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Megyn Kelly may have been a ratings powerhouse at Fox News, but without the support of her loyal conservative audience, her new show on NBC, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, limped into third place in total viewers, finishing behind a rerun of 60 Minutes.

Kelly and 60 Minutes—which finished second—both lost out to Jimmy Kimmel Live Game Night and the NBA Finals Countdown, leading up to the Warriors-Cavaliers game. But apparently those who weren’t interested in basketball preferred to watch a rerun of CBS’s 60 Minutes over Kelly’s interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, which failed to live up to its hype.

In an interview last month with TV Insider, Kelly said that her new show was not trying to compete with 60 Minutes:

“For sure, 60 Minutes is incredible: They’ve been doing it for 50 years, and it’s a hugely rated show not just in news but in all of television. Our goal is not to beat 60 Minutes. It’s to do great journalism in a way that’s compelling and dynamic. Our show looks and feels a little different from what’s been seen before. You’ll see some pieces that are a little more cutting edge and more irreverent.”

For Kelly, it wasn’t as much about praising the competition as it was about lowering expectations for a show that is unlikely to add anything new to the news landscape.

Yet this is only a fill-in show that will air for the summer, until NBC’s Sunday Night Football premieres in September. Then it will return in February after NBC completes its coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Kelly won’t be idle, though, while the Sunday show is on hiatus. She is scheduled to host a weekday morning program that will air in what is now the third hour of the Today show’s time slot.

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  • Jerry Johns

    Megan Kelly fell flat long before that……what an actual Air-Head.

  • johndeere790

    after she ambushed pres. trump I never watched her again.

  • mioahu

    All these people think they are important, but most watch them because they are on FOX. Once they leave, they are gone… Glenn Beck, YAHOOOO … do you hear me …YAHOOOO… oh , wait, nobody yahoos anymore….

  • james warren

    Such a lot of fear you have. Trump supporters act from a deep well of revenge, emotionalism, anger and viciousness. Trump himself admitted his campaign supporters were “mean, nasty and vicious.”
    What about Trump talking about how he would like to have sex with his own daughter?
    What about his admission that he liked to go up to women and grab their genitals?
    Why did he wait 18 full days before he fired Mike Flynn?

  • james warren

    Your ability to read her mind and guess at her motives is a profound skill to have. You are one profound thinker. I’ll bet you went to high school.

  • Martie Sweeney


  • james warren

    Stick both index fingers in each ear and say “La, La, La, La!” at the top of your voice. Enjoy the cocoon and take your nap.
    “Oh how I LOVE

  • Mike S.

    Oprah for president, Kelly for VP: the all-women, all-sugar-and-spice dream(y) ticket? World peace and love is only an election away! Democrats will portray Kelly as the conservative using her FNC credentials and Oprah’s already the every-woman, so who could possibly deny them? Can you not just picture the media in a tantric orgasm for months if this happens? Oprah/Kelly could even make media morons forget about Trump … completely! Alas, though, as darkness will set in across the land the day after these goofy girls win.

  • AngelHorseMomMD223

    She burned her loyal audience now she gets to deal with the consequences. Liberals don’t like conservatives even pretenders like Kelly, they also don’t want truth they want reaffirmation of their world view which is why they’re boycotting her interview with Alex Jones.