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chuck todd interviews elijah cumming

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd questioned ranking Benghazi Select Committee member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Sunday as to why the Democrats chose to “shield” Hillary Clinton during her testimony last week rather than challenging the former secretary of state:

Todd: We tallied up 68 total questions to Secretary Clinton [from Democrats] 16 of them, at best, could we call challenging. Why did you guys choose a strategy of shield rather than a strategy of, really what Tammy Duckworth did, probably the one Democrat that did it the most, of conducting a hearing, asking questions about the security situation?

Cummings: From the very beginning, Chuck, I said we were looking for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and in many instances, we found ourselves having to not defend Secretary Clinton but to make sure the record was complete, and I’m glad that the public had an opportunity to see all of that. When you look at what we were asking about, they were the things that went to Benghazi, the things that we were supposed to be dealing with from the very beginning

Cummings also defended Clinton when Todd asked about the email she sent to her daughter Chelsea the night of the attack in which she blamed it on an “Al Queda-like group.” Three days later Mrs. Clinton blamed it on “an awful internet video,” but Cummings told Todd that it didn’t merit further inquiry because the information was “fluid.”

Even before House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s inaccurate statement about the Benghazi committee sent the Democrats and the liberal media into a tizzy, it was clear that the Democrats were going to only hurl softballs at Clinton during her testimony and protect the Democratic presidential front-runner from inflicting any further damage on her campaign if they could, rather than do the job voters elected them to do.


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  • Juan

    Despicable. I’m an Independent who leans towards Democrats in my policy views. But Hillary and her loyalists just sicken me with their lies.

  • John Cunningham

    Elijah Cummings is just one of the many Liberals that is used when they need to be outlandish. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are some others. When a complaint is made about them, they get a pass because of their age or gender. Conservatives, get no pass.


    Elijah Cummings was understating the question, he knew exactly why they were sending soft pedaling questions to Hillary Clinton. The other side in the questioning was sending questions that needed answers to get to the bottom of this investigation. Cummings and other Democrats want it to not go any further, they are so afraid she will be found guilty and their hold on the White House will be null and void. I remember when Nancy Polesi picked these three people to serve on this committee, she made it plain that the reason she picked them was to disrupt, critize the chairman and other members every chance they had, anything to do to help Hillary Clinton. They had NO intentions of doing their job as expected by the American people.