Who?

  • Morton Kowalski

    Stop assaulting Mygyn Kelli’s sovrentity!

  • Vincent Kinney

    Seriously, these idiots keep talking as if we liked Megyn. Do ANY OF YOU know ANYONE who liked her, in the last 6 months?

  • BasedSparky

    Great having Tucker on at 9. Used to have to change channel when Kelly came on. Now if Fox could get rid of Shepard Smith I’d really be happy.

  • blackballs

    Can’t Cuck the Tuck.

  • James

    Go Tucker!

  • James

    Well said, they were planning to move towards the centre left which would have destroyed the channel.

    FFS they were considering Jeff Zuckerberg CNN CEO to lead fox News

  • James

    It’s the females demo tuning out, too many male overload in prime time, this could be a mistake by fox.

    People should note that in many cases moving Time slots has resulted in worse ratings for shows rather than better ratings

  • Aventus

    Since the dust up with Trump, I think Megyn received a big chunk of he audience because people still had the channel on after Bill O’Reilly or the channel was on waiting for Hannity to begin.

  • Mr Smart


    Without Megyn, there is no Faux News. She was literally the foundation of the entire network. This is simply the opposite of a dead cat bounce in the stock market, a false pre-death high. Once the hangover wears off and viewers collectively grow weary of Tucker’s White-Male-Only racism and bigotry, they will stop watching, his rating will tank and Faux will find itself fading into obscurity, ultimately ending up as a footnote in history, forgotten by nearly all and the subject of obscure trivia.

    Sorry, white people, there just aren’t enough White Nationalists/Supremacists around to fuel your network of Hate, Lies and Misogyny.

    Faux News is Fake News!


  • Patrick Martin

    If this sarcasm and high level shitposting, then congrats. You sound like a SJW.

  • usmc5939


  • Linda Robertson


  • kenward42

    I like Tucker, but he’s not nearly as pretty as Megyn.

  • kenward42

    I thought she was great, and definitely had a large following.

  • OkeyDoke

    Well, you’re definitely in the minority.

  • OkeyDoke

    Okeydoke, snowflake ??????

  • OkeyDoke

    She’s going to fail. Big league.

  • OkeyDoke

    If you like bimbos dressed like hookers every night.

  • Peer Review

    CENSORSHIP & The New Tyrants:

  • Peer Review

    CENSORSHIP & The New Tyrants:

    Megyn Kelly has blood pouring out of her c u n t.

  • Rose Halloran

    We rarely watched Meagyn Kelly, she was too critical and condescending of her guest. We like Tucker’s straight forward, no B.S. approach…

  • Joseph Delacasa

    We’ll see. The first three months will tell. But I don’t think she will.

  • deltafour1212
  • Tucker has been my favorite for years! Megyn had made me into a channel surfer @ 9:00 p.m. I’m glad to have a great place to land again. ?

  • Raul

    Finally, a conservative in that skank’s spot.

  • BK

    Tucker needs a better set. Looks two dimensional and flat. Too bright. Megyn’s set had more of an evening feel to it.

  • Big Joe

    Love the show Tucker…….but take a top from O’Reilly and get some new ties and learn a Windsor knot.

  • Raz

    You know, that was the crap I heard when Miss Megyn first came on. Oh she would never do well, Rachael Maddow would beat her like a drum….for one night. Now, Tucker Carlson is killing in the ratings and you……a sad little person who wants to believe the sky is green instead of blue.

  • Mancave001

    I never liked him in years past. But, his show at 7 o’clock was fantastic and it’s just as good now

  • Rob

    Now Shepard Smith needs to go.

  • May flowers

    Juan, Geraldo, McCain…..and so on.

  • theGOONIES


  • theGOONIES

    Mental midgets alert

  • theGOONIES

    Not enough feelings to entertain. That specific demo

  • Yarbles
  • Sue Smith

    Go Tucker. He’s funny, good-looking and intelligent. And FEARLESS.

  • Sue Smith

    Same. And I’m Australian!

  • Sue Smith

    Here we go again….the usual witch-hunts and name-calling from the Left.


  • Jimney123

    She was excellent and credible. I like Carlson but I think Kelly had more staying power long term and she was better for the Fox News Brand.

  • John Scoone

    Tucker is awesome. Way better than O’Reilly, and even better than Hannity! As far as Megyn, good riddance. Let her go to CNN where she belongs.

  • SAB

    Loved Tucker Carlson any time he was on Fox glad he moved to 9. Never liked/watched MK when she went to prime time. Pumped up and overrated.

  • tessiebaby

    Maybe in your dreams, but not in reality.

  • Andrew Strilaeff

    A Private FB account, love it. Thanks I’m now aware!

  • Peer Review


  • Andrew Strilaeff

    Sorry if confusing. I thought I was on Facebook still. Found this posted in a FB thread.

  • Sandra Trusso

    Either Megyn Kelly was dishonest about her conservativism at the beginning, or she sold her soul. – Keep up the good work, Tucker!

  • Alex David

    Nice clean clock you got there, Megs.

  • Tim Callaway


  • Debbie

    We love Tucker!!!

    Back to Marsha Marsha Marsha – I’ll never forget the segment where she got into it with Newt. She got really nauseating with that strange head cock and he was right there to mimic it. Great TV. Whatever numbers she had after her Trump attack was because many were desperate and would flip for a second to witness the train wreck, ultimately shutting it down.

  • Shannon

    He is just saying it like it is , and we love it !! #keepingitreal !! Love watching! And congratulations Tucker !! Great job !!

  • Peer Review

    ah now i get it!

  • Yan

    Loved Megyn. Tucker is doing great so far. I hope he keeps it up.

  • sonicmoon

    Aaaaand Megyn will claim it’s because of sexism. No, it’s because you are a sensationalist who engages in exaggeration, hyperbole, emotional antics with your mannerisms, and a hypocrite when it comes to sexuality and celebrity status seeking motivation, Ms Kelly.

  • Charlene Geren

    Oh we LOVE TUCKER in the household…I’ll dvr his show in case we are not home…love love love him.Keep up the good work Tucker,couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!! Godspeed!!

  • uconnchaz

    no he isn’t

  • uconnchaz

    Me, clearly she had her differences with Trump but I liked that about her, she didn’t kiss up like others in the media.

  • Marvin

    The problem is this. No liberal will ever want to be on his show again. He decimates them.

  • Marvin

    You mean that the rest of the media did “kiss up” to Trump? I think that you are sadly mistaken. The rest of the media denigrated Trump as best they could. Kelly just joined in. … she never did get over Trump’s referring to her as a “Bimbo” … which we now know that Trump was correct again.

  • Jeff Copeland ???

    Even though I liked Megyn, I did not like how her show was more about marketing herself. Tucker’s razor-like questions and take-no-prisoners questioning is spot on!

  • Nobama

    It became clear pretty quickly once she took over Hannity’s time slot that she was a closet lefty all along. I quit watching her entirely after the first Trump debate. Michael Moore soon became a regular guest on her show after that, spouting his leftist garbage and not being challenged (need I say more?). Last I heard, Hannity viewers greatly outnumbered hers most of last year. Hannity should have been given his time slot back.

  • JJCaro

    We certainly did NOT think anyone would miss the prime-time slut, Megyn Kelly. The only one she really DID fool, apparently, was Roger Ailes, because she showed him a little skin on occasion. She tried that with the viewers as well and they all threw up, proving once and for all that viewers actually want serious journalism rather than naked propaganda, sleaze, nastiness, and unbridled egotism.

  • JJCaro


  • JJCaro

    O’Reilly is the one we turn off now. He was against Trump and that pits us against him. He still says bad things about Trump and that just pisses us off. Trump is working very hard for ALL Americans and any so-called journalist who can’t see that needs to find another professions. We need someone new in HIS time slot. O’Reilly is a depressed and depressing figure. He seems bitter. Maybe its because he was caught sexually harassing women on Fox. What a sleaze ball! Get rid of the bum.

  • JJCaro

    We like Hannity better than Carlson merely because Hannity is in the tank for Trump. No prevarication or mincing words. Tucker is still a little mamby-pamby when it comes to commitment to America’s choice for president. He’s great, though and we watch regularly.

  • JJCaro

    Skank! The perfect word to describe MK. Thanks!

  • JJCaro

    “Mr. Smart” is it? Thanks for the “Period”. We wouldn’t have known your tirade was over without it. You ramble on berating people because they are white and then YOU talk about hate, lies and misogyny. YOU are the racist, dude! Democrats are the racists. Review your history. Democrats are the party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, AND the Jim Crowe laws. Like all the rest of the Democrats, you are in a fantasy world. Fox News is wildly popular and getting more popular every day. What IS dying is the propaganda media because they were caught red handed making up news, skewing polls, and projecting a win for an anti-American party in an ALL American nation which now actually HAS a red-blooded American leader who is going to bring America back to full strength. You may not like it because you were indoctrinated by government-run public schools; but Trump is going to make even YOUR life better. He is working for YOU. He loves this country and he loves even YOU. You really can’t believe everything the propaganda media says. You are going to have to learn to use that God-given brain of yours and actually think this one through. When you do, you will not only accept Trump, you will learn to love. He sacrificed his entire life, and put up with all your shit, that of the anti-American Democrats, that of the anti-American Republicans, and that of the anti-American propaganda media just to make America great again. Don’t be afraid. This is really going to be a good thing for you and for the rest of us. Why not give the guy a chance? We are sure you will be very proud of your country and of your president. Don’t deprive yourself of that victory.

  • Dissentispatriotic

    If the viewing audience despised her, why did they view? That makes utterly no sense. She also routinely out paced CNN and MSNBC as well and was right up there with O’Reilly and Hannity. Not saying TC is not a good pick for this slot, just saying Kelly also had a huge audience.

  • my opinion

    The thing I like about Tucker is that he’s one of the few that can engage dynamically in an intelligent way. What do I mean by that? Most hosts don’t actually listen to the guests’ responses, but wait until the guest stops flapping his lips, or interrupts them outright if impatient, and says what they have stored up. Tucker actually listens to the guest and dynamically forms an intelligent response. This makes it possible to have real conversations instead of just talking past each other as is the case with practically every other similar program.

  • firedup49

    Tucker is the best watch him every night

  • n1yankee

    At least I don’t have to watch a half-naked woman on TV


    —yes and plus Lou Dobbs


    Well—the true voice of HATE has spoken—-his name is Mr Smart—-but indeed he is not so smart—

  • Jack Pellegrino


  • Corrupt Hillary

    Well, what comes around goes around. She’s going to drown on NBC and rightly so.

  • Corrupt Hillary

    I didn’t after the first debate.

  • FreeYourMind2

    Then why is she gone?

  • Jimney123

    Because she stepped on some toes on her expedited way up the ladder. Wasn’t really welcome at Fox anymore by her colleagues.

  • arggie

    The persona Kelly developed since she became FOX star player was over the top bordering on mood swings. Her ratings were on the decline and the web is lucky to be rid of her. She is much too broad for daytime so she’ll be lucky to come out of this not only successful but married as well. TUCKER is a real star and although young been around long enough to keep a level head and the only thing I wish is that the bosses give him his hair back.

  • Jimmy Yost

    I scrolled down through this comments section looking for the ad by the Google prostitute so I could make fun of her (as a form of entertainment) and I was surprised to find that so many people commented on this article. What that tells me is that they’re all big TV watchers and are therefore their own worst enemy.

  • Skip

    I have always liked Carlson even when he was a part-timer at Fox. What should have happened is for Tucker Carlson to keep his 7:00 slot and move Sean Hannity to the 9:00 spot. Kelly was always all about herself, Fox will not miss her.

  • thechickenspeaks

    NOT mr. smart

  • pogslammer

    @donirvine – This article misses the mark in a couple places. We are at a completely different world in the news cycle this year vs. last. Not as much going on last year this time. A better comparison would be to look not at sheer # of viewers but at % of total viewers across the major news networks.

    Also, Tucker already had a show, he is not the replacement for Kelly, he replaced Greta. If you want to determine how much Fox will miss Kelly, compare her to Martha MacCallum’s ratings, or total nightly viewership between 7-10.

    I would say confidently the Carlson-Oreilly-Kelly-Hannity line-up was stronger than MacCallum-Oreilly-Carlson-Hannity will be. Like her or not, losing Kelly, the most trusted name in news, was a huge loss to FNC.

  • pogslammer

    She left because she got an offer on her own terms that lets her spend evenings with her 3 kids and still make ridiculous amounts of money.

  • pogslammer

    I’ve been watching Tucker since the days of Crossfire and I always liked his debate skills. But the way he hosts guests I am afraid they won’t want to come back. He should be the debate moderator on his show and not the debater.

  • Jimney123

    She wasn’t well liked at Fox among her colleagues.

  • Jimney123

    She took it because no one liked her at Fox News anymore and they all peered her out of the Network. Don’t you know how anything works in show biz?

  • pogslammer

    If I had a $20+ mill offer to stay and was in it for the money I could care less what my colleagues thought, but then it seemed to me she got along well with most on the network outside of O’reilly. She also gets something like 7 months paid vacation?

  • Jimney123

    You haven’t worked in a company that’s primarily women, all competing for their turn on the ladder, have you?

  • marlis

    Aw, you were just horny.

  • OkeyDoke

    Do you have anything intelligent to say? Crickets…

  • A Libette

    She chose to pursue other opportunities. Unlike Roger Ailes.

  • Excellent news! Tucker is the best. Even my grandmother is watching him!

  • Yam Yaryan

    Tucker is fantastic….

  • Always liked Tucker. As sharp an interviewer as Ted Koppel was – only with a glint of feisty!

  • Lee Ryan

    People will come back no matter what. Tucker is a classic debater. He destroys just about every smugmeister who comes on. I don’t think his guests realize what’s happened to them until hours later.

  • Lee Ryan

    It takes a lot of gumption to call oneself Mr. Smart. However it doesn’t take long to see that title crumble. You are a race baiter and should get back to viewing CNN. Maybe some day you might even grow up…but i doubt that.

  • Lenn Totten

    She changed forever the night of the First Rep Debate. That “strut” for her entrance killed off many watchers.

  • TheOtherWhiteMeat

    I used to think Megan Kelly was the hottest thing on the planet,
    now she’s as…


  • Kyle Thomas

    Hated her since first debate. Love Tucker!

  • Kyle Thomas

    Even though he doubled her ratings? ?

  • Jimney123

    Sometimes it’s more than some short term ratings. Kelly improved the scope of the Fox brand and gave it more gravitas and credibility as a news organization. These are big strategic decisions that are well above your pay grade so I don’t expect you to get that.

  • Jimney123

    On the contrary, Ailes chose TOO MANY opportunities to pursue. Dude is a old pervert who should probably be behind bars…although I’m grateful for what he did with FOX outside of his reckless behavior.

  • Kyle Thomas

    She did just the opposite. The big salaries at Fox may not have realized it but everyone else did. She was a like a bad joke.
    With the addition of Tucker Fox has gained back some of its credibility.

  • Jimney123

    Maybe in your alt-right bubble but overall she was huge asset to the network from a brand credibility standpoint. Son, you have to realize that a lot of research goes into these decisions Things you just wouldn’t understand. Have a nice evening.

  • Kyle Thomas

    Brand credibilty? To whom? I know libtards were glad to see her blemishing Fox. But rioters, protesters and ugly women wearing pussy-hats are hardly a reliable audience.

  • Jimney123

    …oof, again you expose your ignorance.

  • Jimmy Leggs

    Same thing with me, too, and that also applies to O’Reilly. What a load of socialist shilling garbage he is. That’s why I question the viewer statistics. I think O’Reilly is purported to be No. 1 only because his socialist backers want people to think that. Otherwise, I know many people who no longer even tune in to his show.

  • Wewon Bigly

    Yup. That would be me. Done with O’Reilly and Fox mostly. Cut the cord 3 weeks ago and not missing cable and saving a bundle. If I really want to watch a good Hannity interview, or whatever, it’s usually on the FNC app or FNC YouTube channel for free. I now stream One America News (OAN) as my always-on news channel. It’s getting better all the time too. Still free on Apple TV. They’re moving to $7.99/month on Klowd TV soon, but I’ll gladly pay it. WAY cheaper than cable and I don’t have to hear O’Reilley with his “I’m above it all..I’m not a right-winger, I’m a traditionalist” crap.

  • OkeyDoke

    Well, it’s obvious that you don’t, tard. CYA ass?!

  • Ailes is condemned as a pervert and Boy Clinton is hailed as an elder statesman. American expressed is opinion at the ballot box as to his way of life. Really bright, these libtards!

  • Look, she’s a snotty liberal that has dropped below the horizon. May she stay there until the liberals stop sniveling – and that’ll be awhile

  • Jimney123

    Clinton was worse, I agree.

  • pogslammer

    She is on a 6 month vacation right now (tough times) but she will be back. I think to call her liberal is a far stretch. She does not like to blindly play to a narrative on either side, which for NBC will be a big shift toward conservative. I was surprised to see tabloid covers with her this week, I didn’t realize she had that much recognition.

  • Dot

    I am very tired of O’Raley he sucks. Won’t even let his guest talk, always butting in. He not number one in my book. Hannity beat him hands down.
    Hannity work hard and it shows , with all the excellent guest he had on his show

  • Ronald Tee Johnson

    I sometimes turn the sound off and watch Carlson’s face. There’s that little frown between his eyes that curls up when he is blood sucking a wayward Democrat who stumbled into the show. It goes away when he is able to humiliate the person. I hate Tucker Carlson, I really, really do.

  • Kenneth Dye

    Good lord. Check your grammar!

  • M.B.

    what a joke you blokes are

  • M.B.

    The fact that Carlson and Hannity are so popular is a prime example of so many idiots living in the US.