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There is little doubt that The O’Reilly Factor is the king of cable news and helped propel Fox News to the number one position in all of cable news, but since last fall O’Reilly’s hold at the top of the cable-news heap has been challenged by Fox News’ next big star, Megyn Kelly.

Kelly, whose primetime show The Kelly File began in September, has been nipping at O’Reilly’s heels since her show debuted. But last week she beat The O’Reilly Factor three times in the key A25-54 demo.

While Kelly fell short of beating O’Reilly for the week, like she did in June, she turned in another strong performance with the key demo, finishing the week on an up note by averaging 385,000 viewers to O’Reilly’s 305,000.

O’Reilly still maintained a sizable edge in total viewers last Friday—2.264 million to 1.989 million—but Kelly’s ratings show that there are chinks in O’Reilly’s armor. In fact his 13-year reign as the top-rated cable news show may come to an end in the not too distant future.

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  • beaujest

    Great news ! O’Reilly has been banned in my house because he is a phony ! He talks tough if it is some backwater judge from Maine but rolls over with Obama,the guy he put on his show the night McCain was nominated ! Calling everyone by their last name sounds like a guy who played fraternity football for Marist College !

  • barbbf

    Kelly is ever so much better than O’Reilly. I gave up watching him moths ago. He gave me the impression of a pompous pretend know-it-all. He spends most of the time selling his books and the rest of the time talking about things he knows nothing about.

  • john robel

    I have grown to dislike O’Reilly, his self congratulatory analysis processes are flawed. He refuses to question the patriotism of a president that goes out of his way to suborn and compromise the Constitution. freed Islamic murderers in trade for a deserter. does NOTHING for our Marine in jail in an historically corrupt country. refuses to close the border. rams socialist health care up our asses and on and on. Megan Kelly is infinitely preferable. Her mind is as lovely as the rest of her. You Go Girl!!