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Hillary Clinton may be the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in the eyes of the media, but in the last three weeks—since she launched her book tour—even some of her most ardent supporters in the media are questioning whether or not she is up to the job.

The latest criticism of Clinton’s comments on her family’s wealth came from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who said on Sunday’s Meet The Press that Hillary “lacks self-awareness” and is “out of touch:”

She’s not a candidate, but the book tour has looked like a political campaign. I think it’s a little bit that she was rusty and it’s a little bit of lack of self-awareness, when she talks about being ‘dead broke,’ and she then tried to fix it. But still, not getting the language, you know, politically correct, if you will, to really understand that she is a little bit out of touch, despite all of her work and all of her connection to hard-working people in the middle class.

She doesn’t quite realize, as Ruth Marcus wrote in The Washington Post, she should stop giving paid speeches, should stop asking colleges to pay out of a foundation. She’s got enough money just let it go at this stage.

Mitchell wasn’t the only one at NBC who was critical of Clinton’s wealth comments.

Last week, NBC‘s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd took issue with Clinton’s claim that they built their wealth “by the dint of hard work:”

Let’s remember how they created their wealth. They didn’t do it in some incredible business creating jobs and all of this—they just acquired wealth for being the Clintons.  Why is he earning $100 million dollars? Because people want to hear Bill Clinton speak. Look he worked very hard at public service to build a track record to make him attractive to donors, but this is not like shoveling coal—this is not like building a factory. And so there is that aspect, too. It’s not like they have acquired their wealth from hard work.

Finally, some in the media have taken off their blinders when it comes to Hillary Clinton and have exposed her for what she really is—a wealthy, arrogant, out-of-touch bully.

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  • Dolly M.

    Hillary Clinton is the new Jane Fonda.

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Mental work can be tougher than the physical – or “shoveling coal.” Hillary Clinton (and Bill) worked hard enough to be Valedictorians of their respective high schools; hard enough to graduate with Honors from college, and hard enough to make Law Review at YALE! Everyone knows that took much hard work and dedication. Just ask slackard George W. Bush.

    And Hillary’s campaign was millions in debt after the ’08 Democratic Primary. Why should the Woman be the one to forego lucrative speaking fees? Hillary’s worked hard and Deserves as much as the “free market” is willing to pay her.

  • sarah godwin

    ?!?! Hillary Clinton made Law Review at Yale; Wore down not one, but Two Republican opponents to win a U.S. Senate seat the first time, and served as Secretary of State of the United States of America? And you’re wackily pretending that’s like “Jane Fonda?” Shaking my head.