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In a wide ranging interview with Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles at Advertising Week XII in New York, Fox News Channel’s budding superstar anchor Megyn Kelly opined about the political leanings of her colleagues, naming two of them as liberals:

Kelly did so after after being asked only about Fox’s conservative leanings:

It’s not that Fox has some conservative bent like our critics would charge. We present the news in a fair and balanced way. There is no question that Sean Hannity is a conservative.  Bill O’Reilly, I think he’s a populist, but certainly when it comes to family values he’s more conservative. He’ll surprise you, he did push for minimum wage and he’s against the death penalty. And Greta [Van Susteren], I think Greta is a liberal, although I can’t tell you. That’s the prime time lineup.

Bret Baier who is at 6, no idea what his politics are and he and I have been good friends and colleagues for 11 years. I truly have no idea what Bret’s politics are. Shepard [Smith], I’m pretty sure he’s a liberal guy. So, we’re all over the board. Look at our daytime lineup. Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum could not be more fair.  Jenna Lee and Jon Scott are completely right down the middle. It really is fair and balanced. I think we try to tell both sides. The difference with Fox is, unlike many television networks, it’s not dismissive of the conservative point of view.

Conservatives shouldn’t be surprised by Kelly’s naming of Van Susteren and Shepard Smith. Fox surprised conservatives when they lured Van Susteren away from CNN, as she hadn’t given any indication that she was even remotely conservative, and Smith has often raised the ire of Rush Limbaugh and his listeners for expressing opinions that are not in line with conservative thought.

In addition to Van Susteren and Smith, Fox News also has a stable of liberal contributors that they frequently call on to provide the type of balance that is missing from its competitors.

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  • bcliff

    Not only is Shep a lib, he makes the most anti-Con wise-ass snipes than anyone else, by far!

  • Adolph

    1. UN chief of Migration, chairman at Goldman-Sachs bank.
    2. Sydney Blumenthal, not a Muslim, works for Hillary.
    3. Rupert Murdoch: Bloomberg would make a good president.
    4. Bloomberg sells Sharia financial services in the Middle East.
    5. Syrian “rebel” terrorists met Keating 5 Senator McCain.

  • foreman1178

    some many examples of the fraud fox news
    1 hires liberals who are distinctly odd and strange dennis kuchinich
    cornell west

    2 uses uncle toms to bash blacks rather than white males like hannity or oreilly

    3 debates were the liberal gets no chance to defend themselves
    4 democrats who are really republicans in disguise doug schoen and kristen powers

    its really a dog and pony show fox puts on with their strategy every day they get their talkingpoints you can see

  • BdoMcGregor

    Sigh. The article would have been “fair and accurate” had it not had the last few lines. This site isn’t interested in fairness and accuracy, it’s interested in bashing anyone who strays from the conservative talking point.

  • Jeff Jenkins

    Just as surely as liberals do likewise. Actually, liberals are easily identifiable. They are the ones who shout obscenities and spit on Trump supporters as they leave rallies. They have often been filmed chasing down people in the street who dare to wear a Trump hat or tee shirt and beat them bloody.

  • Jeff Jenkins

    Judging by your grammar, punctuation, spelling and ignorance of facts, you are another proud benefactor of the liberal education system. Congratulations.

  • Isaiah James

    Well said.

  • Isaiah James

    I would add that Liberals can also be identified as people who speak with
    great confidence from a position of great ignorance. They are people who
    don’t know anything, but who think they know everything. I have identified this homo sapien subspecies as

  • Isaiah James

    I would add that Liberals can also be identified as people who speak with great confidence from a position of great ignorance. They are people who don’t know anything, but think they know everything. I have identified this homo sapien subspecies as the Arrogantus-Ignoramus.

  • icejkoolguy

    i only watch payne,hannity,and dobbs the rest are too liberal for me i was shocked to here guilfoyle is a liberal

  • Pizzlewizzle

    guilfoyle is not a liberal in the least.

  • 13Directors

    I don’t believe for a minute that that many liberals are at FOX. No way.

  • DyannX

    Uhhh, Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Julie Roginsky, Kirsten Powers, Sally Kohn, come to mind…google them

  • DyannX

    That’e why she and her ex-husband didn’t last. She’s a Constitutional Attorney and he’s Gavin Newsome the Lib-Dem Lt Gov of CA.

  • DyannX

    Yeah, you’re right. With all those lying, obfuscating liberal media outlets. Fox can’t be fair or balanced with them. So he’s fair and balanced with Conservatives. smdh

  • garyanddaisy

    Kirsten Powers is no longer allowed on any Fox News show. O’Reilly if not a leftist liberal, covers up for Obama every chance he gets and LIES while doing it. O’Reilly has continued to say “Obama is a Patriot. Obama is a good husband and father.” WYF? It’s now looking like the Obama regime has been paying Fox to pay O’Reilly to PROTECT Obama. Bolling, the humorless, uneducated hack might as well be liberal. McCallum is LIBERAL – don’t let her fool you! Fox News is changing its agenda to be more Left and less Right. Look at the liberal morons they continually hire like Harf (barf?), the dumb ones on Special Report (who MUST look around when they talk to see if others approve of what they’re saying instead of looking at Brett who asked the question in the first place!). Watch how these liberals treat liberal guests vs. conservative guests on their shows. It’s sickening. Sheppie Smith is gay as are others on Fox News. They should NEVER be in front of the camera. Enough is enough. Hannity is another humorless, uneducated, untalented Liberal hack who LIES and MAKES UP EVERYTHING along with his mental and physiological problems. His Fox show is at 4PM but airs much later. Special Report is the latest LIVE Fox News show every day.

    With CNN and MSNBC, etc we all know exactly what their agenda is and what they represent. With Fox NOBODY knows what’s going on – Unfair and Unbalanced!

  • drjgorman

    You like making stuff up, don’t you? You, obviously, have never listened to McCallum, and anyone calling Hannity a liberal, is a moron (he debates like an eighth grader, but he is not liberal.)

  • garyanddaisy

    Not making anything up. McCallum is another uneducated female who, if she belongs on any TV show, belongs with her “Morning” friends. She’s way over her bottle blonde head on prime time FAUX News. She’s another FAUX “host” with a liberal agenda.

    O’Reilly covered up for Obama and the “first family” every chance he got. He gave Obama softballs questions in that worthless “interview” with President Obama. But when faced across from Trump, O’Reilly constantly interrupted him, talked over him, questioned him about his answers, etc. Tell me this pervert with a bad hair piece isn’t a Liberal!

    Hannity is the biggest liar on radio and TV. He makes EVERYTHING up and LIES about everything. When Obama was in the Black House, Hannity never really attacked Obama in any way. But today he’s trying convince the average idiot American that he was “so against Obama.” BS! Hannity is like McCain: they go with who’s in charge at the time. Hannity will soon be off both radio and TV. You’ll see.

    Hannity is also the dumbest hack on radio and TV. Hardly any of his sponsors called to support him, or to day how much they loved this hack. They can drop Hannity and find another person to go with in a New York minute! Hannity’s true listener group is closer to 85,000/day than “I have millions of listeners…” Sure, low hair line. He’s on so many stations for a very good reason: they’re trying to attract a few more listeners. If Hannity was as great as he says he is, he would be on MAJOR stations and his listener group would be large! But, it ain’t.

    Hannity has the most phony laugh on radio and TV. Hannity has never read a book in his life, but when he “interviews” a book writer, it’s “I’ve read your book and ….” When challenged on the subject, it’s “I just started reading it. I’ll finish it tonight.” When challenged, again, on the subject, it’s “I have the book in front of me….” Even Newt thinks Hannity is more of a joke than most people. NOBODY REALLY LISTENS TO HANNITY’S RADIO PROGRAM. His “monologue” on his TV show lasts about 1 minute. That’s a monologue? Apparently to Hannity.

    WE WANT HANNITY GONE. This has nothing to do with politics. It has more to do with quality, with honesty, with education, with class – and Hannity has none of these!

    We got O’Reilly to go pretty much for the very same reasons as why Hannity has to go.
    Rush will be next. Beck is so screwed up in his brain that nobody cares if he’s on or not.

    We want these 3 liars and bull shit artists REPLACED with quality people. PERIOD.

    Gary & Daisy
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    Subject: Re: Comment on Megyn Kelly ID’s Liberals at Fox News

    “You like making stuff up, don’t you? You, obviously, have never listened to McCallum, and anyone calling Hannity a liberal, is a moron (he debates like an eighth grader, but he is not liberal.)”
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  • garyanddaisy

    Ya gotta hand it to his Common Core schooling and his at home liberal “education.” Schooling is not as important as learning how to attack and denigrate others. Call them names, chase them down the streets, prevent them from speaking. All done with having to utter one word or one complete sentence. Rather clever, don’t you say?