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Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who have been linked romantically, got into an on-air spat Wednesday after Brzezinski criticized the GOP leadership for not denouncing Donald Trump over his Second Amendment comments this week.

Brzezinski commented that Trump’s campaign was a “train wreck,” when Scarborough interrupted her.

“You’re a Democrat… Let me say this,” Scarborough said. “It means nothing coming from you to these Republicans, you’re a Democrat.”

That didn’t go over well with Brzezinski, who shot back at Scarborough: “Excuse me… Actually, the Democrats are going to win the election.”

Scarborough actually agreed with Brzezinski that Trump is bad for the GOP, but Mika was still fuming, adding, “I’m sorry that I’m a Democrat and it means nothing coming from me, but I’m telling you, that’s how this story ends and someone’s going to get hurt.”

Morning Joe has become the Never Trump show as they have paraded one moderate or liberal Republican after another each morning to criticize Trump and build a case for supporting Hillary Clinton, despite her damning email scandal that should have ended her campaign long ago.

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  • Lush Rimbaugh

    Except that democrats are not going to win.

  • rirose

    American people have much more important things to do in the morning that watch these two self serving, self indulging arrogant people playing games. They used Trump when it suited their purpose – for ratings. The Trump bashing is disgusting when their good old pal Hillary has totally disrespected the American people – put our national security at risk..

  • Crymea Right

    I like these two they’re pretty balanced in their view. Like that there are still non fascist republicans who actually know the constitution and what is and isn’t a violation of it.

  • mioahu

    Really ? You think you know the constitution ? If so, what did Trump say to violate it ? It’s ridiculous how all of a sudden democrats ‘like” republicans that speak out against trump…even though in a normal election they would trash them as racist, islamophobes, xenophobes, you name it

  • Steven Barrett

    Perhaps you should read up on what the late Justice Scalia had to say in the past few years about the absoluteness of the Second Amendment. It’s not an absolute. The very idea of allowing a crazed individual suffering from, say–unipolar depression, excessive ADHD, alcoholism or drug addiction, inflicts bouts of oppositional defiance against everybody in his or her life, especially family members and co-workers and schools, are the last people who should ever be allowed to get their hands on a weapon any more than allowing a drunk driver to get behind the wheel of a 2,000 lbs weapon that can take out many innocent people during a single outburst of uncontrolled rage. But how on earth could we find out who’s qualified to own and operate a firearm, of any kind of calibre and type, if we can’t use the same background check tools our respective state’s RMV offices are allowed to use to say, “sorry, we need to see a doc’s permission” and pass along the necessary info to warn against issuing a license to drive for a crazy nut? If we can do this for drivers, what on earth besides a suicide pact with the Constitution’s Originalist crowd, is stopping us from applying more common sense and saving lives, including the lives of innocent gun owners who use and store their weapons in a responsible manner for hunting and maybe for self defense? Is it just a lack of common sense?
    Perhaps. But let’s not forget the huge sums the NRA raises (from fear campaigns) to instill fear in our politicians by just whispering the word “primary” because of all the money a good politician would have to raise just to offset the amount needed to counter the obscene amounts used by just a relative handful of political activists to keep our legislatures and Congress in their bosses line up of “reliable votes.” It’s time for our pols to develop some backbone and tell the lobbyists and single issue folks to go jump in the Potomac, wherever or pay a visit to their local morgues. Especially to see the increasing numbers of teens slain in our cities like Chicago and LA and when that’s over, pay a mandatory visit to the parents of these children and try to defend their votes on behalf of the NRA and other groups like it. All of a sudden, the Second will take on a new meaning won’t it? And if it doesn’t, hell, that’s a politician too damn dangerous to keep in office because of what’s missing inside him or her. Remember Mioahu, the NRA really doesn’t stick up for individual gun owners’ rights like it used to and be the nation’s primary solid A provider of gun safety lessons: It’s now the nation’s gun manufacturer’s best friend, bar none and that’s its sole reason for being. That’s an “absolute” not worthy of defending at any cost. Because if you read our history, the Second had little or nothing to do with protecting us against the Brits or the Crown like so many revisionist “historians” would love to continue conning the public into believing. It had its roots in the plantation owners’ desire to make sure not a single Black freeman or certainly not a slave, could ever get his or her hands on a firearm. And most acutely, it could trace its roots to the needs and desires of states seeking to form militias of responsible gun owners in case the need for mustering these militias ever arose again in the more immediate wake of Shay’s Rebellion, (the real spark behind getting our one percenters of that time to formulate a national constitution after the shaky Confederation allowed for the abuses perpetrated on yeoman rock scrabble Revolutionary War veterans driven into poverty by the same people who instigated some of most mean spirited laws ever imposed.
    Does the NRA ever cover this in its propaganda? And what has it lately had to say about background checks to catch the most mentally ill people from being able to register for a permit in order to purchase any kind of firearm?
    Look, if it’s of any help, I have bipolar and ADHD and I wouldn’t even think of registering for a firearm, and I used to work in law enforcement decades ago. Want gun safety everybody; let’s use common sense and urge our elected politicians and appointed officials to do the job, but give them even the simple tools that common sense alone should mandate more than any kowtowing to some cabal of “Constitutional Originalists,” neo-Federalists and other apologists for the gun industry. Background checks: Now.

  • Steven Barrett

    And I suppose you think the participants in Trumps and Martha Stewart’s “reality shows contests” were giving an honest portrayal of reality in today’s boardrooms? Unlike so many other unprofessionals occupying too many seats as overly priced talking heads in what used to be most sacrosanct part of any serious network, its news department, when Scarborough and Brezenski go at it, they’re not faking it to jack up ratings. Good heavens, we actually have two living breathing news hosts who take words, principles and intellectual differences seriously. That’s as real as it gets. What part of reality do people really have a hard time adjusting to. Or are some of Morning Joe’s harshest critics and supporters of Trump really too scared to answer for?
    Can’t blame ’em, though.

  • Julia Simons

    I hate to say it but its become very difficult to watch the Morning Joe show because they are just so one sided in favor of the Democrat party. They seem to minimize or ignore anything negative about Hillary Clibton, and exaggerate anything negative about Donald Trump. What ever happened to the good ole days when you had real professionals like Tim Russert who were even handed towards all political parties? I believe the days of even handed “journalism” and “news coverage” ended with the passing of Mr. Russert and that is why most people have turned off MSNBC.

    Deep down inside, I believe most people simply want to hear the truth and they want to hear all sides of all political issues. Today, many people in the media to include several participants on the Morning Joe show, looks down their noses through their stylish glasses and assume that people who didn’t attend an Ivy League school simply are not intelligent enough to understand political issues.

  • mioahu

    Yet again, your post has nothing to do with what I said, or with the article, but in guess you have to say random things to “prove” your points. The liberal disease, forget the general picture and bring up some specific incident that you can rant about… And with activist leftist judges everywhere, nothing is absolute. You guys would just love to rewrite the constitution to fit your stupid progressive agenda. News flash : if it would be that easy to change, then it wouldn’t be worth much, it was designed to be very hard to change to protect the people from the abuse of the government. If you want to change the constitution, pass an amendment through legislature, as it is intended, , don’t do it cowardly with some activist liberal judge ruling, as the coward democrats have done lately, with Obamacare, marriage “equality”, and trying to do with the second amendment and pretty much whatever they don’t like, And the fact that there are no background checks is a liberal myth..background checks are fine and everybody agrees that they are needed. But your lefties won’t stop until they ban guns, like all dictatorships in history have done as their first step…Europe has the strictest checks ever, tell that to the terrorists …