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planned parenthood photo
Photo by American Life League

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly criticized the liberal media for showing their pro-choice bias in their coverage of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado by calling pro-lifers’ comments on the tragedy “angry rhetoric.”

Kelly played a montage of members of the liberal media repeatedly referring to the “angry rhetoric” coming from the right on the issue, and asked MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz, “Is this not evidence of the bias in some of these reporters who see––who are on the pro-choice side and think any expression of the anti-abortion, the pro-life stance, is angry rhetoric?” Kelly was referring to the use of the term “baby killer,” which, she pointed out, is what pro-lifers believe abortion is.

Kurtz responded by saying that the media need to be careful about giving an uncritical megaphone to people who make this bogus link and cited the “disturbing” rhetoric from the left, adding that the guilt-by-association types incorrectly blame the anti-abortion, defund Planned Parenthood backers for the actions of a madman with a gun.

Kelly ended the segment by calling out the liberal media for dismissing what “half of the country genuinely believes and what science is providing a lot of evidence for.” She said it is detrimental to the dialogue between both sides, adding that it seems like a “no brainer” to classify the shooting as an act of domestic terrorism.

That may be true, but the liberal media are so focused on their pro-choice, anti-gun narrative that they couldn’t care less about the effect their bias has on the overall debate.

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  • You want “angry rhetoric”?

    Within a few minutes after I posted my comment (see below) concerning
    the shooting near the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility, I started to receive these responses. Most of the responses have not been very kind.

    My comment:

    “Whatever the rationale, this will help no one. Including the babies being
    butchered inside. I am a “Christian conservative.” All I am saying, is “give life
    a chance”.

    But it does not matter what I think.
    What matters is what God thinks.”


    A sampling of the responses:

    and a true idiot no doubt————low iq repressed loser

    You are a terrorist, that is what you truly are, a terrorist just like that active shooter.

    And how many children have you adopted?

    You are a nut!!!!!!!

    You need to remove the “Christian” from your conservative you are nothing but.

    Funny, dollars to donuts the shooter will end up being a “christian conservative” as well lol

    jah big
    You Christians vote down every bill to help poor kids, yet, you claim
    concern for their lives. watch a bunch of lying two faced
    a-holes! people make mistakes, christians get abortions too.

    Ham Man
    And a goblin worshiping dullard.

    …and how many have you put up for adoption ? Or should I say…how many of them lived ?

    Big Lee
    Princeton dropout? No “butchered babies”. Maybe just another loony unhappy with someone promoting women’s health services in one of most
    right wing locations in the country.

    Christian conservative? But Jesus was a Liberal.

    pro-life people just hate. They don’t care about the children after they are out of the womb. They don’t care if the pregnancy would kill the mother. They also don’t care if the fetus has a debilitating illness that will end up resulting in a painful death. They are focused on trying to make sure
    that everyone is forced to follow their religious beliefs.

    When will you pro-birthers admit that the sin you wish to punish by demanding childbirth is sex?

    Mary Ann
    you’re just another nut using religion in your argument. Worry about the kids already born who are starving and need help all over this country.

    you’re an idiot!

    and just as sick as the POS doing the shooting.Probably is princeton67 doing this.Sicko

    “Christian conservative” equates to brain-dead, bigoted, hate-filled citizen who wants to see your religion shoved down everyone else’s throat. It’s great to see so many Americans turning their backs on all religion, religion only serves to inspire hatred based on obviously fictitious deities.

    You’re Evil.

    Ham Man
    Go forth and grovel at the “feet” of your sky-bound hobgoblin Princess67

    No BABIES were butchered you mouth-breathing, booger-eating, BuyBull-thumping conservative POS! You are an Idiot Conservative..

    I leave aborted fetuses on the clothesline to dry out. Great jerky.

    This was undoubtedly performed by a radical Christian.

    obviously an aborted fetus, and an incredibly “Great jerky”!!!

  • alex

    i get it. too many unwanted babies, not enough people willing to care for them. but there has got to be a better solution than killing them. i think maybe if the human race survives in a 1000 years, humans then, will look upon abortion of our times in the same sense of the nazi holocaust, the chinese holocaust, rwanda holocaust, etc. the fetus heart begins to beat at 6 weeks, whats to argue?!

  • davidrn

    If the Southern Poverty Law Center believes that rhetoric from Pro Life’s
    caused the shooting in Colorado Springs
    then they are responsible for Floyd Corkins

  • Ray

    @Princeton67 The blogs after your comment reveal immature, myopic minds, ready to condemn an individual on the basis of one (righteous) thought. These are the same people who would endorse unilateral enforcement of hate speech laws, etc. provided they be the ones that decide. Screw ’em. Keep the faith.

  • wyatt81

    The media has a narrative to enforce by any means possible. And they will die before changing or balancing it. Polarization is too entrenched.

  • Steven Barrett

    What that shooter did in Colo. was murder and attempted murder, killing three and wounding nine. Yet curiously, I couldn’t help hearing some strange and whiny sounding attempts by some of the GOP candidates to give even a smidgen of a “prolife position” in their opinions; Cruz especially. Look, of all people, a former state AG, no less, should’ve had the brains to call what that killer did was murder and attempted murder … no bullshitting, no pussyfooting around. That guy was never prolife in the first place.
    And just as I’m writing this, 12 people have been confirmed as shot dead in San Bernardino by multiple shooters according to Fox. But it’s all fluid as it’s still an ongoing active shooter situation.
    When the hell is this shit going to end? When? Is that too much to ask?
    What’ll next week’s toll going to be and where’s it going to be taken? And the following week and so forth? Anybody over at the NRA have a good excuse for this?